1865-1911 Timeline                 The Industrial Age /                   The Gilded AgeBy Matthew Shimshock
Each Chapter is Color CodedChapter 13 – GreenChapter 14 - BlueChapter 15 - YellowChapter 16 - Red
1862                                                                                    1869           1870               ...
http://tinyurl.com/blxfn8p                                  http://tinyurl.com/apc8pqt1870                                ...
http://tinyurl.com/cwyb5vb                           http://tinyurl.com/adnzg7g1876                                       ...
http://tinyurl.com/9wm2t8y                                    http://tinyurl.com/c8l8ncj                                  ...
http://tinyurl.com/c6n4tq3                                         http://tinyurl.com/bhsad3l1881                         ...
http://tinyurl.com/d6hua4n                                                   http://tinyurl.com/c6mnpd2 1886              ...
http://tinyurl.com/cbze9v8                                           http://tinyurl.com/d8gcsga1890                       ...
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Time line us history honors new v1


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Time line us history honors new v1

  1. 1. 1865-1911 Timeline The Industrial Age / The Gilded AgeBy Matthew Shimshock
  2. 2. Each Chapter is Color CodedChapter 13 – GreenChapter 14 - BlueChapter 15 - YellowChapter 16 - Red
  3. 3. 1862 1869 1870 5/10/1869 The transcontinental The Tweed Ring is formed Jacob Riis leaves his The Homestead Act railroad is connected as New York City’s most native home of offers 160 acres of at Promontory, Utah powerful democratic political Denmark and becomes land free to any when the Central machine. It is led by Boss a police photographer . citizens or intended Pacific and the Union Tweed. These corrupt He took some of the citizens who were the Pacific meet. politicians stole money from best photos and used head of house hold. tax payers and are possibly them to expose the the most corrupt politicians hardships of the New in American history. The York slums. He took Tweed Ring took advantage pictures of mainly of the numerous Tenements which were opportunities for graft, the overcrowded and illegal use of political unsanitary multifamily influence for personal and urban dwellings. political gain. They also used “kick backs” which http://tinyurl.com/c4y2mty were illegal payments for their services, this enriched http://tinyurl.com/bllwxuk the political machine and individual political bosses.
  4. 4. http://tinyurl.com/blxfn8p http://tinyurl.com/apc8pqt1870 1874 1876 June 1869 John D. Rockefeller’s Mark Twain, one of George A. Custer Thomas Alva Edison Standard Oil Company the most famous reported that the Black became a pioneer on processed 2 - 3 authors of the time, Hills had gold. The the new industrial percent of the writes the book “The Sioux and the frontier when he country’s crude oil. Gilded Age” which is Cheyenne had a sun established the world’s Within a decade they said to describe the dance and saw Indians first research controlled 90%. This time and era. The and soldiers falling laboratory in Menlo is almost considered to characters of this book from their horses. They Park, New Jersey. be a monopoly (the tryed to get rich quick met Custer and his There Edison complete control over but find it harder then cavalry at the Little perfected the light it’s industry’s they anticipated. Bighorn river and bulb. George production wages and crushed Custer’s Westinghouse along prices.) troops. with Edison added innovations that made electricity safer and less expensive.
  5. 5. http://tinyurl.com/cwyb5vb http://tinyurl.com/adnzg7g1876 1877 Jun – Oct 1869 Alexander Graham Nez Pearce War Chief Joseph was one Buffalo Soldiers were Bell unveiled a very occurred in 1887. of the leaders of the black soldiers that important invention of These battles were Nez Pearce War. He formed the 9th and 10th this century, the fought by the Indians led his troops along Calvary. They also telephone. The to try and get their with Sitting Bull to try fought the 24th and 25th telephone made native lands back from and find political infantry regiments. communication easier the U.S government. asylum in the “war” These soldiers fought and more efficient. against the federal in the American Indian government. He fought wars. in the Nez Pearce war where he formally surrendered.
  6. 6. http://tinyurl.com/9wm2t8y http://tinyurl.com/c8l8ncj 1880The Vanderbilt family American Ragtime originated in George Pullman builtowned railroad manufacturers were this time period. It Is a a company thatsystems in western using the Bessemer mix between African manufactures sleeperNorth Carolina. They process to produce 90 American spirituals carts. He owned awere one of the many percent of the nation’s and European musical town that is almost aprominent millionaire steel. This process forms. Ragtime led utopian society.families in the era. involved injecting air later to jazz, rhythm Pullman had a tightly into molten iron to and blues, and rock ‘n’ controlled environment remove carbon and roll. for his workers. other impurities. However Pullman refused to give his workers better wages and they went on a violent strike in 1894 also know as the Pullman strikes.
