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Activative Platform issue 1

  1. 1. > CONTENTSYear In Review 1 ISSUE 1 > Q3 2012
  2. 2. WELCOMEWelcome to the first edition of the new look Platform magazine - now rebranded as‘Activative Platform’. Sponsorship has changed radically since the very first issuewas published as ‘Sponsorship News’ 30 years ago. The old ‘separate benefit’, ‘cashfor exposure’ and ‘formulaic leverage’ model is dead. Today’s focus is on combinedbenefits through enhanced experiences. Think alliance, collaboration, partnershipand synergy! Successful sponsorship is about building tripartite relationshipsbetween rights owners, sponsor brands and audiences. Our mission is to championthe new model, to spread leadership ideas, to ignite innovation, to showcase ground-breaking ideas and to explore risk-taking activation. Activative Platform is commitedto revolutionary ideas, original thinking, radical strategies, creative inspiration,strategic insights and exploring future facing technologies across the arts, CSR,culture, media, music and sports spaces. Each quarter we aim to become the globalplatform for rights owners, brands, agencies and sponsorship support services.
  3. 3. CONTENTS06 > Activation Trends Activation Trends > Activative explores the quarter’s most inventive activation trends from Cyber Concerts: A New Lease Of Live > In the digital age it is live experiences that people consumer-creativity among Batman’s brand value most. To break free from the physical and partners, music sponsor Spotify tie-ins and capacity constraints of event venues, sponsors18 > Olympic Revolution: IOC Reviews TOP brand-backed RFID festival wristbands, to Olympic host city transport ambush tactics, are increasingly embracing the ‘digital live’ trend where connected technology and social media Euro 2012 football fan passion apps and real- ensure that cyber viewers become a real-time27 > Coca-Cola’s New Olympic Beat time mood measurement initiatives. part of the genuine live music experience. Olympic Revolution: IOC Reviews TOP > As the Opera Rocks, Or It Dies > Opera polarises35 > Lloyds TSB’s London 2012 Journey starting pistol fires for London 2012, Activative talks to Timo Lumme, IOC director of marketing opinion. In the past some sponsors have perpetuated its exclusive image. But financial and television, about its decision to review the necessity and visionary thinking from opera TOP programme, his vision for the future of the and its sponsors are striving to make it more44 > Festival Boom: Amplifying Experience Games and his insights into the sponsorship revolution. Plus Redmandarin’s Shaun Whatling relevant and accessible. Rachel Clarke of Four Sports, Arts & Sponsorship explores some of gives an independent view on the TOP review. the more innovative contemporary approaches.50 > Cyber Concerts: A New Lease Of Live Coca-Cola’s Olympic Beat > Activative shows Technology Secures Tennis Tradition > how Coca-Cola is applying its new content Wimbledon’s charm is as much about what54 > Opera Rocks, Or It Dies creation, liquid and linked marketing strategy to its London 2012 campaign. Analysing the you don’t see as what you do. Its low-visibility sponsor strategy helps make it the world’s philosophy, highlighting the global vs local most prestigious tennis tournament. But balance, its Olympic sponsorship objectives and in light of these restrictions, how can its59 > Technology Secures Tennis Tradition its blending of entertainment genres by placing music at the heart of its campaign. official suppliers activate their rights? The answer, increasingly, is through technology.65 > Data & Statistics: Mainstream Tennis Lloyds TSB’s London 2012 Journey > The first LOCOG partner to sign on and the first Pubishing Partners > William Fenton of World Sponsorship Monitor examines deal data to to activate, Lloyds’ Olympic journey has been see if tennis sponsorship is going mainstream,69 > Education: Change & Adapt, Or Else the longest of any of the sponsors. We talk with Sally Hancock, group partnership director, ESA Diploma course director Peter Raymond’s ‘manifesto for change’, Charles Russell’s about programme structure, objectives, Jon Walters analyses financial fairplay laws, measurement and the importance of its Global Sports Jobs’ Will Lloyd surveys the73 > Law & Legislation: Financial Fair Play community, grass-roots focus. post-Games job landscape and James Grant’s Chris Rawlinson looks at the ‘rights owner’ vs Festival Boom: Amplifying Experience > ‘organisation’ vs ’individual’ balance of power.77 > Recruitment: Post-Olympic Jobsearch Live is leading the music industry’s digital age financial model and brands are playing an About Us > Activative Platform is an interactive ever bigger role. Activative talks with Bestival quarterly magazine committed to championing81 > Talent Management: Power Balance organiser and event outfit Get Involved & Get In Bed about how sponsors and agencies are the new sponsorship model, spreading leadership ideas, exploring original thinking and leveraging the festival experience to provide showcasing innovative, risk taking activation. active engagement with a passionate audience. W. T. @activative
  4. 4. EDITORIALIn July 2005 London’s sponsorship industry won its biggest pitch ever - the OlympicGames. Since then, the city’s agencies - creative and experiential, ambient andhospitality - have focused on the greatest sponsorship challenge and opportunity of alifetime. Now London 2012 is finally here, has this collective effort produced much trulyremarkable work? There has been some criticism of too many ‘play-it-safe’ ads featuringstarting pistols, finishing line celebrations and the ubiquitous Jessica Ennis and UsainBolt. There has even been disappointment about a lack of ambush innovation - howmany other countries have a town called London? But at Activative we are reservingjudgement. There have been iconic moments (The Tower Bridge Rings?) and genuinelypowerful work (Channel 4’s ‘Meet The Superhumans’?), but, more importantly, webelieve this Olympics will succeed or fail on the quality of its real-time activation.We now operate in a live leverage environment and the more sophisticated Games’sponsors understand this. So we look forward to some truly innovative ‘live’ firsts.
