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The weeknd


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the weeknd

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The weeknd

  1. 1.  The Weeknd is a recording artist and record producer born in Toronto, Canada  His real name is Abel Tesfaye born February 16th, 1990  Before gaining fame and recognition, he released 3 mix-tapes throughout 2011 and would upload songs to YouTube  By word of mouth and the songs posted on YouTube, Tesfaye gained recognition
  2. 2.  The name Weeknd came about because Tesfaye dropped out of high school at 17 and “left one weekend and never came home”  He changed it to the Weeknd to avoid copyright infringement from another Canadian band called The Weekend  XO is the name of his record company and has become his personal brand creating an image and merchandize platform
  3. 3.  One of the songs he posted to YouTube, The Morning was the catalyst to his success  Rapper and now friend Drake, posted the song to his blog, and then got the attention receiving coverage from outlets such as Pitchfork Media and The New York Times  He has played shows at Drakes OVO fest, and Coachella festival   He won the MTV O music award for best “web born artist” Before signing a record deal, the Weeknd showcased his talents using mixtapes
  4. 4.  The Weeknd has a website with strong visuals, unique presentation, and is intriguing for the audience  Aspects to the website include his new cd, mixtapes, videos, tour, merchandize, various fan interactive material and links to various social media outlets  Links on the website include:
  5. 5.     Facebook Instagram Twitter Soundcloud  The Weeknd is heavily engaged with his fans  Link to website 
  6. 6.  Many of the posts on Facebook involve songs and links to videos  New merchandize and pictures are posted and these posts happen frequently  1,585,180 likes have occurred on the page  136,170 are currently talking about him
  7. 7.  The Weeknd had a unique twitter account  Instead of posting information regarding his music, he posts personal ideas and statements  This shows his emotions and what he is feeling at any given point  Fans get a sense of his personality and can be relatable to their lives in some way  At the beginning of February tweets have been majority about merchandize and other promotional items and this has come due to increased popularity  He has 1.28million followers
  8. 8.     Instagram photos and videos are used to showcase his shows and people he is interacting with A lot of pictures showcase the XO brand and some catalogue type pictures to boost merchandizing For the most his photos consists of art and unique photos done by a professional He has 659,447 followers
  9. 9.  Has all of his songs for his fans to listen to  Most recent post was a new remix from 4 days ago,  He has 2,080,948
  10. 10. Fans post unofficial Instagram, twitter, and Facebook accounts, posting various pictures and information regarding the artist  when searching Instagram, I could not find the official except from the link provided on his website  Discussion develops around these accounts and many have a lot of followers creating for more interaction amongst fans  
  11. 11.     His music is very spiritual, deep with emotion and filled with slow beats Lyrics often express feelings of hurt and deal with subject matter such as sex, drugs, and partying. His audience is young (keep in mind Weeknd is only 24. Younger audiences are more inclined to this type of music as it relates to many of their lives with experiential experiences
  12. 12.  Twitter- prime example for connecting with his audience  Posting deep quotes and thoughts reflects his emotion filled music  Instagram- Frequent posts about partying also connects with his fan base and relates to his lyrics
  13. 13.  Various outlets change in popularity very quickly especially amongst youth  Weeknd has consistently adapted and continues to maintain old streams to keep everyone informed and associated with XO brand and his music  Creating apparel and merchandize outlets will help develop the brand as fans begin wearing it and spreading more awareness
  14. 14. Weeknd must continue to play shows, tour, make new albums, and collaborate with other artists to grow and maintain a social media platform that engages his audience  Youth have many outlets and many other artists to focus on  He must develop the XO brand and continue to engage the audience through social media outlets, and continue to adapt to change 