Matthew Hughes                                matt.hughes_007@yahoo.com15960 Antioch Rd.Stillwell, KS 66085Contact Number ...
●   I provided remote technical support to offices and clients throughout the United States       and to offshore location...
●   Employee Morale and development   ●   Documentation   ●   NetworkingMinimum Skills and Experience:   ● Bachelor’s Degr...
supervise projects and saw that they were completed on time and within budget.
●   Maintained working rapport with multiple levels of city officials and clients, and acted as       an advisor to the pr...
Platforms and Networking Management Software.
●   Experience with several centralized databases frameworks, Use of Toad for software and       database administration. ...
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  1. 1. Matthew Hughes matt.hughes_007@yahoo.com15960 Antioch Rd.Stillwell, KS 66085Contact Number (913) 940-6734Education:The University of KansasBachelor of Arts, Geography (Emphasis in GIS and Mapping)Relevant Coursework: Maps and Mapping, Programming (C++, SQL), GIS Scienceand Society, GIS (2 semesters), GIS Internship, ESRI Courses, Physical Geography,World Geography, Human Geography, Regional Geomorphology, Urban Geography,Cultural Geography, Geography of U.S. and Canada, Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry,Environmental Studies, Environmental Issues in Africa, Environmental Conservation,Microclimatology, Climate and Climate Change, and Calculus.Work Experience:Amdocs:Senior Technical Analyst and IT Administration ● Use tools available to solve any and all problems with data conversions and loading. ● Implement and manage Sql and Oracle databases, also to convert three old databases into one new central database. ● Document and record processes and methodology used in day to day operations. ● Create new programs or macros to solve internal problems that arise throughout conversions and any other process. ● Meet with team and discuss streamlined processes and/or what possibilities exist already that we can do more efficiently. ● Query and run programs to find and identify problems. Then create new ways to solve unknown problems and create new methodologies for them. ● My job consisted of thinking outside the box or current way of doing things. I was tasked with taking existing processes and streamlining them. Most cases have no history or they havent been seen before. My job was to use any resource and find a way to solve or eliminate any issue that arose. ● Evaluating and researching production processes now, and then providing new more efficient solutions to client.H@R BlockTechnical/IT Support Specialist
  2. 2. ● I provided remote technical support to offices and clients throughout the United States and to offshore locations that use Block software and technical equipment. ● Handled some incoming phone calls, as well as making many calls to clients at all levels of management in the field. ● Dealt with many individuals all coming from various technical backgrounds and I was responsible for assisting them in resolving any technical or technically related issues that arose. ● Built relationships with certain regional and district level managers and regularly would remote into their offices and fix issues dealing from a wide variety of reasons (servers sometimes crash and therefore require rebuilding or reformatting from scratch, programs (as we all know don’t always function properly) so workarounds were routine until an ultimate fix could be implemented, reimaging of machines, as well as many other admin level fixes that were required daily, etc…). ● Assist with any other technically related problem, that I may have encountered in my multiple other years of experience in working with and using computers and computer based programs!GE Oil and GasTechnical Manager/GIS Analyst ● The technical manager is the link within production and project management. The role requires the manager to work with project management and production to execute on projects for the Integrity of Data & GIS products. ● In addition, the technical manager will have responsibilities for general management and direction of the team.Key Accountabilities: ● Works directly with COE Team Lead to ensure that proper production staff is trained and available to perform production functions on all OTR projects in the Kansas City Center of Excellence as well as Global support. ● Responsible for evaluating and reporting any potential project risks including scheduling, tracking, delivery and certification of project specific software and integrity components throughout a project life cycle. ● Continually evaluating and researching production processes and procedures, as well as creating new solutions with evolving technologies. ● Work with technical management team to ensure adequate resource allocation for all projects executed within the production team. ● Provide leadership, supervision and coaching of production team including: Career development and counseling, Communication, Training of the team, Effective Performance Management, Recognition, and Driving GE Values and Policies.Performance Measures: ● Quality Assurance ● Execution - On-time delivery of projects ● Team effectiveness
  3. 3. ● Employee Morale and development ● Documentation ● NetworkingMinimum Skills and Experience: ● Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a technical field ● 3-5 years experience in the GIS industry ● Good written and oral communication skills ● Working knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS 9.2, AutoCAD, SQL, and Microstation ● Quality focusedSprint:GIS Analyst/Developer/and Project Manager ● My job required that I analyze complex information, develop and set goals, plan and establish deadlines for each individual project in order to see that requests were completed on time and within budget. ● I identified new problems and solutions, communicated these with others to identify possible resources, managed deliverables, and delegated work to others. ● I maintained the Retail Map and mapping databases that are critical to the internal and external departmental requests received, as well as overseeing the completion of these requests. ● I helped maintain and update the customer data associated with the map, as well as assisting in the development of new tools for future requests. ● I scheduled meetings with senior team members, giving presentations that provided both internal and external clients a better overview of the map and its functionality/ capabilities. ● I assisted with any ad hoc requests for mapping or GIS data within our department. ● I analyzed and performed geographic analysis of our own data, provided maps, slides, and other useful information to others within our organization. ● I oversaw the data sent out to other team members, as well as assisting them with completion of their tasks and analysis of the returned data. ● I presented recommendations of possible improvements to fellow constituents, and assist in providing support both in-house and internationally. ● I requested data from many different departments and regions, creating a large demand for documentation of processes and organization, as well as maintaining the integrity of the data.SDR ( Spatial Data Research):GIS Analyst/Project Manager ● Responsible for providing GIS and cartographic support through development of spatial databases, performed spatial data conversions, conducted spatial image analysis, integrated GIS data/databases, performed miscellaneous cleanup of data, and produced high quality digital and hard-copy maps. ● Provided input on contract amendments regarding changes to the scope of work. I helped
  4. 4. supervise projects and saw that they were completed on time and within budget.
