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Love triangle Presentation Example - Minarets High Mr. Powers


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This is a presenta

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Love triangle Presentation Example - Minarets High Mr. Powers

  1. 1. Love Triangle Project Example Matt Powers English 10 10/23/12
  2. 2. Character 1: Andrew Fishburne “Seems legit.” “He can’t decide if he’s emoWhat do they look like: or goth” “That’s just a cheap PicassoClose-cropped brown hair, tattoo sleeve, wannabe”broken & reset nose, green twinkling eyes, What they think:straight teeth and a winning smile. Thinks about how others are soTall and medium build. “mainstream”Where do they live: Judges others on their taste in artBrooklyn, NYC What do others think of them:Apartment building (Basement) Most are intimidated by him.What do they do: Those that know him trust him but knowWorks at a marketing firm on graphics he is primarily self-interested.Paints & Sculptures late into the night He is a good graphic artist & only a decentWhat they say: painter/sculptor.
  3. 3. Character 2: Kipper RothchildWhat do they look like:Preppy haircut, preppy clothing, tall, blonde,muscular build, long, thin nose, dimples, and What they think:clear blue eyes. Hipsters are just failures trying to cover up.Where do they live: Rich people are successful because they areUpper West Side, Manhattan better people.Large Apartment overlooking Central Park Tattoos are gross.What do they do: What do others think of them:Works for a hedgefund in Derivatives Many think he is a perfect specimen ofRides horses in the Hamptons maleness & success.Hangs out at his Yacht Club & sails Several think he is arrogant and lacksWhat they say: compassion for anyone not like him.“She’s so ghetto” “I wouldn’t be caught deadwearing Banana Republic!”
  4. 4. Character 3: Celeste HavorWhat do they look like:Short bob of mousey brown hair, a small “What are we doing tonight?” “How muchnose, dark brown eyes, full lips, tall, thin, & did that cost?” “I’m at NYU” “Painting is myconstantly smiling kindly. life... really”Where do they live: What they think:Queens, NYC Where are we partying tonight?Parent-owned apartment Where is my dream guy?What do they do: I’m so indie and artistic.At school at NYU What do others think of them:goes to parties She’s beautiful.eats out all over Manhattan We had so much fun at that nightclub thatPaints in her classes but not usually on her night... where was that? She’s so much fun!own time She’s a flirt.What they say:
  5. 5. The Love Triangle Kipper Andrew WealthyStruggling artist Country Club working in an office Financial Prep Celeste Beautiful, bored student-artist
  6. 6. S.W.B.S.T.Somebody: Andrew FishburneWanted: He wanted Celeste Havor to be his girlfriend and to beunderstood in a relationship as an artist not a corporate cog (and onsome level he wanted to be worshipped by her).But: Despite their magical evening together, Celeste was swept off herfeet the night after by Kipper Rothchild, an exciting and dashing wealthyyoung sailor!So: The two men competed for her love, one creating ever moreelaborate & painful art and the other spending more and more money.Then: Just before Andrew tries a dangerous street art exhibition on thewalls of the local police precinct, Kipper goes broke & realizes he lovesmoney more than Celeste and breaks their relationship off. Celeste &Andrew move in together & live happily ever after.