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Film Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Film magazine analysis
  2. 2. The layout of this magazine is arranged according to hierarchy, for example the three stars of harry potter are in the centre at the very front of the magazine. There is a focus on them, this grabs the readers attention to see why they are so prominent and why they are on the front cover in such a profound way. The audience then start to read to find out about the recent film that has been released. The three at the front are also iconic icons for harry potter therefore they attract the eye of for harry potter fans who are looking out for the next film to come out. The layout also has the main article title in the middle of the magazine front cover with a large amount of emphasis placed on it with various colour frames arranged to grab the readers attention on what the main subject of the magazine is this issue. The layout also makes room for other smaller headlines such as PUGs and sub article which also have information on other films that are soon to be released but because Harry Potter is the most famous and will attract the most reader attention, it is placed at the fore front of all the articles and has also taken the stage of being the main picture. The masthead for the magazine is a right red which stands out on the magazine white background, the title is behind the ain picture but still shows dominance with the opposite colour clash, this title being so prominent attract regular readers and bring attention to it self on the magazine rack. The masthead is also prominent to ensure the audience know the magazine name and remember it when choosing to buy a film magazine again, ones the audience understand the quality of the magazine hey know what there expecting and if positive are more likely to buy it again. The magazine also has various tag lines which advertise free information/photos or which advertise more articles which are in the magazine, the taglines are used to attract the audience to buy the magazine and to give them more and more reason why the buy the magazine. The strap lines also set aside the main article from other smaller article, this ensures most of the attention is paid on the main article. The picture taken of the three harry potter stars is on a dark tone, this instantly gives an indication to that audience on what the tone of the harry potter film is, this representation of the three characters makes the audience start to ask questions and want answers to why the tone of the picture is like that. The three also have stern looks on there faces as if they are about to embark on something great, again this raised questions which can only be answered if the film is watched. There are various words on the magazine which are highlighted to attract the audience to the magazine; Such words are “complete” “free” and “exclusive”, these are used to attract the audience and to make them think that this magazine has some great USPs that they can use to there advantage, the audience then feels like their gaining something extra and then gain pleasure from this. The feeling of pleasure is then related to the magazine and the magazine is then known to have a good reputation which eventually leads to repeat purchase.
  3. 3. The title and the main strap line is yellow which stands out clearly on the poster. The two most important parts of the magazine front cover are in yellow to stand out the audience and to attract an audience quickly with the main strap line which in this case is a very famous comedians names “Will Ferrell”. The picture on the front of the magazine of will Ferrell is quite unusual and funny, this attracts the audience because it shows that will Ferrell is playing a comedy role, which he has played for in most of his career/Will Ferrell is famous for his comedy roles and therefore this funny photo of him will attract an audience who are fans of will Ferrell and enjoy his work, the audience may think that the funny photo is a poster for a new film Will Ferrell is staring or a article about him that has interesting information inside, these are all reason why the audience would be attracted by the photo on the front of the magazine. The name of the magazine being Premiere will attract the audience because of the exclusivity of the word Premiere which often connotes VIP, luxury and special entrance, is the reader buy this magazine they may have pleasure from reading a magazine that they see as being exclusive and important. There are also sub heads lens for other films which the reader may be interested in . Showing the reader more and more of what they are getting from reading the magazine will give them more reasons why to buy it because of the feeling that there getting “a lot for there money” There are also questions by Will Ferrell name such as “what wont he do?” these questions are conversation starts and article titles which the audience will ask them self's and be interested in finding to the answers to. They will therefore buy the magazine to read about the up coming film that will Ferrell is going to be in and why it has triggered this question. The planning of the magazine makes sure that it centres a lot of the most important things in the magazine such as the picture of will Ferrell. All of the factors in the magazine which will attract the most people and will make the magazine more vibrant and more noticeable are highlighted through size or centraltivity. The name of the magazine takes up a lot of space of the magazine head to remind the audience and to show the audience the name of the magazine and to highlight the fact of the name so that they can remember the name and remember to buy it in the future. The vibrant and colourful dress sense of will Ferrell may give a indication of his personality in the film being weird and vibrant in personality. This gives the audience information on what kind of character will Ferrell is playing.
