Media Coursework front page         analysis         By Matt Mosey
The masthead “Kerrang” is an onomatopoeia           Big bold and rugged masthead and             The magazine has a header...
Banner of article titles reveals what else is in the magazine for the     The main article title in the centre of the page...
The advertisement of free merchandise                                                      The small PUG reading “Danger D...
The main centre picture is a picture    The masthead Hammer is also usuallyof man in a straight jacket, This       represe...
The title “you me at six” brings in the readers who enjoy the band. The range of                                    pictur...
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Magazine Front Cover Analysis REDO


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Magazine Front Cover Analysis REDO

  1. 1. Media Coursework front page analysis By Matt Mosey
  2. 2. The masthead “Kerrang” is an onomatopoeia Big bold and rugged masthead and The magazine has a header which says thatbecause it sounds like the noise a guitar would anchorage represents the lifestyle of the you can “win”( the word win being in a bluemake. This excites the reader as they soon rock community as being bold, graphic to express the point of the audienceunderstand this magazine’s music genre and the outrageous, rugged and general gaining something for free-U&G) a place at ageneral type of instrument used in the music that rebellious. rock music festival playing as your band. Thisthe magazine is about. encourages people to pick up a guitar and start their own band to experience the same life as their favourite rock idols, causing the rock community to grow.This magazine is advertising a articleabout a music festival (Download The centre graphic image is of a well knownfestival) which supports the same “metal“ band. The name of the band is in boldmusic genre as the magazine. This writing on the bottom of the page. The mainmusic festival brings rock music fans lead singer of the band is slightly apart fromtogether into one community to discuss the rest of the band. This is due to the highand enjoy the music. The audience feel status “Ollie Sykes” has in the “metal”good to be part of a community and community and the fact that many regard himwill proceed in attending the festival. If as an idol. Having his face in the main centrethis magazine advertises it, the of the magazine cover will instantly attractaudience may relate this magazine to many rock fans who idolise him. His tattoosthat feeling of being in a community and hair are some of the reasons why he is(Uses and gratification) and buy the idolised and known by many people becausemagazine more. they conform with the norms and conventions of the rock community. The dark clothes and intimidating looks (arms crossed) that the centre band give“Bring me the horizon” is a bright yellow the audience gives a feeling of “ we meancolour and is in contrast with the dark business” which excites the colour behind it. This makes it stand Matched with the quote” this time itsout to the reader and makes sure that The title “Access all areas” makes the personal” attracts the reader to read onthis is one of the first thing the reader reader feel special in that they can read into the magazine.reads on the page to attract readers who information which is usually “classified”,enjoy the band “ bring me the horizon". such as the studio report. This makes “This time its personal” is a quote from theThis simple bright coloured title instantly them feel as part of the rock team and article which is quite full on and outrageousattract a specific target audience which will encourage them to continuously buy which attracts the gossip leaching readers.the magazine aims to attract and please the magazine to reoccur this feeling of The quote also gives the reader a taste of(uses and gratifications 1979). being part of something(U&G). what to expect from the interview.
  3. 3. Banner of article titles reveals what else is in the magazine for the The main article title in the centre of the pageaudience to enjoy. One of the titles being “Slipknot Destroy advertises a specific band that follows the sameLondon” the word “Destroy” connotes violence and havoc among music genre as the magazine. For fans of this bandthe band, this connotes what they stand for. This general violent this magazine will be an instant attraction. Belowand rebellious attitude reflects the rock communitys morals -if the the main title the sub title reads “ Fame, Freak-audience is attracted to this subculture they will read on to feel part Outs and Fatherhood” this is a tricolon whichof it(U&G). gives the sense of power of three and a impact of the reader that this is interesting. The explanation mark reminds the reader that The masthead is covered a bit by the tile is said loud to the head of the centre picture. remind the reader of the This re-states the informality of loud lifestyle that rock the magazine and the general portrays. lifestyle of the readers. The main centre picture is the band “Fall Out Boy". The band are styled to represents the general style of the music genre. This creates an understanding between the reader and the magazine ofThe advertisement for free posters means what the norm is for “rockers”.that the audience feel an instant advantagein buying the magazine because there Mode Of Address-The MOA in this front covergetting something for “free". This makes relates to the lifestyle that rock culturethem feel good and that they got a bargain portrays, for example with the term “Bull-out of buying the magazine with free gifts shitters” which is shocking to people who don’t(U&G). perhaps understand the language of the rock culture. However, to people who follow this genre of music they understand that thisThe title “ Reader Poll” is on a banner in a language is normal and makes themroyal style. Since the title is about the comfortable reading the magazine. This createsreaders and it is in royal banner this a relationship between the reader and thecompliments the readers and makes them magazine which leads to the audience relatingfeel above standard level. It also asks a the magazine to comfort.(U&G) It also has two pictures of bands that only truerhetorical question to make the readers rock fans would know. This makes them feelthink about the question sub consciously as knowledgeable and wise in the rock communitythey beginning to read the rest of the since there is no title of the bands by themagazine. picture(U&G)
