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Directory Game Connection@GDC 2011


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Directory of Game Connection@GDC 2011 in San Francisco

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Directory Game Connection@GDC 2011

  1. 1. Esc... to a place wheregraphics come from life.Immerse yourself in a culture of creativity. And surroundyourself with an ocean of inspiration, in Newfoundlandand Labrador. Strategically located on the east coast ofCanada, we are a hub of high tech education; a hotbedof highly skilled workers; and a leader in economicgrowth nationwide. Escape the ordinary. Set up shop inextraordinary Newfoundland and Labrador. it’s happening here.
  2. 2. COMPANY INDEXThe details contained are based on information provided by companies listed for the event as of February 15th, 2011.All details were considered to be correct at the time of processing. Description contents may have been adapted tofit the creative graphics and edited accordingly. The quality of logo used relies on participants’ willingness to providethe publisher with the right assets on time.[a]list games - p.37 49Games GmbH - p.8United States - Buyer Germany - Premium4T2 Multimedia - p.8 505 Games - p.37United Kingdom - Premium United States - Buyer6waves - p.37 Abragames / Softex - Brazilian Games - p.8United States - Buyer Brazil - PremiumAcquire Corp. - p.8 Activision - p.37Japan - Premium United States - BuyerActivision Blizzard - p.37 AdParlor Inc. - p.32United States - Buyer Canada - BasicAdvanced Mobile Application - AMA - p.37 Akella - p.37United Kingdom - Buyer Russia - BuyerAkella - p.32 Aksys Games - p.37Russia - Basic United States - BuyerAlchemic Dream - p.32 Anakan GmbH - p.8Canada - Basic Germany - PremiumAnuman Interactive - p.37 Anuman Interactive - p.8France - Buyer France - PremiumAquiris Game Studio - p.8 ArcSystem Works - p.8Brazil - Premium Japan - PremiumArgenteens - p.37 Artefacts Studio - p.32Argentina - Buyer France - BasicArtplant - p.8 Asylum Entertainment - p.37Norway - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerAsylum Entertainment - p.32 ASYNCRON games - p.8United Kingdom - Basic France - PremiumAtari - p.37 Atlus USA - p.38United States - Buyer United States - BuyerBabel Media - p.10 Backbone Entertainment - p.38United Kingdom - Premium United States - BuyerBamtang Games - p.32 Bane Games - p.10Peru - Basic Australia - PremiumBauhaus Entertainment - p.10 Biart Studio LLC - p.32Japan - Premium Russia - BasicBig Ant Studios - p.10 Big Fish Games - p.38Australia - Premium United States - BuyerBIGMOON INTERACTIVE STUDIOS - p.32 Bigpoint GmbH - p.38Portugal - Basic Germany - - p.38 Biodroid Entertainment - p.10Switzerland - Buyer Portugal - PremiumBISBOG SA - p.38 Bit Composer Games - p.10Switzerland - Buyer Germany - PremiumBitfield GmbH - p.10 Bitoon Games - p.32Germany - Premium Spain - BasicBlitz Games Studios - p.38 BoaCompra Ltda. - p.10United Kingdom - Buyer Brazil - PremiumBrainz Interactive - p.32 Bravo Game Studios - p.10Colombia - Basic Spain - PremiumBuka Entertainment - p.38 Bulkypix - p.38Russia - Buyer France - BuyerCalibre Games - p.10 Capcom Interactive, Inc. - p.38Brazil - Premium United States - BuyerCarbon Based - p.38 Cartoon Network - p.38United States - Buyer United States - BuyerCCP Games - p.39 CDV Software Entertainment USA - p.39Iceland - Buyer United States - BuyerCentroid 3D - p.32 Chillingo - p.39United Kingdom - Basic United Kingdom - BuyerChina Game Outsourcing Conference2011 - p.32 City Interactive US - p.39China - Basic Canada - BuyerCloakWorks - p.32 Code Mystics Inc. - p.32United States - Basic Canada - BasicCoffee Stain Studios - p.12 Compile Heart - p.12Sweden - Premium Japan - PremiumCompulsion Games - p.12 - p.39Canada - Premium Romania - BuyerComufy - p.32 Corecell Technology - p.12United Kingdom - Basic Thailand - PremiumCoresulting - p.39 Corncrow Games AB - p.12France - Buyer Sweden - PremiumCosmocover - p.12 Crisp Thinking Group Limited - p.32France - Premium United Kingdom - BasicCritical Studio - p.12 Cuba Entertainment - p.39Brazil - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerCyberPlanet Interactive - p.12 CyberStep, Inc. - p.12Thailand - Premium Japan - PremiumD3 Publisher of America, Inc. - p.39 Daedalic Entertainment GmbH - p.39United States - Buyer Germany - BuyerDancing Dots - p.12 DelRox Online Games - p.39France - Premium Netherlands - BuyerDenda Games - p.39 Dextrys - p.33Netherlands - Buyer China - Basic
  3. 3. Dhruva / Massive Black - p.14 DHX Interactive, Inc. - p.39China - Premium Canada - BuyerDigital Legends Entertainment - p.14 Disney Online Games - p.33Spain - Premium United States - BasicDONTNOD Entertainment - p.14 DotEmu - p.14France - Premium France - Premiumdtp entertainment AG - p.40 ELB - Etranges Libellules - p.14Germany - Buyer France - PremiumElectronic Arts (Mobile) - p.40 Empty Clip Studios - p.14United States - Buyer United States - PremiumEncore Software, Inc. - p.40 Endgame Studios - p.33United States - Buyer Australia - BasicENIGMA Software Productions - p.14 E-One Studio Sdn Bhd - p.14Spain - Premium Malaysia - PremiumEpic Games Europe - p.33 Epic Games, Inc. - p.14United Kingdom - Basic United States - PremiumEpiphany Games Pty Ltd - p.14 Ericsson In-Game Communication - p.33Australia - Premium Sweden - BasicESN - p.33 Eudaimonia - p.33Sweden - Basic Argentina - BasicEugen Systems - p.16 Eurocenter - p.40France - Premium France - BuyerEutechnyx - p.16 Evolved Games - p.40United Kingdom - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerExeQuo - p.16 Exis Interactive - p.16France - Premium United States - PremiumFirebrand Games - p.33 FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH - p.40United Kingdom - Basic Germany - BuyerFocus Home Interactive - p.40 Focus Home Interactive - p.16France - Buyer France - PremiumFog Studios - p.16 Four Door Lemon Ltd - p.40Canada - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerFreshGames, LLC - p.40 Frima Studio - p.16United States - Buyer Canada - PremiumFrogster Online Gaming GmbH - p.40 Frontline Studios, Inc. (USA) - p.40Germany - Buyer United States - BuyerFrozen Codebase - p.16 Funbox Media - p.40United States - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerFuncom - p.41 Funstage GmbH - p.41Norway - Buyer Austria - BuyerFusionStorm - p.16 Futuremark Games Studio - p.16United States - Premium Finland - PremiumFX Interactive - p.18 Gaijin Entertainment Corp - p.18Spain - Premium United States - PremiumGame Audio Alliance - p.33 Game Audio Factory - p.18United States - Basic France - PremiumGame Consulting - p.41 Game Developers’ Association of Australia - p.18France - Buyer Australia - PremiumGame Developers Ass. of Philippines - p.18 Game Gestalt - p.33Philippines - Premium Austria - BasicGameForge 4D GmbH - p.41 Gamersfirst - p.41Germany - Buyer United States - BuyerGames Fed - p.33 Games Passport by Mediastay - p.22France - Basic Belgium - PremiumGameSamba - p.41 Gamigo AG - p.41United States - Buyer Germany - BuyerGator Publishing Services - p.18 GDC Game and Download Company AG - p.18United States - Premium Germany - PremiumGenius Film / Happy Day Games - p.33 Giant Interactive Group Inc. - p.41Romania - Basic China - BuyerGiant Interactive Group Inc. - p.18 Glass Egg Digital Media - p.18China - Premium Vietnam - PremiumGlobant / Luminous - p.18 Glu Mobile - p.41Argentina - Premium United States - BuyerGolden Worlds Ent. Media Group - p.41 Google - Gaming Team - p.41United States - Buyer United States - BuyerGov. of Newfoundland and Labrador - p.19 Green Man Gaming - p.41Canada - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerGriptonite Games - p.42 GSC Game World - p.19United States - Buyer Ukraine - PremiumHaemimont Games AD - p.33 Halfbrick Studios - p.19Bulgaria - Basic Australia - PremiumHappy Blue Fish Studio - p.42 Hasgard - p.33France - Buyer France - BasicHD Publishing - p.42 Head Wood / Space Patrol - p.19Netherlands - Buyer France - PremiumHeadup Games - p.42 Hibernum Creations - p.19Germany - Buyer Canada - PremiumHi-Rez Studios - p.33 Hoodlum - p.33United States - Basic Australia - BasicHoplon Infotainment S/A - p.19 Hydravision Entertainment - p.19Brazil - Premium France - PremiumHypernia Game Hosting - p.19 Icex - p.19United States - Premium Spain - PremiumICO Partners - p.34 Ideaworks Labs - p.19United Kingdom - Basic United Kingdom - PremiumImagimax - p.20 Imagination Studios - p.20Thailand - Premium Sweden - PremiumIMVU - p.42 iNiS Corporation - p.20United States - Buyer Japan - Premium
  4. 4. InMobi UK - p.42 InnoGames GmbH - p.42United Kingdom - Buyer Germany - BuyerInsolita Studios - p.20 Intellysurf - p.20Brazil - Premium France - PremiumInterOne Inc. - p.20 ISOPOD LABS - p.34Japan - Premium United States - BasicJaki Entertainment Pty Ltd - p.20 JETRO - p.20Australia - Premium United States - PremiumJolt Online Gaming - p.42 Just A Game GmbH - p.42Ireland - Buyer Germany - BuyerJust A Game GmbH - p.34 Kalypso Media - p.42Germany - Basic United States - BuyerKoch Media - p.42 Konami Digital Ent. Inc - p.42France - Buyer United States - BuyerKoolhaus Games Inc. - p.34 Lager Network Technologies Inc. - p.34Canada - Basic China, Republic of (Taiwan) - BasicLand Ho! - p.43 Lapland Studio Ltd - p.34Japan - Buyer Finland - BasicLast Level Games Pty Ltd - p.20 Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. - p.43Australia - Premium United States - BuyerLexis Numerique / Vector Cell - p.20 Liberty Music Trax Corp - p.34France - Premium Canada - BasicLicensed 4U Ltd - p.43 Little Orbit - p.43United Kingdom - Buyer United States - BuyerLudosity Interactive - p.22 Magic Pockets - p.22Sweden - Premium France - PremiumMagicPictures, Inc. - p.22 Magitech Corporation - p.43Japan - Premium Canada - BuyerMandala Games - p.43 Mando - p.34France - Buyer France - BasicMastiff LLC - p.43 Mayn Interactive - p.43United States - Buyer Singapore - BuyerMediatonic Fund - p.43 Mediatonic Ltd - p.34Finland - Buyer United Kingdom - BasicMedigames Studios - p.22 Meow Entertainment - p.22France - Premium Sweden - PremiumMerge Games Ltd - p.43 Meridian4 - p.43United Kingdom - Buyer Canada - BuyerMetaboli - p.43 Microsoft Casual Games - p.44France - Buyer United States - BuyerMicrosoft Game Studios - p.44 Mindset Studio - p.22United States - Buyer Argentina - PremiumMiniclip SA - p.44 Mission Digital Art - p.22United States - Buyer China - PremiumMMO Life - p.44 Monkey Paw - p.44Netherlands - Buyer United States - BuyerMP Game Studio - p.34 MTV - Nickelodeon Games Group - p.44Argentina - Basic United States - BuyerMusiGames Studio - p.22 Mxp4 - p.44Brazil - Premium France - BuyerN3V Games - p.44 N3V Games - p.22Australia - Buyer Australia - PremiumNamco Bandai Games America Inc - p.44 Namco Bandai Partners Germany - p.44United States - Buyer Germany - BuyerNative Prime (France) - p.24 Native Prime (Spain) - p.34France - Premium Spain - BasicNeko Entertainment - p.24 Neowiz Games - p.44France - Premium Korea - BuyerNetDimension Corporation - p.24 Nexon - p.44Japan - Premium United States - BuyerNGD Studios - p.24 Nintendo Japan - p.45Argentina - Premium Japan - BuyerNintendo of America (NOA) - p.45 Nintendo of Europe - p.45United States - Buyer Germany - BuyerNitro Games Ltd - p.24 NorthPole Studio Co., Ltd - p.24Finland - Premium Thailand - PremiumNovaleaf Game Studios - p.24 Now Production Co., Ltd - p.24Thailand - Premium Japan - PremiumNVIDIA Corporation - p.24 OM London - p.34United States - Premium United Kingdom - BasicOnan Games - p.34 OnLegends GmbH - p.45Spain - Basic Germany - BuyerOnLegends GmbH - p.24 OnLive, Inc. - p.45Germany - Premium United States - BuyerOriginal Force, Inc. - p.26 Over the Top Games - p.34China - Premium Spain - BasicPan Vision Games - p.45 Parrot SA - p.45Sweden - Buyer France - BuyerPassion Republic - p.26 Paydibs - p.26Malaysia - Premium Malaysia - PremiumPersonal Audio - p.34 Pixel Light Studios LLC - p.34Australia - Basic United States - BasicPixonic - p.45 PlayConnection - p.26Russia - Buyer France - PremiumPlaydom - p.45 PlayFirst - p.45United States - Buyer United States - BuyerPlayfish, Inc. - p.45 Playrix - p.35United States - Buyer Russia - BasicPlimus Inc. - p.35 PoBros Inc - p.35United States - Basic United States - Basic
  5. 5. POHLM Studio - p.26 Pole To Win America - p.26France - Premium United States - PremiumPowerMMO Games Inc. - p.45 PQube Ltd - p.46United States - Buyer United Kingdom - BuyerPremium Agency Inc. - p.26 Prime Sense - p.46Japan - Premium United States - BuyerProper Games Ltd - p.35 Pulsanim Interactive - p.26United Kingdom - Basic France - PremiumPyxel Arts Digital Entertainment - p.26 Q Entertainment - p.46Spain - Premium Japan - BuyerQuePasa Games - p.26 Quirkat - p.46Brazil - Premium United Arab Emirates - BuyerRealNetworks, Inc. - GameHouse - p.46 Rebellion - p.46United States - Buyer United Kingdom - BuyerRebellion - p.28 Red Hot CG - p.28United Kingdom - Premium China - PremiumRed Lantern Game Studios LLC - p.35 Renaissance Games - p.35United States - Basic Canada - BasicReverb Publishing - p.46 R-FORCE Entertainment Inc. - p.28United States - Buyer Japan - PremiumRingzero - p.28 Rockhead Games - p.28Thailand - Premium Brazil - PremiumSaintxi - p.35 SF Game Developer’s Workshop - p.35United Kingdom - Basic United States - BasicSanuk Games - p.28 Sarbakan and Bkom - p.28Thailand - Premium Canada - PremiumSCEA - Foster City - p.46 SecondSoft Co., Ltd - p.28United States - Buyer Thailand - PremiumSega of America - p.46 Sepomo - p.35United States - Buyer Spain - BasicSevenOne Intermedia GmbH - p.46 Shanda Games - p.46Germany - Buyer China - BuyerShattered Crystal - p.35 Side-Kick - motion controlled games - p.28United States - Basic Israel - PremiumSm4rt Games Studios - p.35 SomaTone Interactive Inc. - p.28Mexico - Basic United States - PremiumSpawnApps - p.29 SponsorPay - p.35France - Premium Germany - BasicSquare Enix - Eidos Shanghai - p.46 Square Enix Europe - p.47China - Buyer United Kingdom - BuyerStorm City Games - p.47 Strategy First - p.47United States - Buyer Canada - BuyerStrawdog Studios - p.35 Sulistas - p.29United Kingdom - Basic Brazil - PremiumSuper Rewards/Adknowledge - p.35 Tag Games - p.35United States - Basic United Kingdom - BasicTakeOff CSH - p.29 Team17 - p.47Canada - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerTectoy Studios - p.29 TeePee Games - p.47Brazil - Premium United Kingdom - BuyerTelltale Games - p.29 The Bearded Ladies Consulting - p.29United States - Premium Sweden - PremiumThe Binary Mill - p.29 The People’s Republic of Animation - p.35Australia - Premium Australia - BasicTHQ - p.47 TIGA - p.29United States - Buyer United Kingdom - PremiumTopware Interactive - p.47 Torus Games - p.29United States - Buyer Australia - PremiumTower Studios Ltd - p.47 Tradewest Games SAS - p.47United Kingdom - Buyer France - BuyerTransGaming Inc. - p.47 Turbulenz Limited - p.47Canada - Buyer United Kingdom - BuyerTurbulenz Limited - p.36 TwoFour54 - p.47United Kingdom - Basic United Arab Emirates - BuyerUbisoft Entertainment - p.48 Ubisoft KK Japan - p.48France - Buyer Japan - BuyerUniversally Speaking - p.36 UOL - p.29United Kingdom - Basic Brazil - PremiumUTV Ignition Games - p.48 Valcon Games LLC - p.48United States - Buyer United States - BuyerVanguard - p.30 Virtual Fairground - p.48Japan - Premium Netherlands - BuyerVirtual Toys - p.30 Virtuos, LTD - p.30Spain - Premium China - PremiumVivid Games - p.48 Voxler - p.30Poland - Buyer France - - p.30 Warner Bros. - p.48United Kingdom - Premium United States - BuyerWasabi Digital - p.36 Wendigo Studios Inc. - p.30Australia - Basic Canada - PremiumWired Productions - p.48 Wizarbox - p.30United Kingdom - Buyer France - PremiumWorker Bee - p.48 XPEC Entertainment Inc. - p.30Japan - Buyer China, Republic of (Taiwan) - PremiumXperimenta Planet - p.36 YieldAds Sdn. Bhd. - p.30Spain - Basic Malaysia - PremiumZapak Digital Ent. Limited - p.48 Zen Studios - p.48India - Buyer Hungary - BuyerZeroscale Games GmbH - p.48 Zordix AB - p.30Germany - Buyer Sweden - Premium
  6. 6. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 92 Booth: 18849Games GmbH 4T2 MultimediaGabriel Hacker Mike Developer, X360/Kinect,PS3/ Viral games, advergames, web games, mobileMove, Wii games Booth: 142 Booth: 118Abragames / Softex - Brazilian Games Acquire Corp.Wagner Khouri Richie, brasil, latin america, south america Developer/Publisher/Japan PS3 360 PSP2 Original IP Booth: 102 Booth: 13Anakan GmbH Anuman InteractiveMarie-Laurence Amigues Julien jrenzaho@anuman.interactive.comLocalization, Translation, Testing, Recording ・アンチックセザンヌ Booth: 104 Booth: 119Aquiris Game Studio ArcSystem WorksMauricio Longoni Hiroyuki, studio, unity, bootcamp Xbox360, PS3, 3DS, Sony NGP, iPhone, Android Booth: 107 Booth: 14Artplant ASYNCRON gamesJack Wulff Olivier o.chanry@asyncron.frMMO, Web, Unity MMOG, adventure games, browser games, casual games 8
