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Target audience

  1. 1. Target Audience FOLK ROCK/ INDIE FOLK
  2. 2. The indie folk demographic  Age: Mainly teen to young adults, ranging between 16-25 years old (not to forget that the target audience for folk in general is more expansive and broad). This younger target audience could relate to self discovery around this age period and thus listening to songs with meaning (such as those in the genre) rather than pop music.  Gender: Overall there is a mixed gender target audience for folk rock/ indie folk as it is becoming a more popular genre through musicians such as Ben Howard – however the genre may be slightly more popular with a female audience.  Lifestyle choice: The majority of audience members in the described age bracket would probably still be in education (secondary or further education) or going into employment. Perhaps some of them are not particularly sure of the path they wish to follow as they are still in the relatively early stages of their lives. The Shires (photo courtesy of http://cottinghamfolk
  3. 3. The growing popularity of indie music Source - The reference of country music falls under the same category as it stemmed from the term folk music. The statistics from the website coincides with my target audience for my music video. By country (folk) music being the 3rd most popular among US teens suggests that there is a large potential audience in the genre.
  4. 4. Psychographics  Individualists/ Nonconformists:  The overall psychographics of the target audience are those of individualist/nonconformists. This is because many members of the target audience may share similar attitudes such as not conforming to the hegemonic society or their views on issues.  An example of a nonconformist would be Christopher McCandless (the real person that ‘Into the Wild’ was based on).  They may favour this genre of music because of the values that it restores and appreciate the genre for its purity and lyrical story telling. They may be able to relate to the lyrics, in particular the songs containing messages about freedom.
  5. 5. Appearance and style Male audience members may be likely to gain inspiration in terms of style and dress sense from members of the music groups that they listen to. For example like the musicians from Fleet Foxes, they may dress in casual shirts and jackets while having long, un-kept hair and possibly facial hair due to their casual, non-smart nature. Female audience members may also gain inspiration from idols, particularly in how they dress. They may maintain a bohemian style in how they dress, in a similar way to Florence Welch (indie rock musician). I don’t think that either male nor female audience members would be particularly brand focused and would tend to shop in vintage clothing stores or charity shops to mimic styles of the bands that they listen to.
  6. 6. Music and consumption  Members of my target audience will tend to have quite a constant contact with music and would therefore listen to music on the go on handheld devices, through streaming platforms. They will also enjoy listening to their favourite songs on vinyl as they can appreciate the fuzzy authenticity that it creates.  Consumption: They consume music through a variety of formats, including going to live gigs, combining the modern with the vintage and retro: Vinyl and record CD’s Spotify and other music streaming apps iPods and MP3 players
  7. 7. Music and consumption Source - 2014/ - comeback/ As shown in this infographic, streaming music (between 2013-2014) rose by 60.5%, showing that it is the most popular way for audiences to consume music – mainly due to its accessibility. Another popular platform is vinyl album sales. Vinyl had a comeback in Britain as sales rocketed in 2013 (as demonstrated below).
  8. 8. Interests  Reading: Music magazines such as NME, a British weekly music journalism magazine, published since March 1952. It is largely associated with rock, alternative and indie music. And novels such as ‘Into The Wild’ by Jon Krakauer.  Film: My target audience would like to watch a variety of films, across the genres, but they would particularly like to watch films made by independent film companies such as Vertigo Films or Warp Films and may even go to film festivals (e.g. Sundance Film Festival) to consume the films.  Fashion: they are likely to care about their appearance and only buy clothes of a certain style (usually vintage) from charity or vintage shops of shops like Urban Outfitters.

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