  4. 4. The advertisement of free merchandise The small PUG reading “Danger Danger”(CD’s) attracts the reader because they Other band names to show the reminds the reader that this is “Hotfeel there getting something else out of reader what bands this Stuff” and should be read with generala magazine than usual. They are also magazine talks about. enjoyment.attracted because it makes them feelmore like a fan if they have moremerchandise, Meaning they are more Around the main title and centreinvolved in the rock community. graphic image there are lots of references to the fact that the page isPUG- stands out due to its colour and on fire. For example the “Hot listcontrast to the rest of the magazine colour 2011” . The sub-title of “Hot list”scheme. The general intention of it also makes the reader want to read moreattracts the reader knowing that they can into the general idea of a “hot list”“Win” a guitar. The rock community come and to see what bands are doing welltogether with the music that they play, and which bands arent. Thistherefore people will be invited to join the extended there knowledge about thecompetition. rock industry(U&G) The article quote “the more people hate The reference to rock festivals attracts the stronger well become “ shows a the reader to attended to join and careless attitude in the bands personality. increase the rock community and to be part of something. (U&G) The centre graphic image of Sam Carter (lead singer of Architects) isThe title main band is “Architects". The unwelcoming and dirty this would beband title is on fire which suggest that the an unattractive picture to those whoband is “On Fire” in general colloquial are the non demographic targetterms this means that the band is doing audience.well and successful. If the audience The fiery effect around the whole front coverunderstand this along with the fact the fire gives a sense of destruction and anarchy. Thesuggest rebellion, they will be attracted to reinstates the general lifestyle of the rockthe general news that a rock band is being community as being crazy and a general rocksuccessful. sub-culture.
  5. 5. The main centre picture is a picture The masthead Hammer is also usuallyof man in a straight jacket, This represented as violent and angry which The masthead “Metal Hammer” isconnotes a literally crazy lifestyle connotes that atmosphere in the magazine. designed in a way to conform toand that the rock genre is so the norms of a rock magazine. Thedangerous it has to be detained. tile is dark with one edge of the HHowever, the colour of the straight in hammer being used to spelljacket is white which could connote “Metal". This is informal andthat really he is innocent. against the norms of normal society. Therefore it attracts the readers as it relates to the type of music that the audience enjoy.The front colour being Red andBlack contrast with thebackground being white. This The swear words connote a MODmakes it easy to read and to that is rocker, rebellious and againstunderstand. society. This MOD attracts the reader and makes them feel comfortable(U&G). The main title “Children of BoDom” is right next to the mans face in the picture. This One of the article talk about a band connotes that the title is in splitting up. This will give the reader your face and loud in its voice. knowledge about the current rock world and therefore will make them feel more wise (U&G) Many of the sub titles are different colours to the main titles this is to make sure that they stand out to the reader to give the reader a littleThe front on the magazine is bold bit more incite into what the readerand jiggered which connotes a will experience if they buy theinformal style. The informal style magazine.also reads “ fights , drugs , prison”which generally are connoted to bebad and rebellious which is thelifestyle the magazine connotes.
  6. 6. The title “you me at six” brings in the readers who enjoy the band. The range of picture connotes that inside there is a lot of coverage about them.The main title “Linkin Park” is of a contrast The top if the page which is also iscolour to the background and it bold and key eyesight for the reader showslarge in the centre of the page. This means it the opportunity to access freeis the first thing the reader is going to see merchandise (posters) this attractswhen they pick it up. For fans of Linkin Park the audience and makes themthis magazine will be an instant appeal. believe they are getting more out the magazine.The lead singer of Linkin park lookinglike he is shouting shows that he isangry and emotional about something. PUG- with article picture and titleThis matched with the quote “this about a band making a statement.time its emotional” connotes that he This could interest readers whois going to make angry and emotion enjoy this band in particular ornew songs relating to something he is readers who wish to extended thereupset about. knowledge of that bad (U&G) The red glow around the body of the man reinstates his anger. The title of the band and the nameThe sub-title “ the naked truth” with naked of the lead singer are in the sameunderlined suggests that the article is font. This instantly teaches theabout someone being embarrassed abut reader the band lead singers namethem being naked at some point. Followed increasing the knowledge (U&G)by the word truth means that they arereleasing the information to the public,however, the fact that the front is in hand The graphic of the page being tornwriting suggests that this was not suppose suggests that to read about thisto be known by the public and it personal( particular article you must turn insideas is the hand writing) to the specific to read on.person.