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A short overview of the RightScale platform, history, and core feature areas for Enterprise Cloud Management.

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  • IT has not been involved in that adoption … don’t understand that you need automation on top of images … why image buildingAnyone that is doing anything at size and complexity, you are now tasked with doing that for a portfollio
  • Individual graphs only work for so many servers, they also don’t show what is happening as an aggregateStacked graphs stack the contribution of each server on top of one anotherWalk through what the graph shows
  • RightScale for the Enterprise

    1. 1. Cloud ManagementCloud ManagementRightScale for the EnterpriseDelivering Open and Proven Solutions
    2. 2. #2Cloud Management#2Cloud ManagementWe believe there’s a new, better way foryou to deliver IT to your business – andwe can help you get there.Why RightScale?
    3. 3. #3Cloud Management#3Cloud ManagementNov-06 Mar-07 Jul-07 Nov-07 Mar-08 Jul-08 Nov-08 Mar-09 Jul-09 Nov-09 Mar-10 Jul-10 Nov-10 Mar-11 Jul-11 Nov-11 Mar-12 Jul-12The Leader in Cloud SolutionsCompute Power Managed by RightScaleNearly 5.5mm servers launchedMore ApplicationsAt Production ScaleOn More CloudsSince IaaS beganCloud deployments with 10K+ servers12 supported public and private cloud providersManaging cloud deployments for 5+ yearsHybrid CloudSingle Public CloudMultiplePublic CloudConsulting, Training & Support – 100s of customers onboardedFull Suite of Services
    4. 4. #4Cloud Management#4Cloud ManagementBroad and Diverse Customer BasePublishing Film, TV, Music GamesConsumer Web Advertising SoftwareHealthcare Hardware Financial ServicesGaming TelecomEducation Consumer Products
    5. 5. #5Cloud Management#5Cloud ManagementThe Reasons for RightScaleAbstraction withCustomizationComplete customizationwithout the hassleTap into CloudExpertiseExperienced architectsand support teamsAutomation is theCoreMassively scalable andsuper agile applicationsChoose Your OwnCloudsVendor freedom acrosshardware and softwareVisibility andControlOne place to manageyour infrastructure
    6. 6. #6Cloud Management#6Cloud ManagementWorkload Liberation Preserves ChoiceMulti-Cloud filters• Geography• Cost• Performance• Features• Compliance• Security• Existing vendorsInternalPrivateExternalPrivatePublic"Hybrid IT is thenew IT and it ishere to stay.”GartnerCloud Management PlatformAppAppAppAppApp App
    7. 7. #7Cloud Management#7Cloud ManagementIaaSBridging Apps and InfrastructureDashboardGovernance Controls – Access, Security, ReportingMultiCloud Platform – ProvisioningAutomation Engine – Monitoring, Alerting, ScalingConfiguration Framework – ServerTemplates, RightScriptsHardwareHypervisorCloudInfrastructureSoftwareAPIPrivate Clouds Public CloudsRightScaleReadyBundledSolutionsAvailableFederatedBillingOptions forIaaSProvidersAvailable
    8. 8. #8Cloud Management#8Cloud ManagementComplete Services OfferingDocumentationTraining andCertificationHands-onEngineeringSupport Onboarding
    9. 9. #9Cloud Management#9Cloud ManagementMultiCloud PlatformDeployment-level abstraction• Abstracts resources such as:• Virtual machines (instances)• Storage (object storage, block volumes)• Virtual networks (firewalls, subnets, VPNs, etc)• Abstracts providers:• 9 public cloud providers• 3 private cloud technologiesSelf-service provisioning• Click to launch or clone fully configuredservers and deployments
    10. 10. #10Cloud Management#10Cloud ManagementGlobal Cloud FootprintAmazon Web ServicesDatapipeGoogle Cloud PlatformHP CloudSingaporeHong KongTokyoDallasDC AreaNYC AreaSF AreaSeattleChicagoDublinLondon AmsterdamHyderabadPrivate CloudsPublic CloudsOregonSão PauloTataWindows AzureLas VegasIDCF / Yahoo! JapanLogicworksRackspaceSoftLayerSoutheastMidwestShanghaiSydney