  5. 5. STAT SNAP 15000 > Wristbands£3bnGames contracts awarded to Lloyds business customers Sponsored by Samsung worn at 2012 Wakestock Festival 96% Lloyds investment value acheived before Games begin 1928 > Amsterdam$1bn+ 93% The year Coca-Cola began its relationship with the IOCIOC income from TOP partnership programme 1300 > Bearers Unaided brand awarness of the IOC’s Olympic Rings In Coca-Cola’s Future Flames Torch Relay initiative 220 > Countries£800m Will show London 2012 with a 4 billion global TV audience 70%LOCOG sponsorship revenue from national partners Of LloydsTSB customers aware of its Games sponsorship 120+ > Assets In Coca-Cola’s Move To The Beat London 2012 Campaign$500m 69%P&G expected sales increase from Olympic sponsorship 42 > Sponsors Growth in UK live music revenue between 2005 - 2010 LOCOG partners, supporters, providers and suppliers£430m 35 > Formats 30%Already raised from domestic partners of Rio 2016 Lloyds Games measurement & assesment scorecard Of tennis sponsorship deals are with players/individuals 11 > Global$47m Sponsors in the IOC TOP partner programme 1%New York Metropolian Opera’s accummulated deficit 4 > Phases Of IOC’s Olympic focus on stopping ambush marketing In Lloyds TSB’s London 2012 Activation Plan
  6. 6. Activation Trends From the consumer-created focus of Batman’s corporate partnerships, the rise of music sponsor Spotify tie-ups and brand-backed festival RFID wristbands, to ambush activity linked to host city transport partnerships, innovation in shirt launch campaigns, the plethora of football fan passion apps at UEFA’s Euro 2012 and the advent of campaigns basedaround real time mood measurement andreflection, Activative explores some of this quarter’s most inventive and prevalent sponsor activation trends and showcases some of the stand-out examples.
  7. 7. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 7 > Click text below for links Dale Jr Webfi lm > YouTube DewCrew > Website Dew Gotham City > Website NASCAR > Website Imported From Gotham City > Website Chrysler TVC > YouTube Dark Knight Rises Trailer > YouTubeBatman Brand Partners & Consumer-Creation also get his own signature “Dark Knight” look thanks The promotional contest, called ‘Imported from to a custom fire suit. Gotham City’, developed by Wieden+Kennedy, Port- The Dark Knight trilogy has boasted a huge The initiative targets 18 to 24-year-old millenni- land, sees the car company sponsor a contest for fansnumber of brand partnerships: perhaps pushing even als - the core target for both Mountain Dew and the to produce 25-second video clips made with footageJames Bond as the movie series that has racked up movie. Marketers from both brands said that both from the movie, the trailer and a new Chrysler 300Sthe record number of partners. But few other movie Mountain Dew drinkers and Batman fans share a core commercial. The two brands supplied all the assetstie-ins have applied the same level of creative think- psychographic: a desire to be different, to make bold, needed to create an original co-branded TV spoting and consumer-creation opportunities as the final distinctive choices and have bold, distinctive experi- through the ‘Imported from Gotham City’ campaignfilm in the series - The Dark Knight Rises. ences. This campaign, from BBH New York, aims to website (a play on Chrysler’s ‘Imported From Detroit’ User-generated contests that have genuine links provide them with such opportunities and immerse tagline) - including Chrysler 300 imagery and TVto the movie itself can create deep engagement with fans in the world of the Caped Crusader through cus- work, film footage and music.both fanatical franchise fans and aspiring filmmakers. tomised experiences. The director, writer and producer of The DarkThe involvement of the film’s iconic director Chris No- The campaign centres on an online destination Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, selected the win-lan provides these initiatives with genuine credibility. which offers exclusive ning spot, which then debuted on TV for the film’s Two of the stand-out consumer generation content, sneak scene peeks, trailers and storyline release. The winner also received a trip to Hollywood,partner tie-ins for this film were those alliances with tips, as well as the chance to upload Batman-relat- professional help for the final production of the ad, aMountain Dew/NASCAR and Chrysler. ed fan pictures. Some of this content will be open to VIP red-carpet premiere trip and a meeting with No- all, while some will require entry of a product code lan.Mountain Dew & NASCAR > A multi-brand collabora- from 20-ounce or 2-litre Mountain Dew bottles, 12- The contest was promoted by above-the-linetion between PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew, Warner Bros or 24-multi-packs, or fountain cups from restaurants work including a 60-second TV spot for the Chrys-‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and NASCAR star Dale Earn- or cinemas. The product codes will also be used to ler 300, which shows the new model being manufac-hardt Jr offered fans the chance to give Earnhardt’s offer fans the chance to win a set of exclusive Moun- tured in a Gotham City-esque environment. <No 88 