Matt's Memoir


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Matt's Memoir

  1. 1. ALASKAN CRUISE This Summer we went on an Alaskan cruise. We went with some friends named Bobbyand Sharon. The cruise stopped in Juneau, Skagwayand Victoria British Colombia. In Juneau we took thehelicopter to a glacier where we got out and walkedon the glacier It was called The Mendhall Glacier. InSkagway we went shopping in town and took a train ride through the mountains into Canada. In Victoria British Colombia we went to the Buchart Gardens. The Buchart Gardens are pretty much gardens with My Family on the Mendhall Glacierevery flower in them. We also went to The Girradoch Castle. Girradoch Castle
  2. 2. This Summer we went to a Red sox Game. We sat in the Green Monster. It was awesome. I got a sausage sandwich and an ice-cream. My Dad almost caught a ball but another guy caught it. The was great they won that day. Someone says that they saw us on TV. I got an amazing hat.The Green Monster at Fenway Park.
  3. 3. In the summer of 2009 we went to Colorado to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. We went to Colorado because of my cousins graduation from high school. It was very fun we went on a nature walk and we drove up Pikes Peak. We alsoGarden of the Gods in rode horses through some really dry Colorado land. I had a horse that was white but my brothers horse was white with brown spots. My Uncle made crawfish and they were so good. The red rock in The Garden of the Gods
  4. 4. My Family goes to Disney almost every year. We go with my dad’s friends named Bobby and Sharon. My dad and Bobby golf almost every day. My mom and brother golf with them at least once during our trip. Sharon and I go to the parks. Disney World is like a second home to me. We own a time share at Saratoga Springs which is located on Disney property. We also enjoy going to Downtown Disney which is a shopping place.Having fun in Disney World.
  5. 5. My family is one of themost important things in the worldto me. My mom is named Lori, mydad is named Tom and my brother isnamed Jack. When I go on vacationsthe trip isnt fun my family makes itfun for me. When ever Im feelingdown my family is their to cheer meup. My mom always chaperonesfield trips with school because sheloves me. My mom and Dad are themost important people in my life.They always tell me to be myselfand respect others so I do that. My Family all dressed up for Formal night on our Alaskan Cruise
  6. 6. My Family golfs in our free time. My mom, dad and brother really enjoy golfing but I just sit in the cart and sometimes caddy for my dad. We are members at Oak Hill Country Club in Fitchburg.My Mom, Dad and Brother getting ready to tee off I have an okay swing I don’t hit the ball far but its fun. I brings us closer together. Then we go in and have diner. On mothers day we golf and then have dinner at the country club because my mom loves to golf. Me teeing off
  7. 7. The pumpkin I carved last year
  8. 8. For Christmas lastyear I got an I-pad. When Iopened it I thought to myselfI didn’t ask for this. Now Iuse it every day when I gethome from school. Myfavorite game on it is calledJetpack Joyride. My Familyuses it to play cribbageusually they lose but it stillfun. Whenever I have aquestion I Google it usingthe I-Pad. I always takepictures using the I-pad. My IPad
  9. 9. I went to Johnny Appleseedfor Elementary school. I loved theplayground and art class. My favoriteclass was English and my favoriteteacher was Miss.Brooks. 5th grade wasamazing we went to a barb-que and wealso did podcasts. My podcast wasabout recycling I jumped out of arecycling bin just to prove my point. Iwas also student of the month and Ihad a lot of apples to apples tickets. Johnny Appleseed
  10. 10. The King ofQueens is my favorite TVshow. My dadintroduced it to me. Onenight he said to me letswatch this TV show. Ilove watching King ofQueens with my dad welaugh so hard. KevinJames is hilarious. ForChristmas I asked for thecomplete series and Igot it. I watch one everynight before I go to bed.
  11. 11. I am scared to go to Leominster high school. It seems so bigeven bigger than here. My brother goes to the high school so he will beable to drive me. I can’t wait to go to the high school footballThanksgiving games. I might go into CTE for culinary arts. Leominster High School
  12. 12. During Thanksgiving break my family and I went to MyrtleBeach. We rented someones house and we golfed. My aunt came upfrom Camden and stayed with us one night. The day beforeThanksgiving we went to my aunts house because we were spendingThanksgiving at her house. My Dad made pasta with broccoli andonions. On thanksgiving we did had scavenger hunt through Camden. Iloved Myrtle Beach it was amazing. My favorite course was PawleysPlantation.
