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  • Good afternoon everyone!(brief intro overview of contact info)How to implement your online branding strategy…Obviously the title we’ve used here is more content than we can cover in 75 minutes. My intent is to cover some of the techniques I’ve adopted and developed that have helped me and roundpeg get on the MindTouch list of Top 25 MIB.I’d like to thank Jack Molisani for including me in the program along with so many of the other MIB’s in this list,At 21 or so I’m not quite as high as most of the others, but we do have most of the top folks on that list here, including #1, RJ Jacquez from Adobe giving the closing keynote address prior to my presentation on adding power to social media using Adobe software(shameless plugs, check!)
  • At roundpeg we focus on 4 social platforms. They’re all household names, and we’ve found ways to manage each from central aggregators, as well as distribute content responsibilities across the organization.We’ve also linked them so that at some level each feed into the othersBy doing that we hope to reduce the effort needed in each individual platform, as well as increasing our reach and # of eyeballs on each piece of contentI always laugh when I see graphics like this… thinking if I had a dollar from every sm account out there, when all I’d need is just a dollar for everytime we look at a graphic like this…(actually I’m willing to settle for just a dollar for every similar graphic in a preso at this conference!)Here’s the problem with these graphics: every time I come across them, what I really see: (next slide)
  • Is This…With so many options, everyone seems merely to be talking over each other (pause)Unfortunately, even this graphic is “kind”Decision-makers, whether it’s you or your boss, generally see this: ( Next slide)
  • An intersectionof ADHD/Narcissism/Stalking , with Twitter in the center of the frayFortunately, that perception is changing
  • Checkfacebook.comHere’s why we need to be pushing our message into these platformsWhile it’s true that31.3% are aged 18-24, the perception is that college kids are driving the facebook market. what’s interesting here is that 65% of FB users are in the 25-64 age range/ therefore, they’re basically part of the working force.
  • As far as awareness goes, twitter is coming on strong. They’ve recently pulled even with facebook in terms of brand recognition
  • Though they clearly have a ways to go as far as usage.
  • Show aggregators to audienceTwitter, FB, LIHashtags , filters/searches, listsHashtags allow people to search for my content, even if they don’t follow me or even know who I
  • LinkedIn = Online Resume and professional profileThe social aspect of Groups is hugeContent Wrangler (Scott Abel)
  • Show blog and tweets on company page
  • Blogs give a nimble method of organizing content (content management system)
  • tvb or spectrumtvb@spectrumwritingllc.cominfo@ should be an alias to spectrumtvb@sw.comtammyvb is main SM IDtwitter address is taken, so twitter handle ismain areas where you interact?ForumsSkypechange user id for forums: webworks pub users, framers, cic sig list, lone writers list, stc rmc list, tech whirl list, f2atcs2-users (google groups)**create Facebook with a Facebook page for spectrum writingChecking/creating SM contentAggregator (either) hootsuite or tweet decksign up for     link LI, FB, Google+, foursquare accounts**website: consider wordpress instead of static htmlpost long forum replies as blog posts, then refer forum to them and tweet about it.change Skype name to spectrumtvb
  • Social media rmstc creating a personal brand oct 2011

    1. 1. Getting the Word OutEstablishing a Personal BrandUsing Social Media Matt Sullivan director of training roundpeg inc. mattrsullivan 714 960-6840
    2. 2. Agenda• Review overriding principles• Discuss main venues• Using an Aggregator• Scheduling content• Automatically feeding content• Blog
    3. 3. Contact info•• mattrsullivan is social media id – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slideshare, Adobe forums, Google+, etc.• Twitter vCard 
    4. 4. Social Media Accounts • Twitter • LinkedIn – company profile – groups • Facebook • Blog –
    5. 5. Social Media Accounts • Twitter • LinkedIn – company profile – groups • Facebook • Blog –
    6. 6. Social Media Accounts • Twitter • LinkedIn – company profile – groups • Facebook • Blog –
    7. 7. Facebook Age of US Facebook Users as of 9/23/2010 25-34 22.6% 35-44 15.6 45-54 11.3 55-64 6.5 Total: 65%
    8. 8. Twitter/Facebook Awareness
    9. 9. Twitter/Facebook Usage
    10. 10. Why Twitter?• Easy way to drive traffic to more robust content• RT’s are an easy way to pass along links and short info• RT’s from others tend to result in more followers for you
    11. 11. Twitter: Strategy• Consistency!• Audience determines appropriate level of personal sharing
    12. 12. Twitter• @mattrsullivan• @roundpeginc
    13. 13. Personal vs. Brand
    14. 14. Use an Aggregator• Tweet, RT, schedule RT’s – – –• Read & post to multiple SM accounts – Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn
    15. 15. RSS for valued colleagues• Twitterstream
    16. 16. New contacts/clean house• Follow those that follow peers• Use services to find peers/clients –• ID spammers/unfollowers – – –
    17. 17. Why LinkedIn?• Perception of professionalism• Groups!
