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Paul Borrud's Presentation from affili@syd 2010 - Australia's only conference dedicated to affiliate marketing

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  • Our vision is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. It's a big vision. But it's actually quite simple.
  • There are millions of human connections on Facebook. Facebook is an online representation of the connections we have in real life. And these connections all start with one person and how that person begins to represent themselves on Facebook is through a personal profile.
  • Key words: You can target based on key words that people pull into their profile Clustering is when there a bunch of keywords around a group, for example New Mums.
  • Thesis: This is our website. 350MM people visit this each month 150MM of them do it every day 6 Billion minutes per day Transition: I want to stress that this is NOT our product. This is not what Facebook does. [CLICK]
  • Fans increase future campaign performance. The ad with social context lifts brand metrics an average of 68%.
  • Hoff section”
  • Use multiple creatives during a reach/roadblock. By using multiple creatives, the user is given the opportunity to engage with the ad in different ways. This also keeps the advertisement fresh for the user.
  • Users come to Facebook seeking out information. Being straightforward in the copy/ title/picture is appreciated by the users.
  • There are two main ways to think of Pages -- as a destination that users will go to, and as a source for the stories that will get published out to the home page, where people consume a lot of content about the things they care about. Although Pages can act as a destination for users to visit, the most interactions with brands happen directly from stories published to fans’ home pages. From some preliminary data analysis, we’ve seen reach be exponentially higher (often 10x or more) on the home page when publishing stories versus traffic to the Page itself. It’s still important to build out an engaging, interesting Page for those who will end up there, but is also important think through a publishing strategy. Linking back to the Page from published posts can help get users back to the Page, too. Above is an example that conveys that idea of destination versus publishing to Stream. The top shows the discussions tab on the Pop Tarts Page, where there were about 20 people who interacted with the top question. When asking a similar question via a post to Stream, they saw roughly 2800 pieces of feedback through comments and likes.
  • Users often consume content quickly on Facebook, so posts should be simple, concise, and contain value. Dove does a good job by posting a video that fans can consume directly inline, and including a call-to-action, telling users what they should do (“watch this video,” or “tell us what you think...”). If linking off-site, tell the user where they are going and why they should go there (in a concise way). URL-shorteners like can also be useful to keep it simple and short. One way to get fan’s attention is to post photos, since one of the top actions on the site is viewing and uploading photos. Photos are eye-catching when users are quickly reading their home page stream, and universal if you have a global audience that speaks other languages than the primary language of the Page.
  • Listen to what your fans are saying and respond to them when necessary. It might not make sense to respond to each individual Wall post. If you see some trends surface from many fans of your Page, it might make sense to address all fans at once with a Page post that goes out to everyone. When thinking about what you can publish to fans, consider recognizing and re-posting fan content that is relevant to everyone. They sometimes have the best and most interesting content! One might consider this as transforming the fan into a microcelebrity within that community.
  • Think about your assets and develop a publishing schedule to maximize your impact. It’s important to know what assets you have to publish out, and when to distribute it. We recommend you start out slow, and ramp up your posting schedule as you learn more about the audience -- what they want to hear and how often (see #2). Silence can be golden -- don’t post for the sake of posting... only when you have meaningful content to share with your audience.
  • Hoff section”
  • There are three components to our measurement offering. 1. Consumer Insights, which can help you understand consumer preferences.2. Ad effectiveness, where you can detect the influence your campaign had on consumer attitudes and behaviors.3. Valuation, which helps you determine the total value of your Facebook campaign.