  7. 7. ACQUIRE - booth: 118BIODROID ENTERTAINMENT - booth: 108 9
  8. 8. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 185 Booth: 182Babel Media Bane GamesPaul Gorry Alistair alistair@banegames.comoutsourcing services iOS, iPhone, iPad, Web, Casual, Android Booth: 120 Booth: 183Bauhaus Entertainment Big Ant StudiosKosuke Hayashi Ross Ross.Symons@BigAnt.comPS3,NGP,Wii,3DS, XBOX360, xbox360, playstation3, ngp, developer, xbla,SNSGame,Recruitment. ps Booth: 108 Booth: 168Biodroid Entertainment Bit Composer GamesBruno Patatas Wolfgang wolfgang.duhr@bit-composer.comDeveloper wii, xbox360, nintendods, iphone, Publisher, Wii, PC, X360, PS3, NDS, iPhone,ipad, ps3 Booth: 109 Booth: 166Bitfield GmbH BoaCompra Ltda.Daniel Matzke Christian christian@boacompra.comNintendo DS, 3DS, PSP, middleware, payments, publisher, brazil, localizationBitEngine game studios game studios Booth: 173 Booth: 143 game studios game studiosBravo Game Studios Calibre GamesJavier Sanchez Ronaldo ronaldo.cruz@calibregames.comIphone, Smartphone, Mobile Device, Wii DSi Calibre iPhone Android PSP WiiWareNintendo DSi studios game game studios DSiWare game studios game studios 10
  9. 9. CORNCROWS GAMES AB - booth: 144 EMPTY CLIP STUDIOS - booth: 146Creative. Experienced. original + licensed game development PS/3, Xbox 360, 3DS, NGP, Wii, DS, PSP, Android, PC, Mac, iOS 11
  10. 10. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 100 Booth: 121Coffee Stain Studios Compile HeartAnton Westbergh Damien, iPhone, PC, Steam, Sanctum, I Love PS3 PSP 360 DS Android riginal IP CGStrawberri Production Booth: 94 Booth: 132Compulsion Games Corecell TechnologyGuillaume Provost Noppon, XBLA, PSN, XBox360, PS3, Steam, PS3/PSP/Wii/NDS/Iphone/PCUnreal Booth: 144 Booth: 21Corncrow Games AB CosmocoverPatrik Hansson Salima hello@cosmocover.comiPad, iPhone, Android, NDS, NDSi, Facebook, International Game Marketing and PRMMOG Booth: 150 Booth: 134Critical Studio CyberPlanet InteractiveGabriel Teixeira Chanin chanin@cpigames.complaystation network; xbox live arcade; pc; Development, Casual games, DS, Wii, PSP, PS3, XBLA Booth: 122 Booth: 15CyberStep, Inc. Dancing DotsRyota Takahashi Martial martiald@dancingdots-studio.comMMO Publisher/US Japan 3DS, XBLA, PSN, development, licenses 12
  11. 11. EPIPHANY GAMES - booth: 130 EXIS INTERACTIVE - booth: 5 13
  12. 12. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 145 Booth: 174Dhruva / Massive Black Digital Legends EntertainmentRajesh Rao Liam lpatton@digital-legends.comArt Outsourcing, 3D Services, Concepts, iPhone, iPad, AAA,Music,Action,Fighting,RAnimation acing,FPS Booth: 16 Booth: 117 ®DONTNOD Entertainment DotEmuCaroline Pierini Xavier ®HD platforms based on original concepts and Back Catalog, PC Digital, iPhone, Onlineinnovation Booth: 147 Booth: 17E-One Studio Sdn Bhd ELB - Etranges LibellulesAmir Irwan Edith contact@etranges-libellules.frPS3, 360, PC, iOS, MAC, XBLA, PSN, Android, Action games, next gen, IPLinux Booth: 146 Booth: 175Empty Clip Studios ENIGMA Software ProductionsMatt Shores Daniel daniel.parente@enigmasp.comDeveloper, PS3, 360, NGP, 3DS, Wii, iOS, Production & Dev & Pub, Multiplatform,Android Online, AR Booth: 103 Booth: 130Epic Games, Inc. Epiphany Games Pty LtdMark Rein Morgan, engine, 3D RTS, RPG, Unique Setting, Technology 14
  13. 13. GATOR PUBLISHING SERVICES - booth: 90GIANT INTERACTIVE GROUP INC. - booth: 160 - 161 15
  14. 14. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 18 Booth: 186Eugen Systems EutechnyxCedric Le Dressay Darren dj@eutechnyx.comStrategy, RTS, wargame, PS3/360 conversion Racing, social community, PS3, XBox360,port Wii, PC, d Booth: 102 Booth: 5ExeQuo Exis InteractiveStephane Bonfils Peter External@exisinteractive.comlocalization, voice recording, video Art Outsource, Game Development, XBLA,production iPhone Booth: 22 Booth: 148Focus Home Interactive Fog StudiosDamien Mauric Christi christi.freeman@fogstudios.comSherlock, Blood Bowl, Cycling Manager, A Original IP, Licensed IP, work-for-hire, RFP’sGame of T Booth: 154 Booth: 155Frima Studio Frozen CodebaseJohn Henley Erin ebasten@frozencodebase.comSocial Networks, PSP, WII, PSN, XBLA & Work for hire, original IP, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii,Mobile PC, iOS Booth: 156 Booth: 157FusionStorm Futuremark Games StudioNicolas Zumbiehl Jaakko jaakko.haapasalo@futuremark.comDedicated, managed, cloud hosting, game game, developer, FPS, online, europe, digital,hosting PC 16
  15. 15. GLASS EGG DIGITAL MEDIA - booth: 11 JAKI ENTERTAINMENT - booth: 140 GAMES HAPPY�jakient�com w ment ww ven D evelop i r e t Drerv e MarkekResearch tSClusicters Analysisraeticohnnology T a t M e gte e Mark n and In Real Tim rsona Creatio Play P e ervices Buyer ation S hrotiungh ration e Innov Outsid ng T te ra Learnaime Enginne&InGagme o esign IntegABC D k App G LMS & nal Desig aceboo Ins tructio &F Mobile nt Dev elopme 17