car a Batman makeover for the 15 June race at tain Dew/Dark Knight Rises prizes (including a signedMichigan. copy of the movie’s script). Festival Wristbands Leveraging Diet Mountain Dew’s sponsorship of The campaign will also be supported by in-storeNASCAR legend Earnhardt Jr’s Chevy, members of point-of-purchase displays, TV advertising, radio and Despite all of the rain and the mud in the first halfthe team’s ‘DEW Crew’ (a brand-led online club that online work. of the European festival season, one positive featureshares content around the NASCAR team) voted to of the scene has been the emergence of sponsor-select which of four Dark Knight paint schemes the Chrysler > Chrysler also linked with Warner Bros for backed wristband technology. After all, downpourscar will race in. a Dark Knight collaboration which saw film fans be- and mud baths are things UK festival goers typically Each paint scheme captures a different element come film makers through a user-generated contest take in their stride, but having their cash stolen andfeatured in the third and final instalment of Christo- that invited consumers to create their own personal running out of money are two of the worst live musicpher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Earnhardt himself will ad to mark the film’s release. experiences involving either hours with the police or
  8. 8. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 8long treks to the nearest town’s cash point. tival firsts this summer were Barclaycard’s PayBand dovetailed with the ticketing mechanism. > Click text below for links This kind of wristband technology has been tri- at London’s Wireless Festival and Samsung’s RFID PayBand Webfi lm > YouTubealled at several US events and concerts in the last 12 wristbands at Wales’ Wakestock Festival. Samsung & Wakestock > Samsung teamed up with Barclaycard PayBand > Websitemonths. Despite the expense of installing and distrib- RFID outfit Intellitix to make July’s Wakestock Festi- Barclaycard > Websiteuting such systems mechanics, it certainly has the Barclaycard PayBand & Wireless Festival > Thanks val a ticketless event with micro-chipped wristbands Wireless Festival > Websitepotential to make a cleaner, safer and more expansive to headline sponsor Barclaycard, July saw the Wire- used for entry and payment across the event. Wakestock > Websitefestival experience. The advent of secure contactless less Festival become the first UK music event to be Thus the sponsor enabled Wakestock to become Samsung > Websitetechnology can solve problems with a simple swipe fully kitted out for contactless payment. The Barclay- the first festival to use wristband technology in thisof the wrist and looks set to be wholeheartedly em- card Payband, a branded wristband for ticket hold- way - making it one of the most technically advancedbraced by the live event scene. Despite some con- ers, enables attendees to pay for goods (from booze outdoor European music events of 2012.sumer complaints about discomfort and fears about to burgers) using only contactless technology. The 15,000 wakeboarding and music festival go-being electronically tracked by brands and organ- At Wireless, the PayBand was free to customers ers at the North Wales event were all issued with RFIDisers, it seems likely that in the future most people and non-customers and Barclaycard gave festival go- wristbands that were read on arrival to validate entrygoing to live events and festivals will use some form ers the option of either loading up their bracelet with and could then be linked to the social media sites andof NFC and RFID technology for access, payment, £20-worth of electronic value on-site, or to use their pages of other attendees and used to enter sponsorbrand engagement and socialisation. own existing NFC-enabled bank card. To pay, users competitions. It also provides partners and sponsors with a simply tap their band on the payment terminal and The Samsung sponsorship hub, which took thegenuine opportunity, both brands as well as banks, to then wait for the beep and the visual indicators to form of an experiential stand, offered festival goersplay a credible role during festival season by fulfilling confirm the transaction has completed. the chance to sample the new Samsung Galaxy Notea genuine need and solving a genuine festival goer Users are only able to spend up to the value of and Galaxy S III and to upgrade their mobiles, as wellproblem. the sum they have loaded on to their wristbands and as the ability to personalise their wristband by ‘check- The possibilities for this sort of microchip RFID the system has an auto top-up function. Band bal- ing in’ via Facebook and sharing their event experi-technology in sponsorship stretch further than the ances could be checked at Wireless Festival booths ence with friends and family online.simple tracking devices that have been so prevalent and on its website Samsung also showcased its groundbreakingin marathon running in recent years. From avoiding The PayBand also offered a range of event tips, work to enable future festival fans to use an NFC en-queues at football, to frustrating the world’s pick hospitality perks and fun (like the PayBand acti- abled mobile phone for