  4. 4. The magazine front cover is mainly advertising the avengers and that the main article in the magazine is the on the avengers. Obviously for fans of the avenger this is a instant attraction, the magazine offer to old a lot of information about eh avengers film, this therefore attracts the audience because the audience often seek knowledge The title name “Empire” gives an impression of large community and group of people ( like a real empire).When the audience buy this magazine they feel like they are part of the community and that they are part of something, this gives the pleasure they therefore gives them a reason to buy the magazine, to feel like part of the community which all share a similar interest (Films) There is also a “ Plus” strap line at the bottom of the front cover which connotes to the audience that they are gaining more in the magazine that just the main article. The word “Plus” gives the audience a feeling of extra and better value for money. The central image of the super hero in the middle of magazine cover gives a large indication on what type of movie the avenger is, for the readers that don’t know what the avengers is about they get a strong indication of what the film is about from the central image of this super hero, due to his main colour being blue and this often represented as being the hero colour, and the broadness of his posture connoting to he audience that he is strong and assertive with his wishes. All these factor connote super hero therefore the audience then understand that the film avenger is about super hero's. The top strap line of “the girls of sky fall” this type of title really is attractive for a male audience who like the film sky fall. This article is likely to show the attractive females in the film sky fall, this attracts wide range of readers. The big bold capital writing of the title “Avengers” gives the impression that the title is taken quite literally with the plot and narrative of the story. The price and barcode being near the central images reminds the reader that if they are not pleased with the price they are getting what they paid for due to the good information about the central character being in the magazine and buying a “Empire “ magazine which has a good reputation for giving the best content in magazines. There is a red PUG which shows the audience that they can have the same magazine but with a different character from the avengers on the front, this ether encourages the audience to buy all the covers or to find the characters that they identify with the most and to therefore form a relationship with that character which will pull them along to the movie to see there chosen character in action. The super hero in the main centre picture has a shadow on one side of his face, this could show some personality of the character and the fact that he is a two sided person who as well as having a light, kind and sensitive side also has a dark side who can use physical force to tackle problems. The dark side will be noted by the audience and they will understand that he, as well as being a hero which is stereotypically great, heroic and good, also has a dark side.
  5. 5. At the top of the magazine there is a large bold capital font which advertises a free giant iron man poster, this is good for audience attention because the reader will be attracted by the word “free” and therefore buy it because they feel like they are getting more for there money. At the front of the magazine there is a giant picture of jonney Depp in the role of the mad hatter in Alice and wonderland ( the modern version) . This bizarre and unusual look will attract the audience because they start to ask them self's question of the reason why he is dressed like this. Through humour the magazine attracts the audience and gets to them read the magazine to find out more about the film that the character is in. The look that this character has gives a indication about the type of humour and narrative that the film may enrolee. In large writing which grabs the readers attention to the left of the main character picture there are the words “MASSIVE 2010 PREVIEW” the word massive connotes to the audience that they are getting a lot for there money and that they are gaining “extra” through this magazine. The word Preview also gives a indication that they are going to gain something before the rest of society and are going to get a sneak peak into some information that is not yet released unless you buy this magazine. There is a dark purple background which is a direct contrast to all of the white and yellow writing which floods the page. This makes it easy on the readers eyes so that they can scan the magazine and pick up quickly on any article that they might be interested in. The dark purple background with the dress sense of the character simply reinstates the weirdness of his clothing. There is a strap line at the bottom of the magazine which gives the reading information on what other articles are in the magazine apart from the main one. Again this gives the audience the feeling of gaining “more” from the magazine and makes it seem better value for money. Through the range of explanation marks and capital letters it connotes a loud and vibrant feel to the magazine which give the audience a “wow” feeling when picking up and reading the magazine. The title is in a large bold capital font with contrasting colour to make it stand out keep the name of the magazine on key attention to ensure that the reader links this feeling of excitement they get from the magazine to the magazine name. The bar code and price is next to the tile and main picture of the magazine, this tells the audience that although you are paying premium price you are getting good value for money with the “massive 2010 preview” and the name of the magazine which has a good reputation and therefore will ensure that the magazine content and quality is at its best.
