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Camp Rockmont


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A brief presentation about Camp Rockmont for Boys, located in Black Mountain, NC. Visit us at

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Camp Rockmont

  1. 1. From the De sk of the Director Thanks for v isiting Camp we’re really h Rockmont, appy to have Take a minut you here. e and check makes Rockm out what ont such a sp camp, its a b ecial eautiful place a lot of grow where th happens. you’ll like wh I think at you find! P.S. If you wa nt to talk to oaee spilled, sorry!) (C ff person, call u real s 828-686-3 email us a In 885, or fo@Rockmon
  2. 2. About Rockmont Founded in 1956 - Ages 6-16 Located in Black Mountain, NC - 1, 2, 3, and 4 week sessions - 30 skills to choose from - Tribal Activities - Camp outs on 550 acres - Inter-denominational Christian Camp - ACA Certified - Our Mission in One Word? Growth
  3. 3. Camp is Fun! Hello Again! Rockmont is a blast, we have too many fun activities to name! But some of the favorites are “The Blob”, the Zipline, Gullywasher, Kayaking, Disc Golf, Rock Climbing, and Crafts... to name a few
  4. 4. Camps. Tribes. Cabins. BearCamp: Ages 6-10 BuckeyeTribe - BirchTribe Cabins 1-12 DeerCamp: Ages 11-12 HickoryTribe - HemlockTribe Cabins 13-26 MountainCamp: Ages 13-16 PoplarTribe - SycamoreTribe Cabins 27-43
  5. 5. Community In a comm unity, you find out q uickly that best way t the o live toge is to pitch ther in around cabin, help the each other be encour , aging, and a servant l be At Rockmont, we believe eader. Our goal is for a sense of that one of the special “The Good of the things about camp is the Communit y” to be a lifelong de opportunity to live, play, sire for th young me ese n and work together in a Christian community.
  6. 6. More Fun! “Tribal Activities ” are the large gr games and activi oup ties that include the cabins of the all tribe. Camper favorites include : RISK, Gladiator, H2Olympics, Mo vie Night, Campouts, 3 Bal l-3 Disc, Slip n’ Slide, Counselor Hunt, and more!
  7. 7. Staff Staff members are chosen first on the basis of spiritual and emotional maturity and ability to relate to the campers, and second on e Rockmont w their individual skills and talents. At ung be lieve that yo he m en grow in t se i mage of tho around them aining ds a full week of tr Our staff atten rive, totaling 5 0 hours pers ar before any cam
  8. 8. Health & Safety - ACA Certified Camp - 4 Resident, On-Call Nurses - Full-Time Lifeguards - Temperature checks on Opening Day - 15 miles from Asheville Regional Hospital
  9. 9. Spirituality At Rockmont, we teach basic Christian truths and values at the child's level in a tender and caring way. Through the role- modeling of a mature Christian staff, we are able to give meaning and understanding to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in a relaxed and informal manner. We want your son to be able to see his own story in the context of the Gospels, and to find his own identity in God’s love and mercy
  10. 10. Why Rockmont Camp should be fun, and Rockmo tons of games, t nt has oys, and activitie your son going f s to keep ull-speed all day the heart of wha . But, at t we are doing as is Growth. We wa a camp nt your son to fe empowered, to k el now he has been something speci a part of al, can make a d and that he is co ifference, ming back home contribute to the able to community.
  11. 11. From the De sk of the Director Thanks again for coming t you would lik his far! If e to go farth can call us u er, you p and ask an questions, re y other quest a broc DVD, or just hure & check out th e website. Hope to see you this Sum mer! P.S. If you wa nt to talk to person, call u a real s 828-686-3 email us a In 885, or fo@Rockmon