ticketing and payments atpockets and buying drinks at nightclubs, the possi- vated photo booth) and functional features such as future events.bilities are endless. site maps and luxury toilets. It was even issued with Fans who pre-purchased Wakestock tickets were Mobile and band technologies look set to be- a gift and limited edition festival bag. The wristband sent the wrist bands by post ahead of the event, whilecome ubiquitous in festival ticketing and purchasing enables wearers’ access into the Barclaycard Unwind those who bought tickets direct from local outlets ex-and sponsors will have major opportunities to prove Perk Park. changed them for a wristband on arrival at the event.useful, fun and engaging via this new platform. Not all attendees wore a Barclaycard PayBand The objectives included secure access, eliminat- Two of those claiming to be UK wristband fes- this year at Wireless, but in the future it could be ing queues, digital socialisation and sponsor activa-
  9. 9. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 9 > Click text below for links EA & Coke Challenge Europe > Website UEFA > Website McDonald’s Passion Meter > YouTube McDonald’s Passion Meter > Websitetion opportunities. Festivals organiser Stuart Gal- for sponsors. The mechanic, developed by DDB Paris, was fair-braith admitted the technology was fairly expensive But this summer at UEFA’s Euro 2012 Champi- ly simple. Supporters were invited to record a cheer into install and it was only possible because of the onship in Poland and the Ukraine, we saw a slew of support of their national team via webcam. In July, atbacking from the sponsor. But he firmly believes that official sponsors roll out fan passion measurement the end of the competition, the nation with the mostit improves the festival experience – from sharing and campaigns and devices. From Orange’s ‘Shake And passionate fans, as recorded by the online and physi-purchasing to better on-site number monitoring and Shout’ app and McDonald’s ‘Passion Meter’, to Coke cal ‘passion meters’, was rewarded.helps combat ticketing fraud. < Zero and EA’s ‘Challenge Europe’ collaboration and The campaign included both a Facebook app Sharp’s ‘FanLab’s’ initiative an entirely parallel com- and smartphone apps for both iPhone and AndroidFootball Fan Passion Apps & Euro 2012 petition took place between brands measuring pas- handsets that enabled fans to share their own cheer sion. video with friends online. The aim of this feature is to Analysing, comparing and measuring fan pas- And such activations in the football space weren’t try and drive viral spread of the campaign.sion via sponsor apps is the football activation trend just limited to Euro 2012 either. Pilsen’s Support App The digital ‘Passion Meter’ phase launched in ear-du jour. If 2011 was all about mobile app games and for Colombia’s oldest club Deportiva Independiente ly June and was followed by an experiential activationparticipation (such as Heineken’s Champions League Medellín (DIM) shows that the tactic is spreading element at ‘fan zones’ in Kiev (Ukraine) and Warsaw‘Star Player’ and Budweiser’s FA Cup ‘Man Of The right around the world. (Poland) once the matches got underway.Match’), 2012 has been the year of measuring, sharing Some may argue that such widespread use of the Country-specific web films were seeded onlineand competing ‘fan passion’. But the summer of 2012 technique meant that no one brand truly managed to to create awareness an interest and drive viewers tohas seen so many sponsors jump on the bandwagon own the fan passion measurement space. the passion meter site online.for measuring levels of crowd support that it has be- Which begs the question, might this be the re- A key objective of this part of McDonald’s widercome a crowded space in which it is tough for any sult of too much information sharing between official Euro 2012 campaign was to help the brand connectbrand to truly stand out. Euro 2012 partners or too little? with young adults. This widened the demographic Part of the wider move towards refocusing acti- Here we showcase some of the highlights of this targeting of much of its other work, which has typi-vation away from the stars and on to the spectators trend cally focused on the family audience through ele-themselves, fan passion meters certainly succeed ments such as its Player Escort Programme which of-in turning away from the traditional focus on what’s McDonald’s ‘Passion Meter’ > McDonald’s Euro 2012 fers kids the chance to walk on to the pitch with starthappening on the pitch and what the players are do- ‘Passion Meter’ was the focus of its pan-European players at the beginning of towards what’s happening in the stands and what digital campaign which asked fans from across the This pan-European ‘passion’ work also ran along-the fans are feeling. Continent to demonstrate their passion for the sport. side country-specific campaigns, led by a Leo Bur- The theme of ‘football fan passion’ ought to be The initiative, which was the fast food brand’s nett TVC, for its new football-themed Championshipsafe ground for official partner activation. After all, marketing spearhead for its official sponsorship of Menu – which includes the Cheese & Bacon Strikerisn’t that what good sponsorship is meant to be UEFA’s Euro 2012 international football tournament, and the Chicken Maestro burgers.based on? Amplifying, encouraging, driving and le- aimed to discover which of Europe’s football fans are McDonald’s has been an official partner of UE-veraging fan passion as long been the key objective the most passionate. FA’s Euro Championships since 1992 and its activa-