  6. 6. The film title covers the width of the magazine front cover. This makes it stand out and grab the readers attention wherever they are looking at the magazine, there is also a tagline below it which explain that inside there is a head trip, for the audience to understand what the head trip is they must watch the movie, but first they are likely to read the article on the film to see if they can find any hints on this “head trip”. Audience like “head trips” in movies because it keeps them enjoying and thinking about the film even after its finished. Therefore it is wise to advertise the fact that there is a head trip in this movie because it is likely to attract many audiences. The background of the magazine is lots of pictures of lots of small circuit boards that are found in technology, this cliché view of technology is usually connoted as high tech and no easy to understand, since the film has these qualities the film makers have used this background to sell the film to give the audiences ideas of what kind of film it is. The main picture in the magazine front cover is of the main actor in the film “inception”. This is a introduction into the film and who the main star is, if the audience recognise and know the star of the film ( which is very likely in this circumstance) they are more likely to go and see the film because of the reputation that the actor may have or the common The font type and colour in this title has be chosen carefully to connote the feeling of “difference”, the font colour changes around and inside the lettering giving an indication that the film also does this. The film changes and other sides of things are shown In the film , this also connotes that there are different places and spaces that are visited In the film and that the film is different to normal life, these connotes a hint of sifi. There is also a article title below the title which relates to the main article in a sense that the article is abut similar films, but at the same time main focus is kept on the main article which is about the film “inception”. The sub article talks about other films that the film is similar to in he factor of being “mind blowing". If the audience read this article and see a film that they have seen they will be able The main picture of the main character has him looking straight at the audience, the audience may make eye contact with the picture and form a relationship with the character according to his facial expression which in this case is serious. The audience may ask questions about why this character is shown how he is and then want to go and see the movie to get answers,. As well as the main article being about the film “inception” there is also a PUG which states “everything you need to know about Tron”; this offers the audience in dept. information about another hard hitting film which is very popular. Extra information about a film after it has been realised is important for the audience to see if they've missed something or to see if there hunches were correct. This extra information will gratify the audience in seeking knowledge and they will feel more in the film community with the film knowledge they have picked up from the magazine.
  7. 7. The layout for this magazine is informal and mostly shows the magazine having information about the film “Spider man” this being the most recent and popular film it is advertised on the main page with a large picture of the main character which takes up nearly the whole page and a large title with goes across the middle of the page. Below the main picture of superman there is also a “+” which then shows all the other articles in the magazine, this shows the audience what else there getting for there money as well as the main information about spider man, this gives the audience a sense of “getting more for your money” which makes them happy with the magazine. The format for the magazine makes the audience focus on the key bits of the magazine which the magazine authors believe to be most interesting and most popular, this gets audiences to buy the magazine for these parts. The main article taking up most of the magazine front cover is an example of this and shows popularity of the article with its size on the front cover being so large. Audience get attracted to the news of “change” whether it being of a characters look or a characters name audiences are always interested in change of the characters that they are already comfortable with, therefore the strap line which quotes “the new look” intrigues the audience to buy the magazine to see how Spiderman has changed from his stereotypical outfit to something different, this will affect older fans of Spiderman who want to see how the character is developing. For fans that aren't happy with the new look, this article might give more explanation about why the look has changed etc., this is all gratifying the audience because of the knowledge in they are gaining and the “exclusive” feel they get from reading abut a characters change of appearance, this feel makes them feel more part of the film community, this positive feeling is then linked to the magazine which leads to repeat purchase. The name of the title being in red allows it to stand out from the rest of the magazine, this maintains the audience knowing the name of the magazine and therefore maintains the magazine brand identity that it follows as being a popular highly regard film magazine which some people may connote as being huge, great and powerful due to the connotation the name of the magazine gives “Empire”.For fans of spider man, the black costume now gives off a different feel to the character, alone with the dark eyed and dark haired look on the actors face there is a clear change in character morals, feel and personality. The audience will want to research further into there thoughts and discover what is happening to the character's, this fulfilment of knowledge will bring gratification. The price and barcode being near the central images reminds the reader that if they are not pleased with the price they are getting what they paid for due to the good information about the central character being in the magazine and buying a “Empire “ magazine which has a good reputation for giving the best content in magazines. Below all the articles titles there is a large bold word which states “Free” This word attracts the audience in many way, firstly they feel like they are getting more for there money and that they are gaining something extra from the magazine, they also feel empowered by gaining a film poster because they feel more in the film community that they have a piece of film advertisement and merchandise. There is also an explanation mark to express the meaning of the word and what it can be for the audience.