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Gluten free documentary pitch and preposal


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Gluten free documentary pitch and preposal

  1. 1. “Gluten Free” documentary PitchBy Matthew Wheeler
  2. 2. Content outline of documentary What is Gluten? Who is affected by gluten? What are the affects on people who eat Gluten? How are “Gluten free” people countering not being ableto eat Gluten. What are experts doing to try and cure this problem.
  3. 3. Why you should invest inmy production This documentary topic is unique from mostdocumentaries you find on TV these days. It is an informative documentary which people (affectedby Gluten or know someone who is) will benefit fromwatching. From market research, I have found that there arebarely any market competitors who have touched thesame topic for a documentary. This makes mydocumentary stand out in the market from other marketcompetitors.
  4. 4. Target audience My target audience is people who areaffected by gluten. This is a large targetaudience due to the fact that every one inten people in the UK is diagnosed withcoeliac (a illness which has effects on theperson when they eat Gluten)
  5. 5. Market Competitors One of my market competitors that I analysed wassupersize me. I find that “super size me’s” biggeststrength is, as opposed to just talking about howbad McDonalds is for you, he is actuallyshowcasing it. This is much more entertaining forthe audience to watch.
  6. 6. Resources Filming equipment: I have found a website that sells allthe filming equipment I would need, as a bundlepackage. Editing suite: The same website I am using for camerahire also has a editing suite which I will be using. Interviews one: I have been in contact with the doctorwho first put me on the “Gluten free diet” and monitoredmy progress and helped me with problems when Istarted on the diet. Dr John Richer has agreed to beinterviewed. Interviews two: I have spoken too two celiac communitygroups asking them if any of them would be prepared tobe interviewed by me.
  7. 7. Personnel requirements I will be hiring a minivan/ minibus to get the crewfrom one location to another during filming(interviews). I will also need to pay for the accommodation ofmy crew. This includes meals too.
  8. 8. Cast and CrewCast: I will be part of the cast for the documentary, because Iwill be conducting the interviews and also talking too thecameras a little about my knowledge and stories ofbeing Gluten Free. Interviewees will be the remainder of my cast who willbe the documentary. One of them being Dr John Richer.Crew: Alex Goodall will be the cameraman during the filming ofthe documentary. James Sinton will be the sound technician and doing thehealth and safety . I will be hiring an editor to come in and edit thedocumentary at the same time that I hire the editingsuite.
  9. 9. Time sheetName Role Days when they arepresenting, shooting or editingContact number:Matthew Wheeler ProducerPresenter (partof the film cast)Productionmanager14th June- 17th June 2013 foroverseeing and presenting thedocumentary when it is filmed.18th and 19th of June 2013overseeing the editing of thefootage as it is put into sequence.07783409221Alex Goodall Cameraman 14th June- 17th June 2013filming the scenes and interviewsfor the documentary.07722295053James Sinton SoundTechnicianHealth andsafety14th June- 17th June 2013Overseeing that the sound qualityduring filming is good quality. Willalso be doing health and safetychecks on each location the crewand cast films at.07827450522Editor (no name dueto the fact that theyare being hired alongwith the editingsuite)Editing 18th and 19th of June 2013editing the footage into sequenceto create the documentary.Company phonenumber:+44 (0) 20 8549 9966
  10. 10. BudgetItem/ person of cost cost How many days TotalSony PMW-F3K XDCAMEX Complete Shooting Kit£890 per week A week because it ischeaper to hire for a weekinstead of four days.£890Editing suite price£480 per day Two days £960EditorQuote price£210 per day Two days £420Cameraman£350 per day Four days £1400Sound technician£220 per day Four days £880Accommodation for crew(includes breakfast)£66 per person, for eachdayFour days £792Minibus hire for travelQuote£190 per day Four days £760Food and drink for crew £50 per day, for eachpersonFour days £600
  11. 11. Project ScheduleDates What’s happening Who is required7th June- 13th June 2013 Completing the pre-production for thedocumentary.Matthew Wheeler14th June- 17th June 2013 Filming the content forthe documentary.Entire crew:Matthew WheelerAlex GoodallJames Sinton18th and 19th of June 2013 Editing the footage intosequence to make thedocumentary.Matthew WheelerFilm Editor (being hiredwith the editing suite)