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  • Reflect In-Store Digital Media Solutions

    1. 1. Digital Media Solutions for the Real World8/24/2012 Confidential - Reflect Systems, Inc. 1
    2. 2. Who is Reflect Reflect is…. The leading full-service provider of Out-of-Home Digital Media Solutions. ReflectView is the most flexible, scalable and proven digital media management solution on the market and is currently used to power over 275,000 active screens found in retail, banking/finance, hospitality, corporate, and entertainment venues.8/24/2012 Confidential - Reflect Systems, Inc. 2
    3. 3. Digital Signage & Interactive Apps Welcome signs with branded content Brand and product messages – screen spanning & TV Walls“Try-It” stations with Interactive service kiosks withproduct demo apps “attract loop” content 3
    4. 4. Engaging the Connected ConsumerLeverage digital signage to drive furtherengagement with other customertouchpoints  Mobile (SMS, QR Codes, Apps)  Social (facebook, Twitter, Foursquare)  Online Channels (E-Commerce site, YouTube)
    5. 5. Passive Media SystemsMediaPoint “Passive” (non-interactive) Media Messaging Promotional Messaging Informational & Entertainment Content
    6. 6. InteractiveTouchPoint Interactive Display System Can include passive media (attract loops) and interactive apps Assisted Shopping, Self Service, Training Touch Screen, physical triggers such as push buttons, motion sensors, RFID & near-field communications (NFC)
    7. 7. ReflectView Suite ReflectView Content Management Display Design & Management Content Programming Content Distribution Playback and Logging Monitoring and Admin
    8. 8. 8/24/2012 Confidential - Reflect Systems, Inc. 8
    9. 9. Future-Ready PlatformOpen Architecture Web Services for extensibility & integration Manage media devices from one platformHardware Agnostic Pick the right tool for the jobTransport Agnostic Pick the best network type for the job
    10. 10. Robust Screen Media ContentSupport for Content Types  Video, Flash, Images  RSS and Real-Time Data FeedsFlexible Display Output  Screen Zones  Live Video  Branded Screen “Themes”  Interactive Apps
    11. 11. Time TargetingPowerful SchedulingDay PartingBy day of weekHolidays, Special EventsPromotional launch & expirations
    12. 12. Geo TargetingAcross the Network  By Geography  By Store Type  By Demographics Ft Worth Dallas  By Name It Austin Region = Texas - Custom
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    20. 20. Case Study – Success at Scale• Average 20% Sales Lift on Products Promoted Digitally (with 50-75% lift on specific brand promotions with partners)• Complimentary advertising sales to offset the network deployment costs (to brand partners and third parties wishing to reach the store’s customers)• Combination of Passive Displays and Interactive Displays for Assisted Shopping• Over 4,300 locations deployed as Turnkey
    21. 21. Case Study – Measuring Success • Leveraged Anonymous Video Analytics to measure engagement • Optimized content to increase effectiveness • Achieved average of triple-digit sales lift on promoted products across several geographic regions where digital media is used in the store • Delivered as Turnkey service with hardware kit, 3G delivery, and content services
    22. 22. The Approach Adjust within applied to achieve validated in a with a and a the to an byObjectives Context Content Location Engagement Call to Action Connection Measurement Notice Demographic Entertainment Walls/Ceiling See Inquire Social Media Awareness Engage Geography Education Checkout Touch Mobile Text Mobile Sales LiftPurchase Seasonality Info-tainment Kiosk Recall Try Web/E-Mail Time of Day Promotion Dwell Points Buy Endcap/Shelf
    23. 23. Matt Schmittmatt@reflectsystems.com214-733-4257