  16. 16. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 176 Booth: 158FX Interactive Gaijin Entertainment CorpPablo De la Nuez Anton anton@gaijin.ruPublishing, Spain, Italy PlayStation3, Xbox360, iPad, iPhone, PC, Developer Booth: 28 Booth: 1Game Audio Factory GDAAVincent Percevault Antony, outsourcing, sfx, music, localisation Australia, investment, education, tax benefits Booth: 159 Booth: 90GDAP Gator Publishing ServicesLyshiel Valencia Andy andy.burton@gator-team.comDevelopment, Outsourcing, Philippines, Publishing, Sales, Distribution Booth: 19 Booth: 160 - 161GDC Game and Download Company AG Giant Interactive Group Inc.Nils Herrnberger Sandra yexin@ztgame.comOnline, PC Download Platform MMORPG; Webgames; Online Game Developer/Operator Booth: 11 Booth: 168Glass Egg Digital Media Globant / LuminousGuillaume Monier Andres andres.angelani@globant.comOutsourcing, 3D, Art Asset, Level Design Services, online, QA, console, development, social 18
  17. 17. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 164 Booth: 163GSC Game World Gov. of Newfoundland and LabradorEugene Kuchma Ben computer game development Venture Capital, Government Fundingcompany in Ukraine Booth: 131 Booth: 4Halfbrick Studios Head Wood / Space PatrolShainiel Deo Guillaume guillaume@head-wood.comiOS, Android, WP7, XBLA, PSN, minis, iPhone, Director, Animatics / CG animationdigital Booth: 103 Booth: 143Hibernum Creations Hoplon Infotainment S/ALouis-Rene Auclair Olivier olivier.masclef@hoplon.comHibernum is a creator and developer of Space, PS3, MMO, Console, Action Game,unique gaming experiences Booth: 23 Booth: 110 Video.Game.StudioHydravision Entertainment Hypernia Game HostingDenis Potentier James james@hypernia.comGame developer, XBLA, PSN, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, MMO, PC Games Hosting3DS, NGP Booth: 2 Booth: 104Icex Ideaworks LabsMaribel Martin Yasushi yasushi.nakamura@ideaworkslabs.comICEX - Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade Smartphone, Android, middleware, iOS 19
  18. 18. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 135 Booth: 93Imagimax Imagination StudiosSaksiri Koshpasharin John info@imaginationstudios.comLeading animation & game developer studio Animation, Motion Capture, Cinematics,Face capture Booth: 124 Booth: 142iNiS Corporation Insolita StudiosAndy Tsai Winston winston@insolitastudios.comKinect, Xbox, Move, iOS, Android, NGP, 3DS, Game Development Services; OriginalMusic Games; Booth: 24 Booth: 125Intellysurf InterOne Inc.Michael Games Studio for Action-Sports Lovers Licensing, international dev. and localization Booth: 140 Booth: 123Jaki Entertainment Pty Ltd JETROJason Turnbull Mamoru Mamoru_Nagoya@jetro.go.jpMarket Research & Audience Modelling; Japan External Trade OrganizationGame Dev Booth: 182 Booth: 25Last Level Games Pty Ltd Lexis Numerique / Vector CellWesley Clarke Djamil d.kemal@lexis-numerique.frsocial, casual, iOS, browser, development, PS3, 360, online. Several millions games 20
  19. 19. MAGIC POCKETS - booth: 26MISSION DIGITAL ART - booth: 111 21
  20. 20. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 101 Booth: 26Ludosity Interactive Magic PocketsJoel Nystroem Jerome bizdev@magicpockets.comSwedish independent developer DS/DSi, iPhone/iPad, Android, 3DS Booth: 126 Booth: 7MagicPictures, Inc. (Mediastay) Games PassportMakoto Chiba Konrad kholubek@mediastay.comCG, Cinematic, Animation, Visual Effects, Gamespassport freemium lottery casualRacing games network Booth: 27 Booth: 100Medigames Studios Meow EntertainmentEudes Menager de Froberville Max max@meowentertainment.comiPhone, smartphones, Wii, ds, dsi social games, web MMO, Developer, Facebook, Unity Booth: 105 Booth: 111Mindset Studio Mission Digital ArtFranco Breciano Chao luisa@missiondigitalart.comSocial games, advergames, MMOs, Game Art Outsourcing and gamephotoavatar development Booth: 151 Booth: 141MusiGames Studio N3V GamesAmerico Amorim Paul polsen@n3vgames.comCrossplatform Smartphone & Social Game n3v games, publisher, developerDevelopment 22
  21. 21. N3V GAMES - booth: 141 NETDIMENSION - booth: 127 Multi-platform Games NETDIMENSION “There is no comparable 3D authoring tool available”iPhoneiPhone - Celsys iPAD iPAD Net-Game Net-Game Android Android 23
  22. 22. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 28 Booth: 33Native Prime (France) Neko EntertainmentVincent Percevault cedric cbache@e-neko.comlocalization, audio, translation, voice Experienced, talented, creative professionalsrecording Booth: 127 Booth: 167NetDimension Corporation NGD StudiosMakoto Miyakawa Johan johan@ngdstudios.com3D Creation Tool, 3D Authoring Tool MMO, Freemium, Online, Argentina, 3D, Engine Booth: 162 Booth: 137Nitro Games Ltd NorthPole Studio Co., LtdJussi Tahtinen Shawn shawn@northpole-studio.comPC, Next-Gen, Xbox 360, PS3, XBLA, Game Development Services, game licensingPSN,iPhone,iPad Booth: 133 Booth: 113Novaleaf Game Studios Now Production Co., LtdTidarat Thanapakpawin Eiji, XBOX360, PC, outsource Crossplatform development, social, online, casual Booth: 169 Booth: 166NVIDIA Corporation OnLegends GmbHKeita Iida Marina mk@onlegends.comvisual platform technology, partnership International Publishing, Media Buyer, Licensing 24
  23. 23. PASSION REPUBLIC - booth: 171 POHLM STUDIO - booth: 31 25
  24. 24. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 170 Booth: 171Original Force, Inc. Passion RepublicJonathan Jiang Aik Sern passionrepublic@gmail.comChina-based outsourcing company Game cinematic. In game asset . Outsourcing. Booth: 8 Booth: 30Paydibs PlayConnectionJason Siew Olivier ograssiano@playconenction.frLocal Payment Methods, Distribution, Mobile, Sales - Business devpt - PS3 PSN-X360 -Asia 3DS-Online Booth: 31 Booth: 172 STUDIOPOHLM Studio Pole To Win AmericaFrederic Pedro Toru toru_kusano@poletowinamerica.comWindows Phone 7, XBLA, XNA, Xbox 360, QA, Localization, Focus Groups, CustomerPSN, 3DS Relations Booth: 112 Booth: 32Premium Agency Inc. Pulsanim InteractiveAyumi Takahashi Maurice Maurice.changy@pulsanim-interactive.frMulti Platform Game Development, 3D Socialgame, Multiplayer, Online,Internet VR WebBrowser,casual Booth: 177 Booth: 150 The New Age of VideogamesPyxel Arts Digital Entertainment QuePasa GamesSara Vega Reginaldo, r&d, 3D, artificial intelligence Quepasa, Latin America, Orkut, Publishing 26
