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Using the Google Display Network to increase leads from search advertising.

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DFW-State of-Search-succeeding_with_google_display_network_van_wagner

  1. 1. Creating Google GDN Campaigns that Outperform Search Matt Van Wagner @mvanwagner Richardson, Texas 18-Nov-2013 © Copyright 2013. Find Me Faster Nashua, NH. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Hey DFW SEM, What’s New? A Few Cool Things Making the Case for Bing Ads Finding Success on the Google Display Network
  3. 3. A few cool things I’ve been playing with lately.
  4. 4. Ad Guardian
  5. 5. Adalysis – Beta Test Sign up for Beta: www.adAlysis.com
  6. 6. Adalysis Tells you when your ad tests have reached statistical significance. Saves you the bothersome process of checking all the time.
  7. 7. Dimension Reports
  8. 8. Multi-dimension Reports
  9. 9. Multi-Dimension Reports
  10. 10. Making the Case for Bing Ads
  11. 11. Huge, Unique Audience In the U.S. • 5.6 Billion searches/month (1/3 of all U.S. searches) • 163 Million unique searchers • 54 Million searchers not using Google Wordwide • 489 Million unique searchers • 94 Million who do not use Google.
  12. 12. A More Valuable Audience In the U.S. • Exclusive Yahoo! Bing users spend 38% more than avg internet users 18% more than Google users Wordwide • Exclusive Yahoo! Bing users spend 137% more than avg internet users 76% more than Google users
  13. 13. Import Directly From AdWords
  14. 14. Finding Success on the Google Display Network
  15. 15. Display Advertising What is the GDN? How it is Display different than Search? Targeting Options Setting up Campaigns Optimizing Campaigns Competitive Analysis Tools Fun with Competitors
  16. 16. Search Engines User enters a search query into a search box. Mental Mode: Active. Seeking information.
  17. 17. Websites with Ads User does not type in a query. User encounters ads while doing something else. Mental Mode: engaged, passive.
  18. 18. It’s Sort of Like a Newsstand
  19. 19. The Right Area
  20. 20. The Right Section
  21. 21. The Exact Page
  22. 22. How Much Opportunity? Plenty of Opportunity in Display!
  23. 23. Conversion Volume
  24. 24. CPA
  25. 25. It’s All About Better & Better Placement Targeting
  26. 26. Targeting Options KEYWORDS Interests PLACEMENTS Remarketing TOPICS
  28. 28. Keyword Targeting KEYWORDS Keywords are all Broad Match Keep keywords tightly themed: <10-15 Keywords per ad group - Use keywords on your ideal Target Page. - Be specific. Use 2 & 3 word keywords. - Avoid 1 term keywords – except for terms of art. - KEYWORDS Use negatives sparingly. Max is 50 (adgroup + cmpgn)
  29. 29. Keyword Level Data
  30. 30. Targeting Placements Automatic Placements - Google finds sites for you using your targeting options - Good for discovering good placements, especially one-off pages across the internet. Managed Placements - You tell Google on which sites to place your ads Once you identify good placements, you can fine-tune.
  31. 31. Placements
  32. 32. Placements as Exclusion
  33. 33. Topics Topics & Subtopics are very broad targeting tactics Never use as a stand-alone targeting tactic. Great for drilling into sections of large sites.
  34. 34. Topics as Exclusions Topics / Subtopics can also be used for exclusion. A single topic exclusion can do the work of many negative keywords.
  35. 35. Other Targeting Options Remarketing Targeting People who’ve been to your site – you can serve them again. Interest Targeting People who Google thinks might like your site. “Premarketing” Gender Age
  36. 36. Targeting Options
  37. 37. Seed Campaign Options KEYWORDS PLACEMENTS
  39. 39. From Seed Campaigns to Managed Placement Campaigns Seed Campaigns: Image Ad Groups: IMG-160-KWD IMG-160-TPC IMG-300-KWD IMG-300-TPC IMG-728-KWD IMG-728-TPC IMG-336-KWD IMG-336-TPC Auto Placements: Random URLs not related to topic Targeted Placement Campaigns: Image Ad Groups: (By placement) webmd.com aloarffoard.com about.com Note: Always exclude targeted placements from farm campaigns. C-IMG-KWD C-IMG-TPC Good single URLs, not on great sites Bid up individually as managed placements without moving, OR move to new PLC campaign C-PLC-IMG-URL URLs in good sections of broad interest sites URLs on very relevant sites Move to new PLC campaign, narrowed by topics, with exclusions. Move to new PLC campaign, narrowed by keywords. C-PLC-IMG-TPC C-PLC-IMG-KWD
  40. 40. Optimizing Placements
  41. 41. Great Placements
  42. 42. Big Site, Relevant Page
  43. 43. Taking Practice Shots
  44. 44. Take Practice Shots You can show more than one Ad on GDN Use all your options to get your ads filling up all ad units on a page. Make it a friendly competition in your office.
  45. 45. Taking Practice Shots
  46. 46. Competitive Analysis
  47. 47. AdGooroo
  48. 48. MixRank
  49. 49. MixRank
  50. 50. MixRank
  51. 51. Let’s Play King of the Hill
  52. 52. King of the Hill 1. Make list of sites your competitor runs on. 2. Create GDN Campaign. Target those sites. 3. Push their ads off the site for 3-4 days. 4. Analyze performance, cherry pick, go back on line. 5. Own the hill. Forever.
  53. 53. Thank You! Matt Van Wagner matt@findmefaster.com @mvanwagner Richardson, Texas 18-Nov-2013 © Copyright 2013. Find Me Faster Nashua, NH. All Rights Reserved.