Modern wedding invitations for a stylish celebrity wedding


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Modern wedding invitations for a modern and contemporary wedding may come as a step too far for some brides.

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Modern wedding invitations for a stylish celebrity wedding

  1. 1. Modern Wedding Invitations for aStylish Celebrity Wedding
  2. 2. • Roll out the red carpet because your wedding willkeep the paparazzi talking for years to come!From the carefully hand selected centerpieces tothe amazing flower bouquets, modern brides andtheir beaus can get married in style just like thecelebrities.• No matter what your budget may be, you canselect the finest wedding invitations that yourbudget can afford and still be considered an A-Lister to all your friends and family.
  3. 3. – Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams• Pull out all the stops and get rid of any misconceptionsyou might have about wedding invitations. Traditionalstationery featuring lovebirds and wedding bells are athing of the past. Follow the likes of steel companyowner, Lakshimi Mitta, whose daughter, Vanisha, wasmarried in 2004. Encased in silver and offering twentypages of prose written by family members, the 1,200wedding invitations cost Mitta a mere fortune. Despitethe expense, guests were left with a remarkablekeepsake that they could value forever.
  4. 4. • The average couple can’t afford to send outinvitations like Mitta’s, but they can tap intothe inspiration of the event by designingwedding invitations that take your breathaway. Consider encasing your invitation in ared envelope to exude the celebrity feel. Oryou can even create your own satin fabricenvelopes that will luxuriously contain all ofthe details to your special day.
  5. 5. – Incorporating Your Celebrity Values into Your WeddingInvitations• Alicia Silverstone, who played Cher in the movieClueless, and her husband, Christopher Jarecki,incorporated their values into their weddingtheme. By hosting an all-natural, organicwedding, Silverstone and her fiancé were able tosend out recycled invitations complete with seedsthat could be planted later. Not only was thestationery unique, but it also was eco-friendly,which fit the lifestyle of the actress and her soon-to-be husband.
  6. 6. • Other celebrities had their wedding invitationspersonally designed and customized like EvaLongoria and Tony Parker. Both Hispanic, thefamous couple included two weddingtraditions in their ceremony. In preparation forthe event, they sent out instructionsexplaining the process to their guest courtesyof their wedding invitations.
  7. 7. – Easy Ways for Your Wedding Invitations to BeGlamorous• Black wedding invitations with gold or silver scriptlook elegant without being too extravagant.Select a style that suits you and pick a font thatmatches your theme. If you would like more coloradded to your stationery, choose bright tones likefuchsia, orange, emerald green, or purple. Boldpatterns add personality to even the mostinexpensive wedding invitations.
  8. 8. • Sheer ribbon, tiny seashells, and other embellishmentsmake unique souvenirs for your guests. Hand selectitems that would appeal to others. Glitter, wax seals,and stamped clay pendants add a special touch to pre-bought stationery. Visit a local arts and crafts store tofind these items.• You don’t have to be famous to have the wedding ofthe century. Impress your guests with amazingwedding invitations that reflect the essence of who youare and where you hope your marriage will somedaybe.