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Reusable and editable content in illustrator


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Understand the 4 main concepts needed for becoming an Illustrator expert.

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Reusable and editable content in illustrator

  1. 1. REUSABLE AND EDITABLECONTENT IN ILLUSTRATOR Illustrator for beginners and experts alike Matt Sullivan training and development specialist Adobe Certified Instructor
  2. 2. GOALSdemystify Illustrator for beginnersfour concepts necessary to become an Illustrator expert  deconstruct Illustrator docs into manageable components  organize for maximum editability and reuse
  3. 3. ILLUSTRATOR FOR BEGINNERSTop-notch vector drawing toolResizable, controllable artworkIntimidating
  4. 4. 4 KEY PARTS OF ILLUSTRATORSolid vs. Hollow arrowPath toolLayers panelAppearance panel
  5. 5. Solid vs Hollowselection toolsSolid arrow selects entireobject/groupHollow arrow selects portionof object/groupOption/Alt-clicking with hollowarrow selects entireobject/group
  6. 6. Path/Pen toolUse modifiers to access Pathsubmenu of toolsRule of 2/3’s: Control handlesshould approximate 2/3’s thelength of the path
  7. 7. UNDERSTAND ANCHOR POINTOPTIONSStraight to Straight pathStraight to Curved pathCurved to Curved (smooth)Curved to Curved (change dir)
  8. 8. Layers panel(typical)No namingNo organizationCreates greater chance ofmistakes in editing
  9. 9. Layers panel(better)Rename by 2x clickingobjectsGroup with Cmd/Ctrl-GshortcutNo need to nameeverythingNested elements Allows intuitive selections and editingInDesign allowsshow/hide of highest levellayers
  10. 10. Appearance panelQuick access to formattingapplied to objectShows relationships andorder of formattingAllows multiple strokes andfills
  11. 11. MODIFIER KEYS Shift key  Option/Alt key Constrains Subtracts adds to selection invokes dialog “turbo” when using arrows  Cmd/Ctrl key Space Bar Temporary access to Pan tool arrow tool
  12. 12. FAVORITE SHORTCUTS Cmd/Ctrl-Spacebar  Alt-click with hollow arrow Activates the Pan tool Select entire object/group Cmd/Ctrl key  Tab/Shift-Tab Activates last-selected Arrow Show/hide panels tool  Up/Down arrows Cmd/Ctrl-0 Moving artwork, changing values Fit in Window in dialogs Cmd/Ctrl- + or –  Preview buttons Zoom in or out in dialogs
  13. 13. CS6 HIGHLIGHTSInterface now matches other CS apps (like PhotoshopPattern Options panelImage Trace replaces Live Trace64-bit
  14. 14. TRAINING/DEVmatt@mattrsullivan714 960-6840Publicly scheduled, private, hourlyOnsite, virtual, recorded availableCV: Google “mattrsullivan” (quotes included)