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Content marketing-lec4


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Content marketing-lec4

  2. 2. What is the mostcommon, digital marketing problem?
  3. 3. How do we get more traffic?
  4. 4. ‘Scattergun approach’• Search ads• SEO• Guest blogging• Ask for links• Press releases• Sponsor events
  5. 5. Downsides• Low conversions• Poor engagement• Shrinking community• Weak rankings• Poor sales• Etc
  6. 6. Without a strategy, its hard.
  7. 7. Content Strategy Checklist• What are our marketing / communications goals?• Who is our target audience?• Which channels / media to target?• Who are the influencers?• What experience do we give the audience?• How will we measure?
  8. 8. What are our goals?
  9. 9. Goals• Traffic• Awareness• Sales / conversions• Retention• Reputation• Social proof• Testing
  10. 10. Who’s the audience (s)?
  11. 11. Where is our audience?
  12. 12. Where is our audience?
  13. 13. Who are our influencers?They might not be who you think!
  14. 14. Examples of influencers• Local Journalists• Mainstream journalists• Family• Friends• Facebook groups• Colleagues• Bloggers• Etc etc etc
  15. 15. What about ‘experience’ Think branding …
  16. 16. Familiarity
  17. 17. Likeability
  18. 18. Trust
  19. 19. What are you going to measure? You should be experts by now ;)
  20. 20. Metrics• Links• Shares• Likes• Engagement• Reach• Conversions• Sales• Etc etc etc
  21. 21. Feedback LoopsMore of what works, less of what doesn’t.
  22. 22. Content Strategy Summary• Goal?• Audience?• Where?• Experience?• Influencers?• Metrics?
  23. 23. Content Marketing Strategy Workshop activity