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Research into competitors and market


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Research into competitors and market

  1. 1. Research into competitors:My competitors will be other documentary producers. To market my documentary properly and toreceive a maximum audience, I must research into my competitors. From research I have found thatmost documentaries rely on a contract with a TV broadcaster before they start filming. The reasonfor this being that they want definite spot on TV to be aired if they do produce a documentary.Because there aren’t many documentaries exactly similar to mine (Discussing Gluten and its effects) Iam research into a competitor documentary which is close enough to mine (food health related).Individual competitor research: “Super-Size Me” documentarySuper-Size Me is a 2004 American documentary film directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock.Spurlocks film follows a 30-day period from February 1 to March 2, 2003 during which he ate onlyMcDonalds food. The film documents this lifestyles drastic effect on Spurlocks physical andpsychological well-being, and explores the fast food industrys corporate influence, including how itencourages poor nutrition for its own profit.Super-Size Me first premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, where Morgan Spurlock won theGrand Jury Prize for directing the film. The film opened in the U.S. on May 7, 2004, and grossed atotal of $20,641,054 worldwide, making it the 12th highest-grossing documentary of all time.Looking at this documentary I would say that the way it was filmed and produced was brilliant. Itwas exciting throughout. There was never a dull moment where someone was just talking into thecamera droning on and on. The documentary was very fast paced and never stays at one scene fortoo long. This gives me the same idea to use on my documentary, because if my documentary wastoo short paced people would get bored easily during the long scenes.The thing I found most interesting is how this competitor marketed/ premiered their documentary.Most documentaries air straight on to TV, but that is only the case for some; these are usually wellknown producers who have built themselves a name and reputation. However for new producerssuch as Morgan Spurlock it is difficult to get their documentary to air straight on to TV. Instead hepremiered his documentary at film festival which was a good way to market his documentary. Thishas given me the idea of premiering my documentary at a film festival (since I myself am a low keyfilm producer).Research into Market:For my market research, I was focusing on two main objectives. Firstly, to find a good channel andtime to air my documentary on TV and secondly, to find a good method for marketing/ advertisingmy documentary to the public.When researching the market to find a good channel to air my documentary on I found that mostdocumentaries only air on specific channels rather than channels of their choice. I also found outthat a large percentage of documentaries aren’t even aired on TV and are often premiered at filmfestivals and then exported to the internet where they are shared around.The most popular TV broadcaster for documentaries in the UK was the “BBC” network. Looking atthe website link below I found out roughly just how many documentaries the BBC aired. into the different channels on the BBC network I found that many documentaries were airedon certain channels by category. For example BBC 4 evening documentaries were usually historical
  2. 2. (allot about World war one and world war two). BBC4 also hosted allot of music documentaries(about musicians and bands). In comparison to this was BBC3 which hosted a LARGE variety ofdocumentaries, the one thing all these documentaries had in common was that they were fast pacedand entertaining to the average audience rather than a certain audience. I would like to air mydocumentary on BBC3 because I feel it is the channel that is most suited for my documentary.From my market research on advertising a documentary I found that most documentary producersdon’t bother mass investing in advertising their documentaries. The reason behind this being thatdocumentaries on average don’t have enough of a large audience to make the profit from spendingso much on advertising. Most documentaries do a little marketing by advertising themselves innewspapers, but often don’t go much further than that.However, my idea is to hit two birds with one stone by premiering my documentary at a film festival.Firstly I would be making profit and entering the chance of winning an award and secondly I wouldbe mass advertising my documentary to a large audience and news critics (attending the event) forthe chance to boost my documentaries rating.Some of these Film festivals that I could enter are listed below..LIDF: London international documentary festivalSheffield Documentary festivalRaidance film festival