Roland Bleyer's Affli@syd Presentation


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Roland Bleyer is one of the leading 'super affiliates' in the AUNZ marketplace.
This is his presentation from affili@syd - a performance marketing conference run in Sydney in May 2009

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Roland Bleyer's Affli@syd Presentation

  1. 1. Roland B. Bleyer Affili@Syd The Menzies Sydney
  2. 2. brief history online In 1995 - In 1997 – In 1997 - In 1999 – In 1996 - Started in Founded my Built my first Founded In 2003 – Focused on Web first web online Webology Refocused Search development development shopping with an IP on affiliate Engine in Los company in mall affiliate development marketing Optimisation. Angeles. Australia. site. focus
  3. 3. some of my Australian sites
  4. 4. some of my Australian sites
  5. 5. some of my Australian sites
  6. 6. some of my Australian sites
  7. 7. step by step simple affiliate guide  First review what affiliate offers are available.  Check interest by using Google keyword tool .  Review what sites currently exist that you will compete with.  Purchase a domain name with your target keywords within the domain.  Build a simple 1 page site to test the market.
  8. 8. step by step simple affiliate guide  Set a small budget and test with pay-per-click or similar advertising.  Review results then either bin or refine and promote more if ROI is near or over breakeven.  If successful develop and expand site further.  Optimise site for search engines / further test paid advertising to market site.
  9. 9. recommendations and conclusion  Complete a web design course.  Complete an internet marketing course.  Affiliate marketing is a flexible and financially rewarding career >  Work the hours you want to.  Work from anywhere in the world.  Possibility of making a very high income.  Make money while you are sleeping.
  10. 10. Thank you.