Media coursework content page analysis


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Media coursework content page analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Content Page Analysis By Matt Mosey
  2. 2. Mise en Scene- the Mise en scene of the mainThe layout and page design of this magazine In the main picture of Ollie Sykes there is a lift picture at the top of the magazine content pagecontent page is load, in your face and camera light change towards his chest, is of a gig( likely a rock gig) .This reminds thestraight to the point with what the magazine highlighting the fact he has tattoos. This reader of places were there favourite rock starshas to offer this week. It has the main large connotes to the audience the types of styles (Ollie Sykes) and the general rock communityarticle advertised at the top of the content that are expected in the rock community. gather to experience there favourite music. Itpage, taking up half the page, This makes It also shows the reader that the general homevery noticeable and is the first thing you see. ground for rock music is inside the gig venue andIt is a picture ( of bring me the horizon) with to be apart of the community you should attenda banner across the bottom of the band gigs to abide by the norms of the rock sub-name. This will attract a large variety of rock culture. The background of a gig venue may alsofans since BMTH are well known in the rock allow the audience to relate to the picture ifindustry. It will also attract new fans of rock they are already huge rock fans. This relation willthat wish to extended there knowledge make them feel more comfortable when readingabout rock culture (U&G) the magazine The banner (bring me the horizon) overlaps theThe majority of the fonts in this content picture of the band lead singer to establish apage which read a title are rugged, bold, connection between the text and the picture.(hebright and urban. These fonts connote the text been the lead singer bands name)type of lifestyle that this magazine idolises. The font in this content page varies in colour, sizeMode Of Address- the MOD of this content and style to ensure that the reader can clearlypage is very colloquial and relaxed. In the see the different article choices for example theeditors statement which each magazine bold and bright yellow writing “This Week”gets each week, she talks with a relaxed connotes to the reader that each week there isstyle , as if she was talking to us face to new and exclusive articles, which makes theface. With such phrases and “downtime” it reader feel good in that they can read somethingis clear that the magazine is trying to form different each week and get there moneysa relationship between the reader and it. worth. Also, as well as the white background ofThis makes the reader feel more the bottom half of the page, the article subjectcomfortable when reading the magazine, titles are in yellow font with the background ofwhich would lead to repeat purchase to black. This makes sure they are easy to read andreoccur the feeling of comfort they acquire clearly noticeable. Article Titles- one of the article titles is “news” this attracts the audience towhen reading the magazine. know that they can stay up to date with the latest rock news and stay in the current picture of the rock community(U&G). Another one of the article titles is “Feedback” which is when readers write in. This shows the audience that the magazine does care about the readers and puts there views forward. This makes the reader feel wanted and important in the rock community(U&G).
  3. 3. Some readers may gather a misconception The main picture of this man (Slash) isof the rock world that “rockers” are tough, wearing a lot of dark and rocker serotyped This magazine abides by the rockhard and mean people however the main clothing. This would make the audience magazine conventions by having a ruggedpicture of this content page goes against relate to him and therefore the general and messy layout with hard hitting titlesthis stereotype. The picture is of Slash “(a magazine, therefore they would feel more and overlapped edges it perfectly fits thehighly regarded guitar player I the rock comfortable in reading it. conventions of rock by being informal andindustry) .In the picture it is mostly dark against the usually norms.from his clothing and the backgroundhowever his smile and small parts of chest The content page shows a picture of somethat show have got a considerable amount of the double page spread articles whichof light on them. This could connote the they believe the audience will be mostSlash ( rockers in general) have a tough interested in. They also have small arrowsexterior and tough appearance but on the pointing to them telling the audience whatinside they are normal people. This might they are. This makes the audience want tomake the audience feel more comfortable read those articles because they have beenwith joining the community of rockers. The put on special appeal.slight removal of sun glasses may also showthat he will reveal his real self in the article One of the article that the content page advertises is a album review which would expand the knowledge which isThe target audience of this magazine will something readers look for in a magazinebe young makes due to the outrageous (U&G)colour schemes ( black and yellow).Theaudience would also be rocker who areprobably more up to date with the rock Another big article header liner readsworld than someone who has only just “Win” this attracts the audience becausestarted listening to rock music, I know they believe they may get something elsethis from the knowledge that is being put out the magazine such as a “free guitar”forward insinuating that the readeralready knows about the specific band. The constant subscription advertisement suggest MOD- the mode of address of this magazine is informal an relaxed. It is the that the same people may buy this magazine type of language that you would use to your friend. In the rock community regularly due to a specific interest. This magazine everyone who listens to the music is regarded as a friend therefore people is not the kind of magazine that you pick up ones who are familiar with rock feel at home when reading this friendly language. .It is a regular buy.