  7. 7. http://tinyurl.com/c6n4tq3 http://tinyurl.com/bhsad3l1881 1883 1884 1886 5/4/1869Dumbell Tenements are Booker T. Joseph Pulitzer, a The Mugwumps form. Haymarket Affair wasmade in New York City. These Washington believed Hungarian immigrant These are political one of the most violenttenements were used to help that racism would end bought the New York activists. They were strikes in this timeimmigrants that were coming once blacks acquired World newspaper. This republicans who period. One of thefrom all of the world and came useful labor skills and was a popular decided to vote for the rioters tossed a bombthrough an immigration station proved economic innovation that Democratic candidates into a crowd of police.called Ellis island. There was value. He founded the emphasized “sin, sex, because they knew Seven police officersalso another on the west coast Tuskegee Normal and and sensation”. His that James G. Blain died as well as severalcalled Angel island. Both Industrial Institute to main competitor, was politically corrupt. workers.were meant to help immigrants help African Americans William Hearstadjust to the culture shock of acquire useful skills. owned the Santhe U.S. During this time Francisco Examiner.period America was known as He sought to outdo hisa Melting Pot because this other paper, the Newseemed to be the place where York Journal, by fillingpeople from all nations lived it with exaggeratedand spoke the same language. tales.Because of many immigrantsthe idea of nativism cameabout or favoritism of native-born Americans.
  8. 8. http://tinyurl.com/d6hua4n http://tinyurl.com/c6mnpd2 1886 1887 1888 1889Sweat shops are very The National Colored The Dawes Act is George Eastman Jane Addams foundspopular around this Farmers Alliance is passed. It meant to developed a series of the Chicagos Hulltime. These like its white “Americanize” the more convenient house. This buildingworkshops were in counterpart the Indians and possibly cameras compared to was a settlementtenements rather than National Farmers lead to assimilation. heavy glass plated house and was foundin factories. Workers Alliance. Both wanted This is the plan in cameras. These new in a slumhad little choice but to to educate people on which Native cameras used flexible neighborhood thatput up with the interest rates and Americans give up film which could be provided assistance toconditions. government loans. way of life and become sent immediately to a people in the area, part of the white processing center. especially immigrants. culture. The Dawes act These buildings came breaks up Indian about because of reservations and give urbanization or some of the land back growth of cities. to individual Native Americans. Most of the Indians at this time lived on the Great Plains which was a huge amount of flat land full of wild buffalo.
  9. 9. http://tinyurl.com/cbze9v8 http://tinyurl.com/d8gcsga1890 1892 12/28/1890The Sherman Members of Custers The Omaha Platform Ida B. Wells was a editor forAntitrust Act is old regiment rounded is the populist party a local paper. She helpedpassed. This law was up about 350 Sioux convention in Omaha. fight against the evils ofintended to prevent Indians and took them They demanded lynching and other forms ofmonopolies by making to a camp called reforms to be lifted to racism including the poll taxit illegal to establish Wounded Knee. The get rid of the burden of which is to be paid at thetrusts that interfered next day the soldiers debt from farmers and polls. Most blacks could notwith free trade. demanded that the other workers. afford this tax. Another issue Indians give up all their that many blacks had to deal guns. A shot was fired with was the grandfather and the soldiers killed clause which stated that if almost 300 unarmed your father or grandfather Native Americans. could vote before January 1st 1867 you could vote. This means that most blacks could not vote because many of them were still slaves. Most of these laws were called Jim Crow laws, which were laws meant to exploit the African American population.
  10. 10. http://tinyurl.com/chgsaso http://tinyurl.com/cbmee5p1894 1895 1896 Eugene V. Debs was a W.E.B Du Bois is the William Jennings In Plessy V. socialist who attempted first African American Bryan was the editor Ferguson, the to form an industrial to receive a doctorate of the Omaha World supreme court ruled union called the from Harvard. He Herald. He ran for the that the separation of American Railway Union. founded the Niagara Democratic races in public They allowed unskilled Movement which Nomination for accommodations was workers and skilled insisted that blacks President and was a legal and did not workers alike into the seek a liberal arts firm Believer in the violate the Fourteenth Union. They also education. silver standard. He Amendment. focused on Collective gave the Cross of Bargaining, or Gold Speech which negotiation between was in huge opposition representatives of labor of the gold standard. and management to reach agreements on working conditions.
  11. 11. http://tinyurl.com/ctmyfg8 http://tinyurl.com/cevrv8c1903 1910 1911 12/17/1903 Orville and Wilbur About 10 million The Supreme Court Wright, bicycle Americans shopped by ruled that debt manufacturers from mail ordered peonage, a system Dayton, Ohio, catalogs. This was a that bound laborers experiment with new huge advancement into slavery in order to engines powerful because it was work off a debt to a enough to have a craft delivered to you no employer, was illegal. heavier than air float matter where you aloft. On December lived. Americans could 17th at Kitty Hawk, order clothes or North Carolina, they Merchandise. flew the first plane120 feet in the air for 12 seconds.