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Web Analytics for your ePortfolio


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Mahara offers basic statistics by default, but advanced reporting functionnality is not available. By
using a separate tool that integrates well with Mahara, such as the open source Piwik, Mahara
administrators can benefit from a multitude of insightful analytics reports.

This presentation will showcase some examples of such analytics and how they can help:
- Understand user behavior and their interactions with Mahara.
- Increase user engagement by analysing the data and implementing changes.
- monitor over time the availability, speed, and evolution of the Mahara system.

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Web Analytics for your ePortfolio

  1. 1. Analytics for ePortfolios
  2. 2. Who am I? ● Matthieu Aubry ● Frenchman living in New Zealand ● Founded Piwik in 2007 ● Lead Developer ● Software Engineer ● Favorite things in life: Privacy, Freedom, www, Peace, Love and Nature.
  3. 3. Benefits of using Analytics ● Understand your audience ● Measure interactions ● Monitor usage over time ● And... increase your ePortfolio usage!
  4. 4. Data insights for ePortfolios and websites, using Piwik
  5. 5. What is ? The leading open Web Analytics platform Used by more than 1% of the Internet 1,100,000 websites worldwide Translated in 53 languages Free(dom) software
  6. 6. Our Mission Statement "To create, as a community, the leading international open source web analytics platform, that gives every user full control of their data."
  7. 7. Let's see how Piwik can help you understand your audience
  8. 8. What are their computer settings?
  9. 9. Which browser are they using?
  10. 10. What types of devices are popular?
  11. 11. Where are users connecting from?
  12. 12. Let's take a look at Aotearoa!
  13. 13. Visitors by Region
  14. 14. Visitors by city
  15. 15. When are they using the ePortfolio?
  16. 16. Are users active over the weekend?
  17. 17. Find out how engaged your users are
  18. 18. Are some users really engaged?
  19. 19. Which pages are the most popular this month?
  20. 20. What do users search for in the search box?
  21. 21. Which pages are most clicked in your search results?
  22. 22. So, now we have learnt about our users and how they interact with the site What's next?
  23. 23. Get the most out of your analytics tool
  24. 24. Web Analytics process for the win ● Define a list of goals ● Measure ● Analyse ● Test and implement ● Repeat
  25. 25. Define what you want users to do on your website Examples of Goals for your ePortfolio you may want to track in Piwik: ● new content is created ● existing content is updated ● content is shared ● a new user signs up
  26. 26. Create Goals then view the number of conversions, conversion rates, and more within Piwik.
  27. 27. Observe variations in popularity of content over time Your analytics tool becomes more useful with time as it lets you compare data
  28. 28. Analyse Segments of users Do advanced analysis by looking at a subset of your users.
  29. 29. Most analytics tools give only aggregated reports... Piwik offers insights on a per-user level
  30. 30. View details of all visits
  31. 31. Users appear in Real-Time on the map
  32. 32. VS other analytics tools ● Privacy compliance ● No data storage limit ● Only you will have access to your data ● Real-time tracking ● Open Platform and Marketplace ● 6+ years of experience, 100+ features
  33. 33. More benefits out of the box ● Upload your custom logo ● Create scheduled Email reports ● Access to all the data via Web APIs
  34. 34. Analytics on the go View data in your browser or on the go with Piwik Mobile on Android and iOS
  35. 35. Mahara & Piwik integration Just a few examples of how Mahara could integrate with Piwik: ● Report the type of users (students, teachers, admins) ● Report the type of content being created ● Track username of people who signin ● Track users uniquely across all their devices ● Integrate Piwik reports within Mahara
  36. 36. Using Piwik If you decide to use Piwik for your ePortfolio site, you may also: ● Track your other websites ● Track your intranets sites ● Track your mobile apps usage … into your existing Piwik server!
  37. 37. Get started with Piwik Learn more at ● User guides / FAQs / Forums Use Piwik! ● Ask your Mahara service provider about installing Piwik on your ePortfolio ● Or download Piwik from ● Or benefit from Piwik Cloud hosting at
  38. 38. Additional slides
  39. 39. View where users click on each page
  40. 40. View the flow of clicks before and after a page, here for the Résumé
  41. 41. Alert me by email when the site becomes slow