  25. 25. 110mmPAYDIBS - booth: 8YIELDADS - booth: 8 27
  26. 26. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 128 Booth: 187 ®R-FORCE Entertainment Inc. RebellionNobuyuki Kimura Jason,Android,SNS,Network,PSP,DS,MMO FPS, action, adventure, mature Booth: 114 Booth: 138Red Hot CG RingzeroDaniel Staton Franck franck.b@rznet.comArt outsourcing, modeling, texturing, AAA Real time 3d, Music games, Educational games Booth: 152 Booth: 139Rockhead Games Sanuk GamesChristian Lykawka Yan yan@sanuk.bizOriginal IP, New IP, PC, Consoles, Handhelds NGP, 3DS, PSP, PS3, DS, Wii, iOS, PC, Social Booth: 115 Booth: 136Sarbakan and Bkom SecondSoft Co., LtdStephane Laurin Panicha - Game Studio and Digital Media iPhone/iPad(iOS), Andriod, Mobile DeviceAgency Booth: 116 Booth: 102Side-Kick - motion controlled games SomaTone Interactive Inc.Guy Bendov Nick nick@somatone.comKinect game publishing and development Audio, music, sound design, voiceover, integration 28
  27. 27. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 29 Booth: 152SpawnApps SulistasAlex Macris Henrique henrique@sulistas.comIn-browser, plugin-less, PC, Games Development, social, web, mobile, iphone, unity Booth: 91 Booth: 151TakeOff CSH Tectoy StudiosSean Murrin Bruno, Video production, Web, Exhibiting Mobile games for leading careers in Latin America market Booth: 153 Booth: 101Telltale Games The Bearded Ladies ConsultingJames Lamorticelli Haraldur haraldur@thebeardedladiesconsulting.comOnline, Episodic, Licensed IP, Retail, Pilot PS3 PSP Android and TabletsGames Booth: 179 Booth: 3The Binary Mill TIGAIngmar Lak Vanessa Vanessa@tiga.orgDeveloper, iphone, game design, 3d Trade association representing the UK’sanimation, ipad games industry Booth: 180 Booth: 149Torus Games UOLBill McIntosh Ricardo, racing, family Brazil, latin america, publisher, payments 29
  28. 28. PREMIUM EXHIBITORS Booth: 129 Booth: 178Vanguard Virtual ToysTomonori Sugiyama Fabriciano Bayo fani@virtualtoys.netConsole Mobile Online Facebook B2B DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3 and iPhoneDeveloper Booth: 95 Booth: 34Virtuos, LTD VoxlerPhilippe Angely Nicolas nicolas.delorme@voxler.fr3D Art, Animation, Concept Art, Co- Singing Rap Game, Middleware, Voice andDevelopment Speech Booth: 12 Booth: Wendigo Studios Inc.Marat Karpeko Eric eric.trudel@wendigostudios.comStrategy, MMO Casual, multiplatform, Windows, Mac, Mobile, iPhone Booth: 35 Booth: 184Wizarbox XPEC Entertainment Inc.Fabien Bihour Chris chris_chen@xpec.comX360, PS3, XBLA, PSN, Wii, 3DS, conversion PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PSP,NDS, Art Outsourcing Booth: 8 Booth: 20YieldAds Sdn. Bhd. Zordix ABPatricia Silvanus Matti matti@zordix.comOnline advertising sales network DSi, DS, games, DSiWare, 3DS 30
  29. 29. 31
  30. 30. BASIC ACCESS Table: 246 Table: 194AdParlor Inc. AkellaAli Merali Svetlana gorobets@akella.comFacebook, web game, user acquisitions Publisher, Developer, Distributor in Russia &CIS Table: 195 Table: 255Alchemic Dream Artefacts StudioAurelien Merville Bruno bruno.chabanel@artefacts-studio.comCustomer support, online, community Development, work for hire, licenses,management outsourcing Table: 189 Table: 256Asylum Entertainment Bamtang GamesSimon Bailey Adam adam@bamtang.comPublish, game, console, online, acquire Flash, iOS, Casual, PSP, Android Table: 198 Table: 199Biart Studio LLC Bigmoon Interactive studiosKonstantin Popov Paulo paulo.gomes@bigmoonstudios.comPC, xbox360, playstation3, android, tablets, Independent Developer (Wii, DSi, XBOX360,outsource PS3, PC) Table: 201 Table: 200Bitoon Games Brainz InteractiveZahira Tomasi Alejandro a@brainz.coF2P, MMO, MMORPG, Publishing, Brand iphone, social, facebook, developerEntertainment Table: 190 Table: 251Centroid 3D China Game Outsourcing ConferencePhil Stilgoe Tina tina.han@smiachina.orgMotion Capture CGOC,game outsourcing,seller,China Joy,association Table: 207 Table: 208CloakWorks Code Mystics Inc.Joe Van Den Heuvel Jeff jeffv@codemystics.comcloth, hair, physics, middleware, technology PC, Mac, iOS, DS, 360, PS3, Wii, web, Kindle Table: 191 Table: 192Comufy Crisp Thinking Group LimitedPhilipp Mohr Peter peter.maude@crispthinking.comBrowser game marketing, social games, kids Community Management, Scalablegames Moderation 32
  31. 31. BASIC ACCESS Table: 209 Table: 210Dextrys Disney Online GamesTatiana Lyskova Greg Publisher, online, browser, Flash, kids Table: 211 Table: 212Endgame Studios Epic Games EuropeGrant Davies Mike mike.gamble@epicgames.comOriginal, DS, DSi, 3DS, iOS, iPhone, Android, UE3, engine, 3DPSP, PSP2, NG Table: 247 Table: 213Ericsson In-Game Communication ESNJohan Brundell Erik erik@esn.meGame integrated 3D voice and text chat Social multiplayer web technology, PC/Mac,service VoIP Table: 214 Table: 229Eudaimonia Firebrand GamesEzequiel D’Amico Mark mark@firebrandgames.comadvergames, casual, social, iphone, unity, 3ds, wii, ds, iphone, ps3, trackmania, NFS, Dirtfacebook Table: 215 Table: 216Game Audio Alliance Game GestaltBarry Dowsett Lev lev@gamegestalt.commusic, sound effects, voice over, sound, audio Table: 217 Table: 218Games Fed Genius Film / Happy Day GamesBenjamin Goacolou Ovidiu ovidiuhalmagean@gmail.comMarketing, PR, Europe, Digital, Iphone, Co- outsourcing, 2D and 3D, animation, gamespublish Table: 219 Table: 220Haemimont Games AD HasgardGabriel Dobrev Stephane splichon@hasgard.netAction RPG, Online, MMO, MOBA, strategy, hosting services, engineering, hpc,developer consultancy Table: 230 Table: 231Hi-Rez Studios HoodlumTodd Harris Campbell 3, online, multiplayer shooter, MMO,Tribes 33