  10. 10. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 10tion of these rights in this year’s Poland and Ukraine Using the copy ‘Make Noise For Your Team. Are tournament and those following it on TV. It included > Click text below for linkstournament aimed to offer a range of engagemen op- you louder than a vuvuzela?’, the initiative urges fans friend and venue finders, a feature that enabled users Orange Supporters Cup > YouTubetions for fans and families. to battle with one another during live games us- to customise photos to show their team support and Orange Supporters Cup > Website Other initiatives included backing the official ing our Orange Supporters’ Cup app to ‘show them exclusive paid-for content and highlights. Orange > WebsiteUEFA Euro 2012 Fantasy Football competition which who’s the best’. After judging its multi-market sponsorship of this Orange > Facebookruns on the organising body’s own website (echoing Participation was driven by the lure of prizes that year’s African Cup Of Nations a success, Orange’s Sharp Fan Labs > YouTubea similar initiative the fast food chain ran to leverage ranged from instant wins like PlayStation Vitas and Euro 2012 activation was its first ever, continent-wide Sharp Fan Labs > Websiteits FIFA World Cup 2010 rights). Sony Xperia smartphones, to tickets to the tourna- digital initiative in Europe. The telecoms firm activat- UEFA > Website Also, on McDonald’s Facebook page, was an- ment itself. ed across 11 markets, including Spain, Poland, France,other Euro 2012 game-led initiative called ‘The Great Online executions promoted the app and urged the UK, Slovakia. Thus making Euro 2012 the brand’sPlayoff ’. It featured a set of online games for children supporters of all 16 countries playing in UEFA’s Euro biggest ever pan-European sponsorshipincluding ‘Crowdy Catch’, ‘Hero Or Zero’ and ‘Mexican 2012 to participate and share their predictions, im- Orange also provided direct support and ser-Wave’. pressions, disappointments and happiest moments vices by acting as the exclusive telecommunications The brand will hope that this array of tactical across its Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages and on partner in Poland – providing everything from IT so-campaigns will ensure that it tapped into the Euro- its tournament-specific Supporters Cup microsite. lutions at the stadium, to the networks and technol-pean and worldwide coverage of the championship, The site also gave users the chance to listen to ogy services which are part of UEFA’s solution to itswhich UEFA itself predicted will rival FIFA’s World supporters’ playlists, create and share their own cus- Broadcaster Partners who will distribute the tourna-Cup and draw an average 150 million fans per match. tomised kits, support their teams on Twitter via the ment around the world. #supporterscup hashtag whose feed is routed backOrange ‘Supporters Cup: Shake & Shout’ > UEFA to the home page and watch the teaser film made by Sharp ‘FanLabs’ > Sharp led its UEFA’s Euro 2012Euro 2012 partner Orange also turned to apps to front Orange ‘shock jock reporter’ Edouard. activation with an insight project into fan behaviourits biggest sponsorship rights activation to date. Or- The site also offered the chance to win prizes and called ‘FanLabs’. Not entirely restricted to fan pas-ange leveraged its official status to try and connect earn points to win tickets and a VIP bus trip. Each sion, this was a slightly more serious initiative thatits customers to the tournament and engage po- week the best supporter video submitted to the site aimed to discover more about European football fantential new customers through both digital, second will be uploaded and made available for everyone to culture and passion through biometric data and sur-screen and mobile experiences. watch. veys. The mobile telecoms brand launched two free Orange was also behind the official pan-Euro- Thus ensuring the brand stayed true to its com-apps to tap into the expected surge in mobile market- pean Euro 2012 app in partnership with rights owner pany roots in technology and dual-screen viewing through the tournament. UEFA. This was a utility-led initiative with a range of To gather the data, the FanLab truck (a mobile The France Telecom outfit rolled out its own features from geolocation and augmented reality laboratory) had a big screen showing matches and‘Supporters Cup Shake & Shout’ app. This is effec- technologies. Launched in April, the main app promo- 16 places for fans upon which experts take biomet-tively a live competition to see which fans can record tion came in the lead-up to kick-off, and the tool was ric tests to obtain insights into the range of emotionsthe loudest cheer. designed to be genuinely useful to fans both at the fans experience while watching a match.
