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  1. 1. Social / Viral Campaigns Adding Value To Traditional PR
  2. 2. Viral Strategy
  4. 4. 10 Key Strategic Points1. Know your audience / community2. Establish objectives and baseline measurables3. Clearly identify an issue / story4. Create a big idea, headline & simple messages5. Produce appropriate content e.g. video6. Create supporting content7. Establish presence on social networks8. Encourage, energise existing community9. Know your tools & measure & analyse results10. Start again
  5. 5. Viral ConceptsHow / why do things ‘go viral’?
  6. 6. Viral Basics• Similar to word of mouth – word of mouse• Uses technology to facilitate sharing of content such as: • A website • A video, image, mp3 • A document
  7. 7. Be “Authentic”• Amateurism rules• Why will friends forward to friends? 1) to share something that will surprise, humour or impress; 2) to show off their privileged information.
  8. 8. Effective Viral Video Creative• Remix / Parody: create a video that is simple enough to be remixed over and over again by others. eg: “Dramatic Hamster” / hitler downfall• Don’t make an outright ad: if a video feels like an ad, viewers won’t share it unless it’s really amazing. eg: Sony Bravia “Bouncy Balls”• Make it shocking: give a viewer no choice but to investigate further. eg: “Brasil Lift Ghost”• Solve a problem and link to where everyone can get the solutions eg. Record Rubiks Cube Finish• Make the world laugh: eg “Gangnam style”
  9. 9. A student’s campaign
  10. 10. In Limbo With Your Lingo?• raise awareness of the existing translation and language services available in Dundee City Council.• increasing number of economic migrants settling into Dundee. They come to work and live in the city and so therefore want to integrate into the community• market research has shown that 8 out of 10 of these migrants would like to have access to translation and language services, making their transition into Dundee easier and smoother.• However of this demographic only 4 out of 10 knew of the existing service available.
  11. 11. Viral Video limbo with lingo vid
  12. 12. Facebook Strategy
  13. 13. Facebook Strategy
  14. 14. Twitter Strategy
  15. 15. • Landing page• Widgets• Data capture
  16. 16. Engagement / Evaluation
  17. 17. Summary• Clearly identified an issue• Researched the targeted audience• Prepared simple message• Used viral and interactive media• Created supporting content• Connected to dedicated help content for target audience• Measurable results
  18. 18. “Dumb ways to die” Background• Encourage people (audience not clear, seems to be youth) to stay safe around trains• Metro / Public Transport Authority in Melbourne, Australia “For the majority of us, this advice is totally unnecessary. “Most people are able to recognise for themselves that trains are big, fast and not to be messed with. “But sadly a few people just dont get it. And thats why were running this campaign. To stop them from that brain fade, from doing something dumb and being hit by a train.”• Campaign Launched 14th November 2012
  19. 19. dumb ways to die video
  20. 20. Comments?
  21. 21. Since 14 November…..• 29 million YT views• 2 million FB shares• 64,000 twitter shares• 1,351 blog posts•
  22. 22. Creative….• Big Idea / Theme : Dumb ways to die• Big Message: Don’t die an unnecessary death getting killed by a train• Creative Decision 1: Animation • Cheap & simple • Not personal – jellybeans - no race / gender / class • Stupid behaviour doesn’t discriminate • Memorable, funny, easy to explain• Creative Decision 2: Message • Song - catchy, contemporary (folksy style) • The ‘true message’ comes towards the end – not bombarding the viewer / tempting click aways / like a pop video
  23. 23. The video raises awarenessThe network encourages engagementThe audience responds with reactions
  24. 24. • Create / use existing youtube channel• Central hub• Link out to other contact / content areas ALWAYS USE THE DESCRIPTION BOX!!
  25. 25. Reaction & ResponseDelivers objectives and allows analysis
  26. 26. On YouTube…
  27. 27. On twitter….Note:Use of link
  28. 28. On Facebook …
  29. 29. Reddit…
  30. 30. On BuzzFeed
  31. 31. Measuring Results
  32. 32. YT Stats
  33. 33. Twitter Stats
  34. 34. Example of FB stats
  35. 35. Campaign momentum…
  36. 36. Parody
  37. 37. Graphics
  38. 38. Follow ups
  39. 39. Industry love…
  40. 40. Summary• Always start with a clear campaign. What’s the big idea? What’s the headline? Story?• Understand the audience (s)• Choose an appropriate creative strategy - funny• Reward, encourage, incentivise – free mp3• Have clear end point. Connect social media to this end point – microsite• Success builds momentum• Track, analyse and evaluate
  41. 41. Thankyou .. Time for lunch!
  42. 42. Amnesty UK’s Campaign To Stop Violence Against Women• International Women’s Day March 2009• Message – 1 in 10 women in the UK experience rape or other violence• Objectives – Better support for women at a local level – 1 in 4 local authorities leave female victims of violence without specialist support.
  43. 43. Energised, Connected Network• Content, brand and brand fan distribution• Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr, YT, Twitter, Blogs• Investment
  44. 44. Amnesty UK’s Campaign To Stop Violence Against Women• They have a community platform for digital activists.• Located at
  45. 45. Blog Page• Landing page• How people can help
  46. 46. Online Activity • Email MPs • (now changed)
  47. 47. Online Activity• Get as many people as possible to change their twitter and facebook avatars.
  48. 48. Tweet and retweet “each year, aroundone in ten women in Britain willexperience rape or other violence. Actnow”Use hashtag #oneten
  49. 49. One in Ten - Impact ?TwitterApprox 3000 mentions of #oneten 6th March@amnestyuk 3rd most retweet user 6th March#oneten in top 10 trending topics 6th most tweeted link 6th March(Twitscoop / retweetradar / twittersearch) Protect The Human Blog and .com (between 2nd to 9th March) 900 referrals from Twitter 1,700 referrals from FB 12,000 pageviews 8,500 unique visitors 215 people emailed their MP 2000 people referred from 6 times as many people as usual took action on 6th March