  32. 32. BASIC ACCESS Table: 228 Table: 232ICO Partners Isopod labsDiane Lagrange Peter peterm@isopodlabs.netConsulting, Online, MMO, Marketing, PR, game development, design, console, PC,Europe mobile Table: 233 Table: 234Just A Game GmbH Koolhaus Games Inc.Benjamin Bezold Wolfgang wolfgang@koolhausgames.comGlobal Publisher, Consoles, PC, Mobile, developer, work for hire, original, crossBrowser F2 platform Table: 235 Table: 236Lager Network Technologies Inc. Lapland Studio LtdRyan Chen Ilkka ilkka@laplandstudio.comTaiwan, Developer, Publisher, MMORPG,Social, Games Table: 257 Table: 238Liberty Music Trax Corp MandoAlex Chinien Michel michel@mandoproductions.comaudio, production, music, licensing, mobile, iphone, psn, 3DScomposition Table: 221 Table: 239Mediatonic Ltd MP Game StudioPaul Croft Angel am@mpgamestudio.comFlash, Social, Facebook, Online, PSP, Web, social, casual, multiplayer, iphone, IP, IPsiPhone Table: 202 Table: 222Native Prime (Spain) OM LondonDiana Diaz Monton Mark mark@omuk.comlocalization, audio, translation, voice UK & US dialog production expertsrecording Table: 203 Table: 204Onan Games Over the Top GamesMiguel Angel Pastor Roberto Alvarez de contact@overthetopgames.comC++ on WP7 & Web, Porting, Virtualization NyxQuest, Fancy Pants, XBLA, PSN, 3DS, NGP, Steam Table: 240 Table: 212Personal Audio Pixel Light Studios LLCSimon Carlile Vincent vincent@pixellightstudios.comhigh fidelity 3D audio, headphones Immortal Engine, graphics 34
  33. 33. BASIC ACCESS Table: 237 Table: 241Playrix Plimus Inc.Sean Elliot Steve stevek@plimus.comcasual, proven hit IPs, PCdownload, social, ecommerce, payment proccessing, revenuemobile Table: 242 Table: 223PoBros Inc Proper Games LtdAlejandro Portilla Chris Chris.Wright@proper-games.commmo, social game, facebook, myspace,android, iphone, ip Table: 248 Table: 249Red Lantern Game Studios LLC Renaissance GamesJason Dudek Alexandre ahetu@renaissance-games.comOriginal ip for distribution on XBLA / PSN PS3, XBOX360, NGP, PC, high-end mobile Table: 193 Table: 250Saintxi SF Game Developer’s WorkshopYi Zong Japheth jdillman@ijanda.netAAA, pc, massively mutliplayer webgame, ip Table: 205 Table: 231Sepomo Shattered CrystalMike Beattie Dennis dennis@shatteredcrystal.comBilling solutions, SMS, mobile, micropayments sales, epins Table: 252 Table: 253Sm4rt Games Studios SponsorPayOthon Cabrera Regina regina.leuwer@sponsorpay.comMexico, Online Publisher, Localization, MKT, virtual currency, monetization, paymentBuyer Table: 224 Table: 254Strawdog Studios Super Rewards/AdknowledgePaul Smith Wally wnguyen@adknowledge.comWeb, XBLA,PSN,3DS,Smartphones and Apps virtual currency, game monetization, virtual goods Table: 225 Table: 196Tag Games The People’s Republic of AnimationPaul Farley Sam, Android, Windows Mobile,NGP, 3DS, outsourcing, cinematics, animation,DSi PSP outsource, 3d 35
  34. 34. BASIC ACCESS Table: 226 Table: 227Turbulenz Limited Universally SpeakingAmanda Jones Richard Sturgessamandajones@turbulenz.comBrowser, Games, Technology, Tools, Engine localisation, QA, audio, translation, outsourcing, Table: 197 Table: 206Wasabi Digital Xperimenta PlanetStephane zerbib Jose Luis, casual PC, Console,MMO,Casual Games THE BINARY MILL - booth: 179 h TheBinarymill y e nee GAME DEVELOPERS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA - booth: 1
  35. 35. BUYERS[a]list games 505 GamesSteve Fowler David WelchVP Strategy Associate Producer6waves ActivisionJosh Burns Aaron PulkkaAssociate Director, Products Director of ProductionActivision Blizzard Advanced Mobile Application - AMABob Loya Matthieu Saint-DenisDir. of Developer Relations Acquisitions 3rd Party DirectorAkella Aksys GamesSvetlana Gorobets Yuko AbeInternational Sales Director Assistant Licensing CoordinatorAnuman Interactive ArgenteensJulien Renzaho Alberto D’AgostinoBusiness Development Director International Markets ManagerAsylum Entertainment AtariSimon Bailey Benjamin HoytManaging Director Senior Producer 37
  36. 36. BUYERSAtlus USA Backbone EntertainmentBill Alexander Kaj SwiftDirector of Production Outsourcing ManagerBig Fish Games Bigpoint GmbHJeffry Liptak Marko HeinPartner Relations Chief Games Officer BISBOG BISBOG SAWolfgan Stindl N. Weber-KrebsInternational Business Development ConsultantManagerBlitz Games Studios Buka EntertainmentGeorge Bray Ilya ZaslavskiyBusiness Development Manager Licensing ManagerBulkypix Capcom Interactive, Inc.Vincent Dondaine Ryan GilboCOO Sales and marketing Director Executive ProducerCarbon Based Games Cartoon NetworkAndrew Walker Randall CostonCo-Founder, CEO Business Development 38
  37. 37. BUYERSCCP Games CDV Software Entertainment USAbenjamin Bohn Tom GrossArt Manager CEOChillingo City Interactive USChris Byatte Marshall ZwickerDirector GM & EVP Sales & CoresultingSilviu Stroie Jerem FebvreCEO CEOCuba Entertainment D3 Publisher of America, Inc.Chris Meher Bill AnkerDirector VP Business Dev and LicensingDaedalic Entertainment GmbH DelRox Online GamesClaas Paletta Feike DijkstraPR & New Business Manager DirectorDenda Games DHX Interactive, Inc.Ries Derkman Anne LoiHead of Product Management & Licensing Senior VP 39
