Range of materials i will need for my documentary


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Range of materials i will need for my documentary

  1. 1. Range of materials I will need for my documentary:Filming equipment: Filming equipment will be the obvious and number one priority from mybudget. Without this, there is no documentary. This includes the camera, camera stand (tripod),camera windshield (stops the camera’s voice recorder from being distorted by wind when filming)and perhaps a dolly.Crew and catering: I would need to pay for my actors and crew. This would include accommodationand food/ drink catering. Not to mention the fee they would require after completing thedocumentary.Transport: I will need transport to get my crew actors around from one place to another.Locations: I will need locations for filming parts of my documentary at. Of course I will need tocontact the land owners in advance to ask for permission to film there.Contact’s to interview: For my documentary I will need to interview a range of people who can givean insight on my topic. For example I can interview doctors and health nutritionists about whatGluten is and how it affects people. Then I can also interview people who suffer from it and find outwhat they do to counter it.Facts about my chosen topic: This is a very important material required for my documentary. Thefacts are what will form the structure of my documentary. Allot of the facts about Gluten I alreadyknow and have a good understanding on, due to the fact that I am affected by Gluten myself, but Iam sure that I will find more helpful information online or from books.