  13. 13. In the summer of2007 my family went to NewYork City. We went and saw theStatue Of Liberty. We stayed intimes square at the Marriott. Me in front of The Statue Of LibertyWe rode the elevator all theway to the top of the EmpireState Building. The view fromthe top was amazing we could Street signs in New Yorksee for miles.View fromthe top of The Empire State Building
  14. 14. An out of the box experience that I had was going to Niagara Falls in Canada. We rode on the Maid of The Mist all the way to the falls. I Decided to stand on the top deck which was not so bright. I got soaked The View of Niagara Falls from our from head to toe and I said Hotel. this is awesome. Then we did the tour of behind the falls. There were tunnels and balcony behind the water. I loved standing on the balcony it was an awesome view ofMy Brother and I in front of the falls. Niagara Falls My Family getting ready to go on The Maid of the Mist
  15. 15. Last November when my family went to Disney World we spent a day at SeaWorld. I loved SeaWorld It was amazing and fun. I rode a rollercoaster called the Manta. It was super scary but fun. Then my dad and I took a tour of the Penguin exhibit. IThis is a King Penguin got to hug a King Penguin, This is a Gentoo Penguin they are soft and fluffy from their downy feathers. The other penguin I saw was a Gentoo Penguin. You couldn’t touch it because it would bite your fingers off. Me in front of the penguin exhibit
  16. 16. I quit a few thingsin my life. When I wasyounger I did soccer andbaseball. Around age 7 I quitsoccer and at age 8 I quitbaseball. Then from age 9 to12 I swam on 2 differentswim teams. I was onWachusett Storm Swim Cluband then the manager left soI quit that team. Then I joinedGreenwood Memorial SwimClub and I quit back in Aprilof 2012. I don’t really missany thing that I quit . Me swimming the Breaststroke
  17. 17. I hate reading.The only series of booksthat I ever was theHunger Games it took me4 days to read all 3 books.The other books that Ilove to read are Diary of aWimpy Kid. I laugh sohard when I read Diary ofa Wimpy kid. Every nowand then I will pick up abook and start to readbut I prefer watchingtelevision and walkingoutside.
  18. 18. When we went to Disney World back in 2008 we went toDiscovery Cove which is owned by SeaWorld. They had a lazy river whichyou could snorkel in and you were able to see amazing things. They also hada water park which was fun. My favorite part was swimming with thedolphins. Our dolphin was named Finny and he was so cute. His skin wasrubber and he was hard to grab onto. That was the best part of the day. Me kissing Finny My Dad, Mom, brother and Me with Finny
  19. 19. My family has a lot of traditions . On Thanksgiving my dad always carves the turkey and I always stir the gravy. I help him stuff the turkey the in the morning before we put it in the oven. My brother always help set the table. MyOur Thanksgiving Turkey grandmother comes over and always brings a dessert. We love the desserts she bring like carrot cake and lemon meringue pie. My mother always does the dishes in someway we are like a tag team. We work together Me stirring the Gravy very well.
  20. 20. An unusual thing my family has done wasgo on a Segway tour. In the summer of 2010 myfamily went on a Segway tour of Boston. We startedin the North End and went by the bay and It wasamazing. I loved the Segway tour, my Segway wasorange and black. Then after we went out to dinnerat an Italian restaurant. Then we went to theaquarium and I got to see penguins. I was sad whenwe had to go home but my feet were killing me. My certified Segway Gliders License
  21. 21. My family goes onabout 3 vacations per year. InNovember we usually go toDisney World. This year weinstead went to Myrtle Beach.Then usually during Aprilvacation we take a day tripsomewhere. Then during thesummer we go to Wells Beachin Maine. We love it there it’sa blast to go to. In July of lastyear we went on an AlaskanCruise. We stopped inSkagway, Juneau, and VictoriaBritish Colombia. I love goingon vacations they are so muchfun with my family. My mom, brother and I white water rafting
  22. 22. Wells Beach, Maine is my favorite vacation spot. We always go in August. The ocean water is 70 degrees and the temperature outside is usually 80 degrees. I love going boogie boarding in the ocean. Boogie boarding is so much fun I could do it for hours. We stay right on the beach. Our favorite breakfast spot is Coughdon’s Doughnuts. My dad’s friends Bobby and Sharon come and stay for a couple of days.My Family in Wells Beach, Maine
  23. 23. I did an xtra special thingfor my Mom and Dad. I made their25th wedding anniversary cake. Ibought all the stuff I needed. I alsobought a wedding cake topper andsome fondant roses. Theiranniversary was on a Thursday so Ibaked the cake and decorated it onSaturday. I made gold cake becauseeveryone in my family loves goldcake. They were so touched that Ibaked them an anniversary cakeand they were very happy.
  24. 24. I was so cute as a baby. My mom showed me some pictures from when I was a baby. She told me that when I started talking the 1st word I was da-da. When I stared to say my brother’s name I couldn’t say Jack so I called him Ack. My dad came up with nick-names for me. One nick-name was Cubbie and Sunshine. My mom called me Marshmallow Matthew because I was a fat baby. There is one picture that I love from my childhood it’s me sitting in a chair dressed up all nice and you could see the curly on the backMe at 1 year old. of my head.
  25. 25. On Columbus day2 years ago my mother,brother and I went zip liningwith some friends. It was ablast. You had to see if youcould stop yourself if youcame close to a tree. Thelongest zip line was 105feet. At 1st I was scared togo. Then I decide to gobecause my mom andbrother went. I had thetime of my life soaringthrough the high tree tops.We all had an amazing time. Me Zip lining Through the trees