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Creating reusable screencasts


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Video is an effective way to add context to your content. But how do you effectively produce video?

I've worked out techniques that let me produce crisp, professional video at about an hour per minute of video, which is about 1/4 of the time required previously.

Because the videos are short, they are inherently reusable across company channels, as well as via social channels and blogs.

See for a 25-video series I did for Adobe using these techniques.

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Creating reusable screencasts

  1. 1. @mattrsullivan | T E C H C O M M T O O L S B I T. LY / T C S - V I D E O N O T E S Matt Sullivan Creating reusable screencasts for your content Headshot optional
  2. 2. Quality video production is faster than you think, when you adopt a topic-based video approach.
  3. 3. Places to reuse video Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Blog Community email Help, user guide, support Online education, courses
  4. 4. What do you say when your client asks you to write a manual on how they should use FrameMaker?
  5. 5. Done!
  6. 6. Demo: PDF with video
  7. 7. Write Pare down Record Process Timing 1-hour formula
  8. 8. Write (Storyboard and Script)
  9. 9. My process: Create storyboard in PowerPoint, using outline mode - Use notes for script Storyboard/ Script
  10. 10. Example-Needles Script
  11. 11. Script 1/3
  12. 12. Script 2/3
  13. 13. Script 3/3
  14. 14. Or…
  15. 15. Revised Script
  16. 16. Record audio and screen
  17. 17. My process: - Record one action - Read script related to action - Repeat until satisfied with audio Record audio and screen
  18. 18. Edit Audio
  19. 19. Process in Audition (Audacity is another) - Process the file to reduce gaps - Delete gaffes and multiple takes - Demo (16:34 raw) - Demo (02:31 clipped) Edit in DAW
  20. 20. Options to normalize recording - Hard Limiter or Compressor for audio outliers - Normalize to -3dB (broadcast standard) Prep for export in DAW
  21. 21. Captivate, etc. Delete empty slides ScreenFlow, Camtasia Scrub out processing time, flubs Video Processing
  22. 22. Resulting videos in ScreenFlow (before, after, and demo)
  23. 23. Hardware
  24. 24. MacBook Pro
  25. 25. Storage on MBP
  26. 26. Heil PR-40
  27. 27. FocusRite Scarlett 2-4
  28. 28. Software
  29. 29. Audition Audition is a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation
  30. 30. ScreenFlow (Mac only)