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Dunwello Overview


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Here are some slides I used while talking to seed investors about why I'm so excited about the opportunity ahead of us at Dunwello.

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Dunwello Overview

  1. 1. d u n we l l o
  2. 2. Insights From Running Gemvara • Disconnect between how my professional peers (40+ execs) and my social peers (millennials) communicate at work and at home • Rapidly changing dynamics around how we connect with people and process feedback • Tons of leverage available for managers who use social + short form communication effectively d u n we l l o
  3. 3. Insights From Market Research • The “human capital management” industry is both massive and broken – Difficult sales process; Focus is on “CYA” not “UX” – Decision makers are disconnected from tech/generational changes • Employee (dis)engagement is a massive problem & opportunity – 70% of US workers are disengaged at work • We’re at an inflection point as digital natives begin taking management roles – 75M millennials in workforce d u n we l l o
  4. 4. Status Quo d u n we l l o
  5. 5. Status Quo of Feedback Great in the moment, but sometimes later lost in the abyss Real Time Best case scenario for performance reviews Retrospective Reality of most performance reviews The Abyss d u n we l l o
  6. 6. Our Vision For Feedback d u n we l l o