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  2. 2. The specific training we provide is with the intention to then employ them into our food production kitchen. Since we started full operation in March 2010, we have 9 trainees of which 7 have attained the basic food hygiene certification through our one-on-one approach to training and coaching. The trainees under-go different stages of training in preparing modern european cuisine, sauces, soups and desserts. These products feature as set menus in our private dinners at our restaurant premise and sold as ready-to-serve products to other cafes/restaurants.
  3. 3. These specialty sauces are used in their chicken caccitore, chicken parmesan, osso buco, bbq prime pork ribs, lasagna and baked cannelonni, to name a few. Their trainees also perform the “mise en place” or preparation work for the soups we sell at the private dinners such as rich mushroom soup with porcini oil, pumpkin soup with truffle oil, pumpkin shrimp chowder, French onion and minestrone. As for desserts, they are contributing in the initial construction of bread and butter puddings, peach clafoutis, sherry trifles, chocolate lava cakes and chocolate mousses.
  4. 4. Soul Food currently has partnerships with Delta Senior School under their Work Expposure Programs and the Singapore National Employers' Federation under their Apprenticeship Work Programs for PWDs. Soul Food Enterprise Pte Ltd is located at Blk 78 Commonwealth Drive #01-575 Singapore 140078.