  4. 4. The metal hammer title is rugged There are a lot of pictures on the right hand and has a particular font that apply side with number next to them relating to the rocker codes and conventions. the article. Is pictures are quote noticeable The PUG looks like it has been This makes the reader feel as one of them is quite rude. pealed back. This is informal and comfortable in a familiar messy which relates to the codes environment and conventions.There are a variety of article titles In all of the pictures the style of thethat all relate to rock in some way. clothes relate to the genre of theThere are two columns, one with magazine. This creates a sub-culturethe regular types of article for of fans who wear these clothes toexample about album reviews and express there love of this music and tothe other Coolum is features for express there love of the generalexample exclusive news that lifestyle.happen recently (i.e.. Band breakup) The images of bands and individual artist relate to the lifestyle they lead and that they points. For example The word “Hammer” above the the man raising his middle fingers. word content reinstates the brand identity of the magazine The constant change in fonts keeps the content interesting. The dark colours and mostly male appeal in this content page simple reinstates the demographic audience. Of being young male rockers. The mode of address this content page mainly relates to the culture of rockers.
  5. 5. A lot of the articles are band names Giant writing saying “look in the mirror” this istherefore to understand what they even quite conformational and therefore abides by theare you would have to have experience in conventions of a rock magazine. The PUG with the dripping blood affectthe rock community to enjoy them. reinforces the conventions of rock magazines to be violent and bashful. Blood connotes destruction, pain and generally things against normal society. Therefore itI believe this magazine is for fans for attracts the reader because it shocks them.rock that are experienced. Many of thearticles are amount bands that expect asmall bit of knowledge about the bands The picture of the editor would bealready. The bands articles will expand assumed to be a picture of a rock fan.the knowledge of rock fans that have Since he is wearing the conventional rockenjoy rock for a long time(U&G). clothes he is trusted to the reader to delivery good articles and a generally good magazine.Mode of address- The MOD in thiscontent page abides by the conventionsof a rock magazine. It gives frontal and inyour face language which as “look in themirror” this almost intimidates thereader but at the same time makes themfeel comfortable reading the magazine.There is a instant noticeable advertisementof gigs towards the bottom of the contentpage. This already trys to get new readersto join the rocker community and The black on white or white onexperience readers to simply buy tickets. black writing stands out easilyThis instant advertisement of gigs shows and is clear to read.that this music genre is a long term appealand not a short one.
  6. 6. The editor signature makes the The white background makes The meaning of this page is very statement feel more important the rest of the text and picture clear with the title “Content” and more personal to the stand out of the page. reader. Article quote gives the reader a taste ofFestival reviews are very important for what they are about to expect in thatrock magazines as if the reader has article.attended them they will be extremelyinterested because they can relate to the “this week” makes the articles feelarticles.(U&G) more exclusive each week.The layout of the content page isstraight forward having more attention Articles titles next to page number makesto the picture tan the actually article it clear and noticeable for the reader totitles. The articles titles on the right navigate the magazinehand side have the conventional titlessuch as album reviews which extendedthe knowledge of the audience or bandupdates.The text of the title “Content” isrugged and cut. This simply followsthe conventions of rock magazineas beenOne of the affects in the readingand Leeds festival announcement isa spray paint effect which is knownto be vandalism. However, when ina magazine it is acceptable becauseof the conventions of this magazinebeing rebellious, young and cool. The PUG with the giant font and explanation mark mark “Plus” makes the reader think they are getting extra out the magazine.(U&G)