  11. 11. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 11 > Click text below for links Pilsen DIM Fan Passion App > YouTube Bavaria > Website The truck went on a pre-tournament tour and deliver us undiscovered knowledge and unrivalled a mobile app that leverages its sponsorship of thethen operated at ‘fan zones’ in host nations Poland insights into football fans across Europe. About their country’s oldest club Deportiva Independiente Me-and Ukraine. The research lab fed its findings back to hopes, their rivalries, their match predictions, their dellín (DIM).a core information centre and the data results were banter and their emotions. DIM, who currently play in the Colombian first di-then made available on the sponsor’s campaign hub ‘We’re investigating fans’ passions with the help vision, are a legendary team in the country with fiveat of neuroscientific technologies and biometry, along national championships. Nicknamed the ‘Poderoso’ There was also an app, with a sister website, that with playful surveys in an experiment we’re describ- (‘The Mighty’), the team is perhaps even more wellused a series of questions to place each fan within ing as the “fan passion score”. The experiment is known in South and Central America for the extremea matrix of fan behaviour. These were based on the made up of several components and delivers com- passion displayed by its supporters.twin variables of “optimism” (your emotional support pletely new impressions of and information about the So official beer sponsor Pilsen took on the chal-of the team) and “commitment” (your tangible dem- dedication and the differing mentalities of European lenge of finding out just how committed the team’sonstration of that support), with a fan scoring highly fans,’ explains Molyneux. fans actually are.on both dubbed a “12th man”‘ and its polar opposite, Sharp signed up in September 2010 as official Working with DDB (Bogota), the sponsor built“the Sightseer”. sponsor for UEFA EURO 2012 and EUROTOP part- an app which notifies the user when a DIM match is The initiative, set up by London agency Work ner covering all national team competitions within the about to kick off and then measures the intensity ofClub, aimed to offer European football supporters programme until the end of 2013. the user’s movements and voice (jumps and shouts)a chance to actively take part in this socio-cultural Under the agreement Sharp became the exclu- during the game. It’s user interface displays a graphstudy of fan culture and passion. Sharp’s objective sive partner of audiovisual equipment and solar-relat- of individual supporter passion throughout the 90was to work out which fans are the most passionate ed products for UEFA’s flagship national team com- minutes of the match and gives each fan a personalabout football and who is prepared to go the furthest petition, Euro 2012, hosted in Poland and Ukraine. support of their team. The EUROTOP commercial programme relates These scores can then be shared on Facebook The idea is that the app and truck research to the sponsorship of UEFA’s top national team com- and Twitter so fans can compare their commitmentformed a live, dynamic tool in the build up to the com- petitions. with one another and build friendship group commit-petition and during the tournament itself. By asking As part of the wider sponsorship deal, which ment and passion league tables.questions throughout the tournament, it observed includes integrated broadcast sponsorship rights in Pilsen is owned by Bavaria SA, the largest drinkshow fans optimism and mood rises and falls. Europe, Sharp aalso activated various football-led company of Colombia, and owns a range of other Co- In addition, it aims to find answers to questions marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness lombian beer brands including Águila, Águila Light,such as what it actually means to be a fan. and provide UEFA with leading-edge audiovisual Club Colombia, Cola & Pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Per- ‘We want to understand fans more and grasp products and solutions to help deliver best-in-class oni, Pilsen, Póker, Redd’s and Pony Malta.their enthusiasm and passion – so we created Sharp national team competitions. Pilsen has been an official sponsor of the club forFanLabs,’ says Sharp Europe CEO Paul Molyneux. more than seven years and is the team’s main shirt‘FanLabs operates at the point where sport is com- Pilsen’s ‘DIM Passion Meter’ > Beer brand Pilsen is sponsor. But eyeballs on a logo is no longer enoughbined with science, and science with passion. It will measuring Colombian football fan passion levels with in contemporary sponsorship, so supporting activa-
