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Dignity venture


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Dignity venture

  1. 1. ABOUT DIGNITY KITCHEN The Company was set up in October 2010 , project dignity kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people. They give job training and placement so that they can have hope for better future, better lives and better opportunities to be successful. They operate real food court allowing public to experience and interact with our students just like regular eating places. This way we believe enhancing educational value inside-out from our students to public, as well as outside-in from public to get used to handicapped people servicing them.
  2. 2. WHY DID THEY DO THAT? – MISSION Dignity Kitchen has a misson and that is to build and return the dignity to the disadvantaged and disabled through vocation with passion. They wanted to help others and give them a new chance in starting afresh.  Koh Seng Choon – Executive Director
  3. 3. THEIR INSPIRATION Like any other startups, they face problems, yet believe there will always be a way out. Braille markings are installed at food stalls including cash register for the blind. Height-adjustable counter tops for wheelchair-bound. Labels for each food storage, delivery services. They continually think and discover creative ways to help trainees, financially sustain this effort, even getting our graduates placed. We are strongly encouraged by many noble people and organisations who contribute to this cause.
  4. 4. IMPACT OF DIGNITY KITCHEN Educating the hawkers: Lectures and seminars conducted by trainers and well qualified professional for trainees. Changing the lives of many.
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS How We Can Contribute? Sponsorship for elderly treats or your own group treats. Volunteer, come down helping our students. Sharing of knowledge and ideas to problems like how visually impaired differentiate credit cards. We hope that you will change you’re mind and aid the less fortunte.