    11. 11. #11Cloud Management#11Cloud ManagementPlanning and Analytics ToolsDesign yourenvironment andhow it scalesCompareproviders andgrowth patternsand save themStep 1 Step 2 Step 3
    12. 12. #12Cloud Management#12Cloud ManagementSelf-Service• Empower developers andbusiness lines to order whatthey want from a menu ofauthorized, configurableoptionsRightScale is Built for AutomationInfrastructure On-Demand• Make it easy to provisionand de-provisionapplications and associatedinfrastructure
    13. 13. #13Cloud Management#13Cloud ManagementRightScale Makes Routine Tasks Easier• Monitoring and alerting• Server and application• Escalations and triggers• Auto-scaling• Operational automation• Databasebackup, failover, recovery• Script execution• Code deploys and patches
    14. 14. #14Cloud Management#14Cloud ManagementGovernance Controls Provide VisibilityIdentity and access management• Authentication, roles, permissions• Umbrella accounts and sharingPolicy management• Infrastructure audits and tracking• Event and user audit eventsUsage and cost management• Cost tracking and quotas• Real-time run rate projections• Enterprise View• Exportable reports
    15. 15. #15Cloud Management#15Cloud ManagementOpen Configuration FrameworkConfiguration Management• ServerTemplates™, RightScripts, hosted Chef• Reproducible: Predictable deployment• Dynamic: Configuration from scripts at boot time• Multi-cloud: Cloud agnostic and portable• Modular: Role and behavior abstracted frominfrastructureService Catalog• Edit and customize to specific use cases• Limit usage to certain users andsub-accounts
    16. 16. #16Cloud Management#16Cloud ManagementApplication stack store• Cloud-ready stacks• Published by RightScale, partners, and users• Images, scripts, recipes, and macros• Versioned and supportedLicense management• ISV single billing and pay-per-hour billing• Open sourceMultiCloud MarketplaceCommunityISV PartnersRightScale
    17. 17. #17Cloud Management#17Cloud ManagementMore Resilient & Secure• Geographicallydistributed across clouds• Architected for hostileenvironmentsData Optimized• Largest repository ofdata on clouddeployments• Best practiceconfigurationsAgile Delivery• Instant on• Feature agility• Network effect• Leveraged businessmodelIT at Scale: SaaS Cloud ManagementBuilt for Multi-Cloud• Geographic reach• Multi-vendor• Hybrid• Outage-proof DR
    18. 18. #18Cloud ManagementThe Proven Cloud Management SolutionSelf ServiceITHybridCloudsNew DeliveryModelsBusinessCritical Apps
    19. 19. #19Cloud Management#19Cloud ManagementNo Wait IT at QuestRequirements:• Compliance and BAA• Self Service, API driven• Hybrid CloudSolution:• Built self-service HashBang UI onRightScale• Use multiple clouds to powerQuest apps
    20. 20. #20Cloud Management#20Cloud ManagementHybrid Cloud at Zynga• 1,000 servers launched in 24 hours• 100x increase in infrastructure in 2 years• From 20% to 80% of workloads inzCloud in 1 yearZynga manages their public andprivate/hybrid cloud (zCloud) with RightScale– through a ‘single pane of glass’“zCloud also integrates with theoperational and management tools thathave proven critical to ourbusiness, such as RightScale andCloudStack.”Allan Leinwand, Zynga CTO Infrastructure Engineering
    21. 21. #21Cloud Management#21Cloud ManagementWorkload Liberation at IHGSolution:• Host Chinese customer website• Rapid elasticity using auto-scaling• Consistent configurations fordevelopment, test, and productionRequirements:• Public and private clouds• Geographic reach• Scalable provisioning
    22. 22. #22Cloud Management#22Cloud ManagementIT at Scale at PearsonRequirements:• Large scale, 3M+ students• Single-tenant SaaS• Multi-cloud• Fast customer POC & onboardingSolution:• Clone-able, customizableenvironments• Consistent dev and productionenvironments• AWS and Rackspace• Ability to easily pilot and test
    23. 23. Cloud ManagementCloud ManagementThank YouMatthew SmallStrategic Accounts805.453.9292matthew@rightscale.com