  12. 12. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 12tions like this that engage the fans and contribute to Launched in Sweden in October 2008, Spotify Even its Olympic sponsorship activation, Move > Click text below for linksthe live spectator experience are a necessity. now boasts 10 million-plus users and is available in 16 To The Beat, has placed music at its heart. Super pro- Coca-Cola/Spotify Hackden > YouTube In response to some of the concerns over second countries on both sides of the Atlantic. ducer Mark Ronson fronts its creative, and penned its Coca-Cola My Beat Maker > Websitescreening initiatives, this Pilsen app doesn’t encour- Spotify’s funding model combines paid subscrip- ‘Anywhere In The World’ campaign anthem, while ‘My Coca-Cola Olympic Games > Websiteage fans to shift their attention away from the game tions, in-stream ads for non-subscribers, music pur- Beat Maker’ app detects user movement and con- Coca-Cola > Websiteto a supporting screen or secondary device. Instead, chases from partner retailers and brand partnerships. verts it into music (thus enabling users to make their Spotify > Websiteit remains in a pocket and records jumps and cheers But the summer of 2012 has seen Spotify try to evolve own beats which they can upload to brand’s globalwithout taking attention away from the live action. its brand partnerships into richer, more symbiotic re- music collaboration site The Global Beat and share An initiative like this means less direct fan-brand lationships. with the world).interaction, but also less disruption. At the forefront of this trend has been its collabo- The IOC TOP sponsor also has an additional mu- It should also lead to better in stadium atmo- rations with music and festival sponsors. sic-led, Spotify-powered Olympics app this summerspheres and drive higher levels of support through Spotify founder Daniel Ek refers to the company called London Calling. This second app has been pro-competitive passion. And for those who love watch- as ‘platform’ rather than merely a ‘streaming service’ duced as part of a wider, new collaboration betweening live football that can only be a good thing. < and this summer we have certainly seen several mu- the giant behemoth and music streaming service. sic festival sponsors trying to develop a festival-goer The tie-in emerged from a US-based HackdenMusic Sponsors & Spotify branded experience within Spotify. event in April which pooled leading hackers, app de- Perhaps, for brands heavily involved in the mu- velopers and brand professionals tasked to create the One stand-out leverage trend in the 2012 mu- sic space, having a Spotify app will become more next wave of Coca-Cola music experiences.sic and summer festival scene has been the rise in important than activating on other new technology Following this initial collaboration, the summerpartnerships between sponsors and digital music platforms like Pinterest or Instagram because of the saw Coca-Cola and Spotify announce a new globalplatforms. From Pepsi’s work with online radio sta- emotional role and pulling power that music has on partnership. The deal, which is officially described astion Pandora at The GRAMMYs to Skol’s tie-in with people’s everyday lives. a sponsorship initiative but might more accurately beGoogle+, YouTube and Orkut at Salvador Carnival in Of course, there is a danger that some music fans called it a brand collaboration, will see Spotify will beBrazil, big brands are increasingly linking with new will see Spotify ads as an interruption. part of Coke’s music-themed global marketing cam-tech-led digital music services to activate music For these partnerships to succeed, the activa- paign throughout the next year.sponsorships by gig goers and festival fans discover tion needs to amplify to festival, music discovery and While the cola brand will partner on Spotify’snew bands, personalise playlists and share music. At listening experience without unauthentic injection of international expansion, the streaming music ser-the forefront of this trend have been a number of al- their brands and products into the experience. vice will gain huge exposure from Coca-Cola’s globalliances between music space sponsors and Spotify. Here are some of this summer’s music and festi- reach. Spotify offers digitally restricted streaming of at val sponsor Spotify partnerships. Within this collaboration Spotify technology willleast 15 million songs from major and independent la- be used for Coca-Cola Music’s global activity in re-bels and enables users to play tracks, discover new Coca-Cola Partners With Spotify > Music has been turn for the drinks giant integrating Spotify into itsmusic and share it. at the forefront of Coca-Cola’s marketing in 2012. online and social media presence. While Coke will
