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Viral social-media-planning-lecture-9


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Viral social-media-planning-lecture-9

  1. 1. Social Media Campaign Planning Session 9
  2. 2. "80 percent of marketers incorrectlybegin with tactics instead of goals." -eMarketer Report
  3. 3. Overview• Why?• Want to achieve what? = Objectives / Goals• How? Tactics – Engagement• Measure
  4. 4. Why?• Change perceptions?• Resistance?• Build trust?• Need advocates?• Reputation?• Recall?• Crisis?
  5. 5. Objectives-Goals• S = Specific: Be very specific with what it is you want to accomplish. Be clear and concise.• M = Measurable: You can only manage what you measure. If there is not a measurable element to your goal, its not a goal.• A = Attainable: when setting goals, be realistic with your expectations. If the goal is too big or too high and you cannot achieve it, disappointment ensues and usually discourages future goal setting.• R = Relevant: Your goal must match what you want to accomplish and be timely for your business, suitable for your brand / product / message.• T = Time Based: For a goal to truly be a goal, it has to have a deadline. Set a specific time in which you want achieve your goal.
  6. 6. Objectives-Goals• UOW wants to enhance is reputation as a quality provider of postgraduate education• UOW wants to increase MA applications from grads with BA taken an UOW• UOW wants to increase student happiness• UOW MA PR will see an applications increase of 25%• UOW wants to increase app from India and Russia
  7. 7. Where is our audience?
  8. 8. Measuring• Did we learn something about our customers that we didn’t know before?• Did our customers learn something about us?• Were we able to engage our customers in new conversations?• Do our employees have an effective new tool for external feedback and reputation management?• Crisis managed?• Metrics – views, downloads, buzz