  5. 5. ● Maintained working rapport with multiple levels of city officials and clients, and acted as an advisor to the project team. ● Projects were distributed in loads, so therefore multitasking was essential and each project was monitored very closely! ● I traveled frequently to New Mexico, once a month to complete our data upload and other times to meet with city officials to discuss plans for the remaining 911 projects. ● Performed monthly upload of data in Santa Fe, each time assessing the quality of data submitted, and maintained quality control for the statewide database.City of Olathe Kansas:GIS Analyst ● Duties included implementing, managing, and maintaining the municipal services portion of the citywide GIS database and automated mapping system. ● I did a lot of digitizing or drafting of the municipal system and their database, created maps for multiple departments within the municipal system, creating data and shape files, oversaw database analysis, and preparation of documents for GIS applications and work. ● Perform, install, and test GIS hardware and software operations. ● Manage the development and maintenance of the Municipal Services GIS data in coordination with the city’s GIS Manager.US Forest ServiceGIS Analyst ● Performed “Landscape Assessment” for the U.S. Forest Service ● Evaluated and examined existing GIS data ● Used Arc/Map to manipulate and display corporate data files ● Plotted sites on clear film overlays ● Combined coverage’s and edited them with Arc/Tools ● Used Arc/View to edit attribute tables ● Gathered GPS data using Trimble 3 GPS units ● Exported GPS features to Arc/Info coverage’s ● Participated in multiple “Environmental Restoration or Cleaning Projects”Technical/Computer Experience: ● ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcXML, Oracle Spatial, Arc Objects, Google Earth and Google Map. ● Geodatabase design and implementation with ArcGIS 9.2 and 9.3, Arc Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Extensions - Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, Business Analyst, etc… ● ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 and 9.3 Desktop – ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcView, ArcExplorer, and Arc Objects with some VBA experience. ● ArcServer and ArcIMS 9.2 ActiveX and Java Connector, Drafting and modeling with AutoCAD. ● Oracle 9 and 10g, along with Microsoft SQL Server Databases and Use of Citrix
  6. 6. Platforms and Networking Management Software.
  7. 7. ● Experience with several centralized databases frameworks, Use of Toad for software and database administration. ● Experience Using a Multiple Server Database, Uploading and Using Oracle 9 and 10g, Use and knowledge of online GIS Resources (Major USGS Geoscience Databases, etc…). ● Experience with Map Guide Author, MapInfo 8.0 and utilizing advanced SQL queries for analysis, and Geocoding with MapMarker 12.2. ● Spatial and Relational database experience in GIS web-based applications, Ability to create and maintain Oracle databases, objects, and user permissions. ● AlteryX 3.0 is a program that assists in creating new applications, User interface for model building, programming, and flow chart creation or analysis. As well is FME Desktop 2008 and it’s integration into ArcGIS and other applications. ● MS Windows Suite (2003-2008) TextPad, Excel, Outlook, Access, Word, Power Point.Previous Employment:University of KansasFinancial Aid Officer ● Assisted students with policies and regulations for federal financial aid ● Managed incoming calls ● Checked and verified incoming and outgoing mailAlliance Data ServicesAccount Specialist ● Handled customer questions about various company products and services ● Managed a portfolio of clients ● Provided helpful and friendly customer service ● Collected on past due accountsAwards Received ● Global Awareness Program ● Education Award ●Interests and Activities ● Avid golfer, and enjoy any outdoor activity, fishing, camping, skiing, hiking, etc. ● Regional and global issues concerning the environment, and traveling!