  38. 38. BUYERSdtp entertainment AG Electronic Arts (Mobile)Soeren Lass Scott HumphriesBusiness Development Director Senior ProducerEncore Software, Inc. EurocenterNick Marchesini Stephane PorthaInternational Sales Mgr ManagerEvolved Games Fishlabs Entertainment GmbHAnthony Farrell Michael SchadeOperations CEO & Co-Founder DOOR FOUR DOOR FOUR DOOR L E M O N L E M O NFocus Home Interactive Four Door Lemon LtdDamien Mauric Simon BarrattBusiness Development Director DirectorFreshGames, LLC Frogster Online Gaming GmbHSteve Smith Axel SchmidtPresident Senior PR ManagerFrontline Studios, Inc. (USA) Funbox MediaMarcin Michel Barry HatchCEO Managing Director 40
  39. 39. BUYERSFuncom Funstage GmbHNicolay Nickelsen Sonja RoemerVP Business Development Product ManagerGame Consulting GameForge 4D GmbHNicolas bonvalet Ben VillhauerManaging Director Senior Game Evaluation ManagerGamersfirst GameSambaTracy Spaight Slava ZatuchnyExecutive Director of Online Publishing Marketing ManagerGamigo AG Giant Interactive Group Inc.Young-Mi So Sandra YeMarketing Assistant Assistant to Business DirectorGlu Mobile Golden Worlds Ent. Media GroupNicolas Beraudo Craig RoseVice President of Business Development CEOGoogle - Gaming Team Green Man GamingMichael Anuzis Paul SulyokMarketing Strategist - Gaming Team CEO 41
  40. 40. BUYERSGriptonite Games Happy Blue Fish StudioKassi O’Connor Dominique BUSSOProduction Manager CEOHD Publishing Headup GamesMike Horneman Dieter SchoellerManaging Director Managing DirectorIMVU InMobi UKKevin Henshaw Limvirak CheaVP Business Development Director Business DevelopmentInnoGames GmbH Jolt Online GamingTim Werner Richard BarnwellSenior Project Manager COOJust A Game GmbH Kalypso MediaBenjamin Bezold Mario KrollHead of Acquisition VPKoch Media Konami Digital Ent. IncEric Boccara Careen YappMarketing and Business Manager VP of Acquisitions and Franchise Dev. 42
  41. 41. BUYERSLand Ho! Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc.Takahiro Fukada Roger NoyesGM of Product Management and Sales Developer Relations ManagerLicensed 4U Ltd Little OrbitAdam Prichard Matthew ScottManaging Director Founder GAMES POWERED BY YOUMagitech Corporation Mandala GamesMing-Sheng Lee Nadya JAHANDirector CEOMastiff LLC Mayn InteractiveMika Hayashi Young Shin ShinCOO Studios CEOMediatonic Fund Merge Games LtdMarko Tulonen Luke KeighranGeneral Partner DirectorMeridian4 MetaboliAndy Sher Pierre ForestCEO VP Acquisitions 43
  42. 42. BUYERSMicrosoft Casual Games Microsoft Game StudiosKirsten Duvall Jeff BuckinghamBusiness Development Manager Business DevelopmentMiniclip SA MMO LifeChris Bergstresser Reinout Te BrakeCEO CEOMonkey Paw MTV - Nickelodeon Games GroupJohn Greiner David WoodPresident Director of ContentMxp4 N3V GamesXavier Louis Paul OlsenGuru Product Studio HeadNamco Bandai Games America Inc Namco Bandai Partners GermanyRob Schoeppe Stefan WeylLicensing and Acquisitions Head of Business DevelopmentNeowiz Games NexonLuke Shim Shelly JeonManager, Business Development Business Development 44
  43. 43. BUYERSNintendo Japan Nintendo of America (NOA)Kiyohiko Ando Steve OkimotoSoftware Planning & Development Division Developer RelationsNintendo of Europe OnLegends GmbHTim Symons Marina KoopmannBusiness Development Junior Account ManagerOnLive, Inc. Pan Vision GamesTom DuBois Mathias StyrstroemExec Producer, Games Head of PublishingParrot SA PixonicMartin Lefebure Nikita IvanovManager AR.Drone SDK and Games Business Development ManagerPlaydom PlayFirstLloyd Melnick Maryann KlingmanChief Customer Officer Developer Relations ManagerPlayfish, Inc. PowerMMO Games Inc.Justin Kubiak Michael ZhangCEO CEO 45
  44. 44. BUYERSPQube Ltd Prime SenseDave Pain Steven KovenskyCEO Director, Worldwide Business DevelopmentQ Entertainment QuirkatYosuke Yoshizawa Mahmoud KhasawnehOverseas Licensing Director CEO ®RealNetworks, Inc. - GameHouse RebellionDavid Zemke Jason KingsleyMobile Games Publisher CEOReverb Publishing Sega of AmericaKatie Morgan Chris OlsonBusiness Development Director Online BusinessSevenOne Intermedia GmbH Shanda GamesGunther Schiblhut Patrick ChuHead of Marketing & Account Management US/EU Business Development ManagerSCEA - Foster City Square Enix - Eidos ShanghaiAlex Lee Christine ThaarupSenior Staff Technical Product Manager GM/Outsourcing 46
  45. 45. BUYERSSquare Enix Europe Storm City GamesCaspar Gray Bruce KainAcquisitions Manager Executive VPStrategy First Team17Emanuel Wall Paul KilburnBusiness Development Manager Head of ProductionTeePee Games THQTony Pearce Lenny BrownCEO Director, Creative & Business DevelopmentTopware Interactive Tower Studios LtdJames Seaman Jon HareManaging Director DirectorTradewest Games SAS TransGaming Inc.Bichat Frederic Wojtek KawczynskiGeneral Manager Managing DirectorTurbulenz Limited TwoFour54Amanda Jones Ayman Al SaffanDirector of Business Development Business Development Director 47
  46. 46. BUYERSUbisoft Entertainment Ubisoft KK JapanSebastien Tasserie Kazuhiro UedaBusiness Development Manager - EMEA Business development manager ®UTV Ignition Games Valcon Games LLCKen Gratz Colin GordonBusiness Development COO/Co-FounderVirtual Fairground Vivid GamesIlja Goossens Remigiusz KoscielnyCEO PresidentWarner Bros. Wired ProductionsJason Kwong Leo ZulloDirector, Business Development Managing DirectorWorker Bee Zapak Digital Ent. LimitedHiroshi Ogawa Deepak AbbotDirector VP - ProductZen Studios Zeroscale Games GmbHZsolt Kigyossy Jan ReichelManaging Director Business development manager 48