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Open and connected


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This presentation was given at the Paywall Strategies event hosted by TheMediaBriefing in London on February 24th, 2011.

It was a brief talk on moving toward an open and connected business strategy using examples from some of the innovative initiatives happening at the Guardian.

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Open and connected

  1. 1. Open and connectedA media strategy for today’s networked economyMatt McAlisterDirector of Digital StrategyGuardian Media Group
  2. 2. Summary✤ Positioning a media business in an open and connected world✤ Measuring success through the M-U-S-E framework✤ Applying the strategy to real projects
  3. 3. Closed Open
  4. 4. ConnectedClosed Open Standalone
  5. 5. Connected Business Models Distribution Utility Retail ParticipationStandalone Closed Open
  6. 6. Connected Business Models Distribution Utility Retail ParticipationStandalone clear paths to profitability by reducing cost, increasing sales Closed Open
  7. 7. Connected Business Models Distribution Utility Retail ParticipationStandalone optimising user and advertiser relationships creates value Closed Open
  8. 8. Connected Business Models Distribution Utility strategic partnerships uncover new opportunities Retail ParticipationStandalone Closed Open
  9. 9. Connected Business Models Distribution Utility growing by making others successful has many rewards Retail ParticipationStandalone Closed Open
  10. 10. Connected Business Models Distribution Utility (licensing) (taxes) reat ion) (mar ket c Retail Participation (buy to own) (pay for access)Standalone Closed Open
  11. 11. Standalone ConnectedClosedOpen
  12. 12. Connected rney th e jou st b egunStandalone h as ju Closed Open
  13. 13. Standalone ConnectedClosedOpen
  14. 14. Defining success for what we do
  15. 15. Internal External
  16. 16. ThingsInternal External Ideas
  17. 17. Things Make Use Evaluate ShareIdeas Internal External
  18. 18. Things Make Use Evaluate ShareIdeas Internal External
  19. 19. Make
  20. 20. Band info via Last.fmBuy tracks via Amazon Videos via YouTube
  21. 21. We know we’re doing well when...✤ We make things quickly and cheaply✤ Our work is high quality✤ We make interesting, creative, groundbreaking things✤ ...the things we make are appealing and useful.
  22. 22. Use
  23. 23. • self-serve content feeds for re-use• 3,500 developers• 400k UVs, 1M ad impressions (mo)
  24. 24. 0 750,000 1,500,000 2,250,000 3,000,000M ay - Ju 08 n- 0 Ju 8 l-0Au 8 g-Se 08 pt - O 08 ct -N 08 ov -D 08 ec - Ja 08 n- Fe 09 b- M 09 ar -0 Ap 9 r-M 09 ay - Ju 09 n- 0 Ju 9 l-0Au 9 g-Se 09 pt - O 09 • 220 blogs and sites ct -N 09 ov -D 09 ec - Ja 09 n- Fe 10 b- M 10 ar -1 Ap 0 r-M 10 ay - Ju 10 n- 1 Ju 0 l-1Au 0 • curated publishing partnerships g-Se 10 pt - • 2m UVs, 30m ad impressions (mo) O 10 ct -N 10 ov -1 0
  25. 25. We know we’re doing well when...✤ Many people see or buy what we offer✤ Customers dive into our products, spend time there, find them useful✤ Many partners use our stuff, and they are making money as a result✤ Our market share in all the things we offer is strong✤ ...people value what we do enough to expand on it.
  26. 26. Share
  27. 27. User Tag URL
  28. 28. AdUser Tag URL
  29. 29. We know we’re doing well when...✤ People both implicitly and explicitly indicate interests in things✤ They spread our work across their networks resulting in more actions✤ They contribute information and participate in conversations✤ ...what people share improves what we know.
  30. 30. Evaluate
  31. 31. The cost of flying the British (andother) flags: £95,506, as readerSam Keir points out.A spokesperson for the Departmentfor Culture, Media and Sport said itwas responsible for providing andmanaging the flag-flying services forceremonial state occasions,including state visits, trooping of thecolour and special flag days, forexample Commonwealth Day, UNDay and Europe Day.
  32. 32. We know we’re doing well when...✤ We see important trends early. People share important info with us.✤ We can handle a lot of inputs, and our cost of analysis is low.✤ We are good at verifying information. We are honest and fair.✤ ...what we learn improves what we make.
  33. 33. Applying the strategy
  34. 34. Product metrics unifiy efforts via MUSE framework.Questions designed for easycomparison across portfolio.
  35. 35. Answers weighted and scoredaccording to overall business goals. Totals compared by MUSE metrics.
  36. 36. Product X
  37. 37. Product Y
  38. 38. Product Z
  39. 39. The journey to anopen and connected world... From To Building things Empowering people Selling things Creating markets
  40. 40. Thank youMatt