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Rough & Polish - Matt Powers


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Rough & Polish - Matt Powers

  1. 1. The Rough & Pol!h
  2. 2. The Traditional Assignment
  3. 3. The Traditional Assignment The assignment is on the board. It is due in 2 weeks. Good luck.
  4. 4. The Rough (Draft)
  5. 5. Every song you’ve ever heard started as a rough.
  6. 6. Every book you read started out as an idea.
  7. 7. Every movie was once a pitch.
  8. 8. The Rough is how we start great things.
  9. 9. The Rough & Polish way: The Rough is due Friday & I’ll get you my notes by Monday.
  10. 10. Then we polish and rough and polish and make something AMAZING!
  11. 11. That’s how the pros do it.
  12. 12. So Polish it up. Share it with a colleague. Read it aloud. Podcast it. Listen back. Put on your critique hat. Take time from it completelyand come back with fresh eyes.
  13. 13. Making a movie takes a lot of “takes”.
  14. 14. Making a readable and insightful essay takes draft upon draft.
  15. 15. Mastering any craft or skill takes practice.
  16. 16. The Rough is a sketchor draft of an idea,paper, movie, song,etc. It is an exchangewith no judgements onthe little things. It’sthe big picture.
  17. 17. Polish is revision, editing,rewriting, remixing,mashing-up, practicing, rethinking,& reshooting.
  18. 18. These two concepts will propel you through life & all your endeavors towards success.