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Presentation for working to a brief


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Presentation for working to a brief

  1. 1. Working to a brief Click toMatthew Wheeler By edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. My brief•• To create a promotional video for airsoft in Skirmish paintball.•• Deadline: March••
  3. 3. Finding the necessary information to proceed with my briefQuestionnaire:1: Finding out length of video2: Can I use music and sound effects? Copyrightfree?3: Include pricing or logos?4: Health and safety?
  4. 4. Research into similar promotional videos
  5. 5. Health and Safety• Hazards:• Being shot in the face ( avoid with eye protection)• Damage to filming equipment from pellets• Shooting someone outside the game zone (avoid by not firing gun outside game zone)•
  6. 6. Final video
  7. 7. Key skills I have learnt or developed• Video editing• Questionnaire• Video capture• Meeting a deadline•Things I would do differently if I had the chance• Health and safety•