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Qr codes and workplace learning astd oct 2011


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QR codes show up everywhere! See how you can incorporate them into your workplace to easily

Published in: Technology, Education
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Qr codes and workplace learning astd oct 2011

  1. 1. Using QR codes to deliverinformation in the workplaceMatt SullivanDirector of Trainingmatt@roundpeg.comSlides will contain QR Codes to linked content
  2. 2. Agenda• Define/Explain QR Codes• Examples of QR reader apps• Set guidelines on presentation, relevance, and destination• Show examples of usage at roundpeg
  3. 3. QR Reader applications• Android • iOS
  4. 4. Contact info • • mattrsullivan is social media id – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slideshare, Adobe forums, Google+, etc. • Matts me Card Matts vCard
  5. 5. QR Codes Defined• Quick Response Codes• Allows hardlinking or object hyperlinking.•• Developed in 1994 by Denso Wave for tracking vehicles in manufacturing
  6. 6. Guiding principle• How can I reward my customer/prospect for scanning my code?• usage-guidelines-for-qr-codes/ – October 12, 2011, by Tracy Earles
  7. 7. QR codes should support your business goals• Define success for the barcode
  8. 8. Appropriate use of technology• Don’t promote scanning while driving• Link to mobile content
  9. 9. Does your target audience have asmartphone?• Age-appropriate• Can they use their phone in the environment where they find the code
  10. 10. Reward them for scanning• Customer should not regret taking out their cell phone and retrieving content
  11. 11. Make the reward unique• Coupons
  12. 12. Provide auxilliary methods of reachinginformation• Give benefit for scanning• QR code should promote interaction, not replace it
  13. 13. QR codes make print more valuable
  14. 14. Fewer characters are easier to scan• Shorten url’s (using or other services) to reduce characters needed for scan• Include only most important details
  15. 15. Print the short URL next to the QR code• This gives the user the choice of – Typing the URL into a browser – photographing the URL for later reference – scanning the code directly
  16. 16. roundpeg Examples
  17. 17. Front door• Codes for contacting key staff – Receiving: Phone number and QR code for Melissa Phillips – Training: Phone number and QR code for Matt Sullivan
  18. 18. Training room• Instructor vCard• Twitter – @roundpeginc – @mattrsullivan• Facebook• Link to Instructor guidelines• Link to network login info
  19. 19. Break room/supply room• Quick reference for coffee machine• Ordering info for t-disks• Ordering info for toner, paper, common supplies