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Masters Search: Matt-Katie

  1. 1. Master of Photography: Born: Ansel Adams Died: 1902 Famous For: Adams developed the Zone System Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1984 Landscapes B&W Biographical Information: Ansel Adams was born In 1902 in San Francisco California. In 1927 he developed his first portfolio for photography. Adams helped make a magazine called Aperture in 1952. Adams died in 1984 or cardiovascular disease. He was 82. Description of Work: In 1927 he made his first portfolio for photography. His work was done in black and white. He used a large format camera because they had a high resolution. Most of his photos were taken outside. Sample Image Sample Image
  2. 2. Master of Photography: Born: Mathew Brady Died: 1822 Famous For: Being the father of photojournalism Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1896 Portraits B&W Biographical Information: Brady was the youngest of three. His parents were Irish immigrants. Brady opened his own photography studio in New York in 1844. In 1961 he was granted permission to go the battlefields and document the American Civil War. Description of Work: Brady took black and white portraits of famous people in the 19th century. Most of his pictures were taken during the civil war. He photographed 18 of the 19 American Presidents from Adams to McKinley. He couldn’t photograph William Henry Harrison because he died in office before Mathew Brady could photograph him. Sample Image Sample Image
  3. 3. Master of Photography: Born: Julia Margaret Cameron Died: 1815 Famous For: Making her photos look like oil paintings. Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1879 Portraits Both Biographical Information: She started her work with photography at a late age. Her career only lasted eleven years. Her work has more of an impact on modern photographers rather than people of her time. Married Charles Hay Cameron in 1838. She died while in India in 1879. Description of Work: Took black and white photos. Some had a little color. People of her time didn’t appreciate her photos. Her photos have an impact on modern photographers. She did many portraits of people. Sample Image Sample Image
  4. 4. Master of Photography: Born: Alfred Stieglitz Died: 1864 Famous For: Created two periodicals called Camera Notes and Camera Work. Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1946 Portraits B&W Biographical Information: Stieglitz moved to Germany in 1881. he returned to America in 1890. He joined the Camera Club in New York in 1896. Alfred also married Georgia O'Keeffe in 1924. Died in New York City at the age of 82 in 1946. Description of Work: Alfred Stieglitz took black and white photos. He used a hand held camera for some of his best works. Like The Terminal and Winter. He wasn’t the best photographer but he had a big impact on America. Sample Image Sample Image
  5. 5. Master of Photography: Born: W. Eugene Smith Died: 1918 Famous For: He is famous for his vivid World War II pictures. Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1978 Photojournalism B&W Biographical Information: Smith began his career taking photos for two local newspapers. He went to work for Life Magazine in 1939. In 1950 he went to the United Kingdom to cover the General Election. In 1972 he was attacked by Japanese employees near Tokyo for trying to publicize the Minamata Disease. Smith died of a massive stroke in 1978. Description of Work: Smith used a 35 mm camera when he worked for LIFE Magazine. Known for his refusal to compromise professional standards. His pictures were taken in black and white. Sample Image Sample Image
  6. 6. Master of Photography: Born: Dorothea Lange Died: 1895 Famous For: Her photos humanized the consequences of the Great Depression and they influenced the development of documentary photography Type of Photography: B&W or Color: Sample Image 1965 Photojournalism B&W Biographical Information: Dorothea was an American photographer and photojournalist. Her father abandoned her family when she was only 12 years old. In 1945 she was invited by Ansel Adams to work in the first fine art photography department at CSFA. She died of esophageal cancer in 1965. Description of Work: Dorothea took black and white photos. She tried to show the consequence of the Great Depression. Almost all of the pictures she took were of people. Her most notable photo was called “Migrant Mother”. It was taken during the Great Depression. Sample Image Sample Image