  • -It’s about relationships not marketing -this is where you hang out with your customers. Measurement will be incorrect if you don’t organize it this way. Facebook is a great platform, and less of a channel, huge environment. Go to where youre customers are. Give them what they want in that environment. Authentic conversations happening on the wall – Allowing people to have shared moments with one another. So many more possible connections that can’t exist in the physical world. If you’re not willing to listen, you shouldn’t participate in social media If you’re not willing to embrace an open culture... you shouldn’t be here. Need to listen, need to be Human, find interesting things to share. Don’t overload your readers, Always respond to fires. Get in now, will need to have credibility in the space. Don’t have to respond to everything, but read everything
  • Social fits within a larger digital strategy. Facebook, twitter, itunes, youtube, search... these all need to knit together , and if so, will be really powerful. Start with people, understand them, your objectives, and marry them to the people you are trying to reach. And then Develop your strategy. Lastly, pick your technology. Where are my people, how do we reach them, which are the best tools to reach them?
  • Make it clear where to start Consistency is key.
  • Look around the corners all the time ! Say there is a new product release - “Coke Minus 1” Internet will likely find out about this in advance... Be prepared to immediately jump right into that conversation. Went right to the conversations, you can correct inaccuracies, monitor conversations When you convert someone from negative to positive, relationship is significantly more powerful.
  • 70% of the content should come from the community and 30% from the brand
  • Be authentic. Be Human. “ What’s your brands REAL language, Real touchpoints” ?? Starbucks for example showcased Shultz and a trip to ruwanda to see the coffee, where it’s produced, funding for coffee farmers, etc. Pizza Hut, has a different way to connect with their customers. Allow the community to be part of the joy and excitement with brand People relate to genuine messages. When posting, consider what your customers want to hear and listen to their feedback. Make sure to include messages that aren’t purely commercial. For example, if you own a women’s retail store, you can share articles about fashion or women’s causes. Post content that sparks conversations and create a dialogue with your customers. This can be significantly more valuable than broadcasting one-way marketing messages.
  • Affili@syd 6-08-10 facebook

    1. 2. Agenda 1 Facebook Mission and Audience 2 Growth and Engagement 3 Our System 4 Social Plugins & Brand Stories 5 Measurement
    2. 3. How many global users does Facebook have today? a. +250 Million b. +400 Million c. +275 Million Quiz
    3. 4. How many photos are uploaded to facebook each month? (globally) a. 30 Million b. 3 Billion c. 300 Million Quiz
    4. 5. How many users connect with pages each day? a. 20 Million b. 80 Thousand c. 850 Thousand Quiz
    5. 6. Mission Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected open and connected open and connected
    6. 7. +9M monthly active users +3M mobile users Facebook Australia
    7. 8. Source: Total Australian active audience, Facebook internal, data May 2010 Facebook has a mainstream audience 35+ is now the fastest growing audience in Australia male female
    8. 9. Australian Online Landscape: April 2010 Source: Nielsen Australia: April 10 Nielsen NetRatings
    9. 10. Over 9m active users Over 3m mobile active users 60% return daily 172 average friend count 15bn monthly page views 3hr 50 mins average usage per month Fast Facts
    10. 11. Advertising Options
    11. 12. Contact our Direct Sales Team Advertising Options
    12. 13. Our system
    13. 14. Facebook Marketing Tools, Pages, Ads
    14. 15. Typical impression Your Brand your brand A Facebook impression engagement socially generated impression connection
    15. 17. <ul><li>Gender </li></ul><ul><li>Age </li></ul><ul><li>City/State/IP </li></ul><ul><li>Interests/Keywords: </li></ul><ul><li>Others: </li></ul><ul><li>Relationship status </li></ul><ul><li>Clusters </li></ul><ul><li>Friend of Connections </li></ul><ul><li>Birthdays </li></ul>It starts with comprehensive targeting
    16. 18. Initiate with compelling advertising
    17. 19. Putting the product in the users hand
    18. 20. Event Every Ad Unit Plays a Role
    19. 21. Social Context
    20. 22. Like Ad Social Advocacy Increases Campaign Value Facebook Ads with social context increase the value of your media. On average we see a 68% overall increase in brand lift. Like Ad With Social Context
    21. 23. Social Plugins
    22. 25. Social Plugins - Cricinfo
    23. 26. Best Practices
    24. 27. Guiding principles for brands 1. Make it social. “That’s what I do on Facebook.” “ That’s what I do on Facebook.” 2. Keep it simple. “If I understand something, I’m more likely to try it.” “ If I understand something, I’m more likely to try it.” 3. Optimize for speed. “If it’s fast, I’ll do more of it.” “ If it’s fast, I’ll do more of it.” 4. Integrate. “Keep it within my Facebook experience.” “ Keep it within my Facebook experience.”
