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Team Mutton - The Seven Deadly Sins (of Sheep)


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The entry of Team Mutton at IronSheep 2012, NYC

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Team Mutton - The Seven Deadly Sins (of Sheep)

  1. 1. Team MuttonWinner of Best Map“Sheep of Dreams”
  2. 2. The Seven Deadly Plagues (Of Sheep) will show up right before the second appearance of TheMUTTON as told in the prophecy of the Silence of the lamb. Just those sheep that can avoidthe deadliest areas will survive“ … and that‘s why spatial analysis was invented.Most of the plagues will come as single spatial events in an uneven distribution over space.The more events are around you (as a sheep), the more likely you‘ll be dead. So Kernel densityestimation is the key to the knowledge, where to go. The maps show a rough calculation ofeach of the distributions of plagues, where dark areas are the most deadliest ones.