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Debriefing iron sheep


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The debriefing presentation after the IronSheep event.

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Debriefing iron sheep

  1. 1. What is Iron Sheep?• The event seeks to mimic the format of the “Iron Chef” television series by challenging teams to produce meaningful analysis and fun, evocative mash-ups from the same sets of user- generated, geo-coded data within a four hour time frame.• The goal is to provide a semi-structured environment where participants can socialize, work and learn in a fun yet socially meaningful project.• Participants are drawn from academic, industry and artistic communities.
  2. 2. Rules of Iron Sheep• Sheep come in herds, so work in your group.• Come up with an entertaining or interesting question, And answer it with a geo-visualization.• Ask a question that will help us save the world. And answer it with a geo-visualization.• Bonus point for the gratuitous use of sheep.• A series of visualizations would be great.• 60 second lightning presentation of your visualizations. – Prizes will be award by voting
  3. 3. Some of the Data Sets• Crowdsourced frequency of Pop/Soda/Coke use by points, zip code and city.• UFO sightings• Bikeshare useage• Hometowns of NFL players• Flickr photos with keyword hippie, hipster, and redneck• Amount of data indexed within Google Maps by census track (NYC) for a range of search terms such as zombie, aliens and organic• Number of geocoded tweets by census track (NYC)• Parking ticket citations for NYC
  4. 4. Respect the Data• Don’t distribute data farther than this group.• Don’t use the data beyond today. You can ask the provider of the data but don’t assume.
  5. 5. The Floating Sheeple
  6. 6. The Awards
  7. 7. Lessons from IronSheep Baa…
  8. 8. Issues / Problems
  9. 9. Thanks!!See you atAAG 2013L.A.mb-fest