Magazine double page spread analysis


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Magazine double page spread analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Double Page Spread Analysis By Matt Mosey
  2. 2. The explanation mark next to Kerrang in large writing is easily read to reinstate the The title “It coming” has been highlighted with blue the word “Kerrang” reminds brand identity. This keeps the brand known and lines around it to remind the audience to keep in the reader that this is a rock reminds the reader were they are gathering there suspense while the “Kerrang tour” is getting ready. magazine and the word information from and were they are feeling the Keeping the audience in suspense allows them to look “Kerrang” should be read emotions they are feeling while read the magazine forward to something (U&G) loudly and that the music (U&G) represented is loudThe angel that the camera is The man wearing theat is the view you would get same colour top as theif you were in the crowd. Kerrang title(white)This reminded the audience suggest that he isof the excitement of a gig. directly involved withThe man in the picture is Kerrang and supportsalso someone to be looked them.up at because f the low tohigh camera angle. The main image takes up half of the double page spread expressing that itThe large main picture of a is an a important part ofman playing guitar at a gig the rock conventions.reminds the reader whatkind of atmosphea a gig is (the Kerrang tour).Thisexcites the reader andmakes them rely on themagazine for more updatesabout the specific topic. The text is in a straight line and is simple and clear to read. White font The Mode of address for this double page over black background is simple and clear to read. This makes it easy spread is quite frontal in the “ITS COMING". for the reader to engage in the magazine and enjoy it. If the reader However it is also friendly and relaxed in the can easily enjoy the magazine it will remember t buy it in the future. way the article is structured. The relaxed The text is nicely linked wit the picture as being very close and directly manner makes the reader feeling comfortable next to it. This smart yet logical thing to do makes the reader link the as if they were talking to friend. (U&G) text and picture together to create a general image of what the text is about.
  3. 3. The words “Dirty Little” are in a hand writing font. This font connotes The pictures being in black and The colours don’t contrast which that it may have been wrote in a diary. This would link with the white suggests that rock music is means it is more comfortable for whole “Secrets” subject. old and is part of history as well the reader to read and look at. The Some of the main quotes and band as the colour main photo main mans hat is also the same Black and white titles are colour in red and increased I showing that rock is part of the colour as the title which gives him pictures conventional size to express to importance and present. a meaning in the magazine. The for rock magazine significance of them. colour of the hat and the colour of the word “Secrets” also connotes that he has some relation to the A quotation from one title. of the article attracts There is a contrast in the style the reader attention( of this double page spread. especially because it is For example the title slightly rude).It gives “Secrets” is rugged ,urban and the reader a taste of dirty text which suggest a what they are about to general urban and read. In this case about underground life (away from someone who was the norms of “Tripping Balls” society).Whereas the articleThe layout of this double columns and the sheek readpage spread is simple. It has line along the top of the pagethe main focus picture in the suggests a more professionalcentre of the page to approach which couldinstantly catch the readers connote a more sophisticatedeye with a giant bold title look to the to it. The next is below However a sophisticated lookin columns which gives it a could go against themore professional feel. The main man is looking down at the conventions of a rock camera as if they audience were lower magazine. This contrast may than them. This shows the audience attract the readers since it is The way the band are acting and what that theses are rock starts and are more unknown to them and stands they are wearing goes with the powerful than us and that we should out to the other conventional conventions of a rock magazine to be idolise them. article in the magazine. rebellious, shocking, wild and generally different to normal society. Readers like this as they feel they can relate or try and relate.
  4. 4. All of the pictures of people Some of the words In the articles stand out because they are The pull quote is about are wearing clothes that go important or maybe pull quotes. Picture of skull the support that fans with codes and convention give them. This makes of a rock magazine for On the left had side there is a simple line of picture with beneath the man is a the reader who is likely a example one of the roc lead writing ether side. This makes it easy for the reader to picture of on object fan makes them feel singers has a lot of tattoos. link the pictures to the article. that relates to this good. tattoos are normally against lifestyle of rockers society and therefore are attractive for the rock community that are rebellious against normal society.The long pull quote on theleft hand side gives a briefincite to the rest of thearticle.The general dark lightingof the whole magazinegives off a dark side tothe publicationOn the right hand side thereis a large picture with mangoing to fist punch you ,thissign is for “respect” thereforethe audience feels like afriend of the avengesevenfold lead singer. Picture of albums that relate other main artist. This may remind the reader of wear they sawThe man on the right hand side the album etc.. The Mise-en-scene of this magazinejumps out of the page which The dark grey sky in the is old, rugged, cracked and urban,connects with the audience . background of the right picture. We can tell this from the cracked Relates to the general and ripped effect that the pages atmosphea around the have, This applies with the rock conventions of a rock artist. magazine codes and conventions.
  5. 5. The picture takes over the whole page.This makes it stand out significantly and The tree in front of the men gives the impression that they arethat were ever our eye line goes it is “hidden” away from society. Also the man reaching towards thestill noticeable. The main picture is 5 camera may be a sign of the band reaching out for help?men with a light be hide them. Light isoften described useably therefore these All of the band members are wearing earthy colouredmen look like they are walking away clothes. This may represent there personalitys as beenfrom heaven. The men are also wearing down to earth.clothes with fit the rocker look. Forexample un button shirts.The large title “scene Not Heard” is abig title in white writing with standout strongly. It takes it quarter of thepage and therefore has a clearrelation to the main picture.The big bold writing may representthe bold and heavy lifestyle that thedemographic audience should lead.The text is white and is placed on apart of the picture that is quite dark.This is well done as the rest of thepicture is light coloured and wouldnot of been a suitable backgroundfor the white writing. The first letteris also in big writing and a red font.This stands out and makes it clearwere the start of the article is. It alsomakes the article come in strong. The band members clothing relates to the genre of music they listen to and produce. The clothing may be from various The main title “Scene Not Heard” it clothing brands they support the genre of music. blocked on top of each other word by word.
  6. 6. Black and white give sophisticated sheek look The mode of address for this article The font also relates to the general again relates to the odes and theme. It is medieval and gothic. All of The main picture of a man is him giving conventions of the genre of music and these themes with relate to the genre of a unwelcoming look being gothic, dark and frontal. the magazine as being dark heavy metal.The men in the picture are The article is white writing with black onpuling strange faces and ether the background The mis en scene is dark and spooky which The large title which issaying rude signs with fingers reinstates the gothic dark look. parallel to the main pictureor making he rock sign with “Back to the Future” makes itthere hands. The are clearly a easily link to the picture andband and all good friends. also makes stand out on theAudience may portray this as page.the norms and wild and coolbut to others who don’tunderstand the conventionsthey may see it as strange andrude.