    18. 18. LinkedIn: Strategy• Be selective about your personal network• Create good landing page for company and personal space• Update via Aggregator• Display tweets and blog content on LinkedIn pages
    19. 19. LinkedIn Accounts• Personal Profile –• roundpeg inc. Profile –
    20. 20. Participate in Groups• Promote blog entries, events, newsworthy bits to LinkedIn Groups• Comment within Group conversations
    21. 21. Why Facebook?• Because 138,660,280 Americans might be wrong, but I’m not going to be the one to tell them!
    22. 22. Facebook Stats• It is ranked the number 2 site in the US• The largest group by size and percentage is Females 18-25• The largest age group including males and females is the 18-34 year olds at 42%• Smallest is 55-65 year olds (but the latest research shows that it is the fastest growing group)• The 13-17 year olds are the second smallest group but keep in mind that still represents nearly 6 million females in its mix and 4.6 million males• Facebook is the number 3 site visited by the those 65+ (Source: Nielsen Blog, 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet)• Average Age on Facebook is 38• 61% of Facebooks users are aged 35 or older• 30% earn $60 – 100k and 32% earn over $100,000
    23. 23. Facebook••
    24. 24. Facebook: Strategy• Create Fan Pages for business – Show twitter feed – Show blog entries – Consider FBML to add interactivity• Create Like button on blog – Simple Facebook Like (• FBSS 2010 –
    25. 25. Blog•• Serves as the collection point for varied content – Webinar registration/viewing – Small-scale consulting – Tech tips – Newsletter articles
    26. 26. Blog: Strategy– TwitterTools • Shows twitter feed • Allows autotweet of new content– Tweetmeme • Allows RT from blog post– Google sitemaps– SexyBookmarks • Creates slick SM sharing links on each page– Yet Another Related Posts • Generates lists based on category and keywords
    27. 27. Universal Tips• Be relevant• Use social media to establish cred – Share tips – Announce successes – Discuss/solve problems• Be generous – Share success of others – Recirculate/”Like” good content – Comment on others’ blogs – Link share when appropriate
    28. 28. Quantifying effort• Klout is most accessible example• Most obvious contributor is twitter• @mattrsullivan ranged from 31 to 45 to 36 to 41 in the last few months
    29. 29. Test Case: Spectrum Writing• Tammy Van Boening•• Established, respected, still a bit invisible**Pardon any typos…Tammy and I arerevisiting some items this week and next!
    30. 30. Starting perceptions•• LinkedIn profile underused, no sm ID• No Facebook• No blog• Website has static content
    31. 31. Social Media Plan• Identify areas for participation, or increase in participation• Unify brand and message• Use SM as conduit to business• Use blog/website as way to capture business
    32. 32. Klout score for @mattrsullivan• Watching Klout increase from 31 to 45 – Linking • LinkedIn • Facebook • Foursquare
    33. 33. Going from 45 to 36• Increasing number of – Facebook friends – LinkedIn contacts – Twitter followers• Slowing down consistent contributions
    34. 34. Going from 36 to 43• Seasoning of contacts across networks• Participation!!!• Pushing forward content from others – Reciprocal pushing forward of my content by others (thx, @hypertexas!!!!)