Flora and fauna of Tice's Meadow


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A short slideshow I made for a community open day, to showcase some of the plants and wildlife at Tice's Meadow Nature Reserve in Badshot Lea, Surrey.

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Flora and fauna of Tice's Meadow

  1. 1. Flora and fauna of Tices Meadow Nature Reserve, Badshot Lea Common Blue butterfly.Although many of these photos are from elsewhere, all of the plants and animals in this slideshow can be seen or have been seen at Tices Meadow
  2. 2. LapwingAnother common visitor during the Winter, Lapwing can often be seen in flocks of over a hundred at Tices
  3. 3. Black-headed GullThe most commonly seen gull inland, they gather in large flocks at Tices Meadow during the winter months, when they lack the black head
  4. 4. Little EgretLook for this elegant white heron in the stream during the winter
  5. 5. ColtsfootOne of the first Spring flowers to emerge, from muddy rough ground and beside paths, Coltsfoot brightens up any cold February day
  6. 6. SnipeThis distinctive wader is often seen flying up from long grassy areas in winter
  7. 7. SkylarkIt can be hard to spot this bird as it sings high above the meadow, where it nests on the ground
  8. 8. Grey WagtailThis colourful bird is closely associated with water, so can often be found in the stream at Tices Meadow
  9. 9. WheatearLook for this robin-like bird hopping about in the short grassy areas of the meadow in Spring and Autumn
  10. 10. Lesser CelandineAnother colourful Spring flower, which favours wooded areas
  11. 11. BlackthornThe spiky blackthorn hedges at Tices come alive with white flowers in early Spring
  12. 12. Roe DeerThe most common species of deer can be seen all year round at Tices
  13. 13. Blackcap
  14. 14. Red KiteA welcome and increasing sight over Tices, this large bird of prey is unmistakeable with its red colour and forked tail
  15. 15. Peregrine Falcon You may be lucky enough to see this powerful bird circling over themeadow eyeing up its next meal, or even bathing in one of the pools
  16. 16. Common Sandpiper
  17. 17. SparrowhawkA common sight patrolling the skies over Tices and the surrounding houses as it searches for small birds to catch
  18. 18. Common Tern
  19. 19. WhitethroatListen for this warblers scratchy song in the bushes at Tices when it returns from Africa in April
  20. 20. Reed Bunting
  21. 21. Speckled Wood
  22. 22. Bar-tailed GodwitAn occasional Spring and Autumn visitor en route to and from its Arctic breeding grounds
  23. 23. Six-spot Burnet Moth
  24. 24. BullfinchA surprisingly elusive bird, given the males bright colour. Listen for its huuw call from deep in the hedgerows Male Female
  25. 25. Large SkipperA butterfly that looks like a moth! Can be seen skipping about over the flowers and hedgerows in summer
  26. 26. Lesser Black-backed Gull
  27. 27. Green WoodpeckerLook for this large, brightly-coloured bird feeding on ants in the meadow, or occasionally perched on the side of one of the telegraph poles
  28. 28. Redshank
  29. 29. Common Blue butterflyOne of the most common grassland butterflies, the male is bright blue, while the female (below) is darker
  30. 30. Sand MartinOne of the first birds to return to Britain in Spring, Sand Martins can often be seen flying fast and low over the pools and meadow
  31. 31. Greater Stitchwort
  32. 32. Golden PloverAnother winter visitor which can sometimes be seen in flocks with the Lapwing in the meadow
  33. 33. Grass Snake
  34. 34. ChaffinchVery common but often very overlooked, the male Chaffinch is a stunning bird
  35. 35. SwallowOne of the classic symbols of summer, Swallows can often be seen darting about over the meadow
  36. 36. Great TitA common bird at Tices as well as in gardens, listen for its tee-cha, tee- cha call