    25. 28. Tips: Facebook Ads
    26. 29. Use multiple creatives Example home page Reach Block with multiple creatives
    27. 30. Be authentic <ul><li>Straightforward copy </li></ul><ul><li>Relevant imagery </li></ul><ul><li>Tie back to brand </li></ul>
    28. 31. A/B test your ads +40%
    29. 32. Tie events to causes Event ad Event Page
    30. 33. Incentivize users
    31. 34. Tips: Pages
    32. 35. Focus on publishing 10x views in Stream versus Page 22 posts by 20 people 1,260 likes 1,545 comments vs.
    33. 36. Keep it simple Make content eye-catching, universal, easy to consume
    34. 37. Interact with and feature fans Join the conversation: Recognize Fan creativity: Toyota Prius example Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts example
    35. 38. Pace yourself Pace out your posts to maximize your impact Coke example: Tattoo Tuesday Publishing calendar
    36. 39. Brand Stories
    37. 40. 2010/2011 Facebook Conversational Calendar October November December January February March April May June July August September Branding Building awareness and engagement Connections Building consumer relationships Publishing & CRM Engaging consumers in conversation Initiative Themes, key messages, major events/sponsorships
    38. 41. October November December January February March April May June July August September Branding Building awareness and engagement Insert LOGO 2010/2011 Facebook Conversational Calendar Fall Season Sale Holidays: Give the gift of music Major sponsor of X event Valentine CD sale New product launch Implement FB Connect on Get video footage for interstitial Virtual Gift EMU TV advertising driving to Virtual Gift EMU Sampling EMU <ul><li>Become a fan and we’ll donate 10 cents to X Music Program. Two (2) Smart Blocks: </li></ul><ul><li>One Reach Block per month plus sustaining media </li></ul>Run interstitial Valentines Virtual Gift Reach Block Age 18-34 Targeted Sampling ads; Retarget with BAF ads Build out free music Tuesday tab Celebrity interviews Show artists teaching music in schools Behind the scenes footage Valentine themed polls (1X per week) Promote new product and seek testimonials Phase I Phase II Connections Building consumer relationships Publishing & CRM Engaging consumers in conversation Initiative Themes, key messages, major events/sponsorships
    39. 42. 255K+ Engaged connections in <6 weeks
    40. 43. Engagement - Poll Ad
    41. 46. 2010 Follow-up Campaign....
    42. 47. Objective Generate Awareness brick-mortar and online store Drive to shop online and offline Solution Created a Facebook page Word of mouth Conversations/Awareness Results 85% of people coming into the store mentioned facebook ads Average visit purchased 2 pair of shoes
    43. 48. Measurement and insights
    44. 49. Measurement and insights overview Valuation Insights Advertising Ad Effectiveness Determine the total value of your Facebook campaign and optimize Detect influence of a campaign on consumer attitudes and behaviors Determine the total value of your Facebook campaign and optimize Connect with users the same way they connect with their friends
    45. 50. Analyze, adjust, and optimize Aggregate stats about all fans Demographic and geographic stats Insights Dashboard
    46. 51. Keys to social marketing
    47. 52. Its’ about relationships
    48. 53. Social fits within a larger digital strategy Social Media Digital TV Print
    49. 54. Make it clear where to start
    50. 55. Look around the corners
    51. 56. 70/30
    52. 57. Be authentic