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Photoshop design to xhtml


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Photoshop to XHTML is a relatively new concept in web designing which produces stunning and effective websites.

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Photoshop design to xhtml

  1. 1. Photoshop Design ToXHTMLDated:09/11/2012 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Copyright: @
  2. 2. What Is A PSD? •PSD is the file format of Photoshop image files •It supports all available image modes •It can be converted to other file formats PSD files Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Copyright: @
  3. 3. What Is XHTML? •A language in which web pages are written •An extended version of HTML and XML •These files are readily viewed, edited as well as validated •The XHTML files can open in more and more browsers Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Copyright: @
  4. 4. Converting PSD TO XHTML Analyzing PSD Breaking PSD files to XHTML filesCreating file structure Slicing PSD files Coding for XHTML Integrating CSS Testing Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Copyright: @
  5. 5. Some Beautiful Websites Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Copyright: @
  6. 6. Contact Usto XHTML For expert PSDAddress: Y8, Block - EP Sector V, SaltLake Kolkata - 700091 INDIATelephone: Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Copyright: @
  7. 7. Thank You Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7Copyright: @