The skills i and my crew have to make this documentary


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The skills i and my crew have to make this documentary

  1. 1. The skills I and my crew have to make this Documentary:Timing: I myself will have to make sure that we keep ahead on timing during the progress of makingthis documentary so that it doesn’t feel rushed or go too slowly and we end up running out of time.From past projects similar to this I have made my own technique for keeping on track for the deadline. I do this by setting myself mini deadlines in areas throughout the documentary which I have acertain amount of time to complete for each one. This is much easier than working on adocumentary with just one final deadline set.Filming: Another important skill required for the making of my documentary will be the filming andits quality. The last time I made a documentary I didn’t have a tripod and when I filmed theinterviews they looked very shaky and unprofessional. Ever since then I have understood why it is soimportant for the film quality to be good. I have a tripod, so this time the documentary will be filmedto a professional standard.Interviews: I must correctly and professionally interview people for my documentary. This wouldinclude using the right type of shots and asking the right questions to my interviewee. The kind ofshot I would want during interviews would preferably be a still medium two shot with theinterviewer and the interviewee both in the shot. This is so you can see both of their emotions andgestures which will help the audience even more to understand what they are talking about.For the interviews to be successful I must also ask the right questions during the interview. Forexample If I am doing a documentary on Gluten and I ask the interviewee to explain what a house is,that would be an inappropriate and unprofessional question because it doesn’t have anything to dowith the topic of my documentary.Editing: Once the documentary has had all its scenes and interviews shot I must then begin theediting. Editing is very important for a documentary to be successful. Even if the content of yourdocumentary is good (shots and interviews), it will be nothing unless it is all edited into apresentable format which an audience can follow easily and understand.