  13. 13. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 13 > Click text below for links Kopparberg > Facebook Kopparberg > Website Heineken > Facebook Heineken > Websitesupport Spotify as it launches its music services into generator for the UK’s summer music festival scene. It also connects the brand with a wide range ofnew markets around the world next year. To create a 10-track playlist, users simply log in to music lovers with very different tastes – something As part of the new deal Spotify will release its the Facebook page, select a festival and use a ‘guitar that sponsoring a single festival can fail to iPad app in tandem with Coca-Cola – thus join- pick’ interface to select the three artists playing that Kopparberg’s UK MD Davin Nugent claims thating the company as a global sponsor. festival in whom they are most interested in. its marketing activity, much of which is based around This initiative builds on previous ties between Co- They then have the choice of building a playlist the summer festival scene and word of mouth ratherca-Cola and Spotify after the drinks giant offered its either based only on artists at that festival, or creat- than traditional above-the-line advertising, has led toTwitter followers a free trial Spotify subscription offer. ing a song list based on artists similar to the three a 65% sale increase in the last year. This is an original example of brand collaboration they have picked regardless of which festival they arewhere two companies have matching strategies and playing at this year. Heineken’s Finnish Festival Playlist App > Early Junestrengths which can benefit one another. Coca-Cola Playlists can then be dragged into Spotify, or the saw the international beer brand launch a user-gen-offers its amazing international reach to help Spo- festival’s own radio station can be opened via erated playlist competition for Finnish music festivalstify’s global expansion, whilst Spotify’s music tech- The app’s objective is also to enable users to ex- called ‘Playlist Guru’.nology offers Coke access a wealth of music content plore new music by artist, or by browsing other us- Heineken collaborated with Finnish agency 358possibilities for its marketing. ers’ festival playlists, as well as being able to work out Helsinki to build a Facebook-based music tool that Whether this is a sponsorship, a partnership or which festivals are being most talked about (some- enables users to create Spotify playlists for threejust a deal, we are sure to see more of such mutually thing worked out by which are the most ‘scrobbled’ Finnish music festivals: Turku Modern, Kuudes Aistibeneficial link-ups in the future. festival artists, which have the most at- and Blockfest. tendees and which have the most playlists created Users simply pick one of the three festivals, cre-Kopparberg’s Spotify & Festival App > This through the Kopparberg app. ate their own playlist and then hope the others par-summer sees Kopparberg collaborate with both live ‘Kopparberg is proud to bring this innovative app ticipating in the campaign and festivalgoer’s vote formusic streaming service Spotify and the world’s larg- to festival and music lovers – using Spotify’s fantastic their playlists.est online music catalogue to create the Kop- content and’s music discovery service means Each user’s playlists can consist of 20 tracks andparberg Festival Player App. this is a totally unique app,’ says Kopparberg Head of can be made available to other users and festival go- This joint cider and music brand initiative, de- Marketing, Rob Calder. ‘The partnership elevates our ers who are also able to comment on them or justvised by media and buying agency Arena Media, is continued support of new music and festivals allow- ‘Like’ them.the first time these two music services, both of which ing us to shine a spotlight on the talent of 2012 and There is a competition element to the initiativeare at the forefront of the contemporary music plat- give something back to our 110,000 Facebook fans.’ which enters those who created the most popularform revolution, have teamed up. This is a neat music app that looks set to enhance playlists into a draw for festival tickets. The app, developed by Arena media, is accessed Kopparberg’s sponsorship or pouring rights presence Furthermore, the most successful and popularvia Kopparberg’s UK Facebook page and blends Last. at 15 or more UK festivals in 2012. These range from creators will also have their own playlists getting air-fm’s intuitive listening data with Spotify’s live stream- sponsored stages at Field Day, Apple Cart and Rock- time on Finnish radio to create a fresh and consumer-friendly playlist ness, to Streetfest and the Lomond Folk festival. A shareable and simple method of amplifying the
  14. 14. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 14beer brand’s festival sponsorship. < EDF’s ‘Energy Of The Nation’ > With the Games just point for uploading and gathering together tweets, > Click text below for links a few days away, EDF switched focus from ‘loyalty’ videos and posts to create user generated content EDF Energy Of The Nation > WebsiteReal-Time Mood Capture to patriotism with a campaign aiming to measure the about the Games. The best of this will be incorpo- EDF Energy > Website country’s Olympic mood and express it on a daily rated into McDonald’s Games advertising. London Eye > Website Low latency response has been an increasingly basis. With help from agency Ignite, and using data The work includes roving guerrilla film crews McDonald’s > Facebookimportant feature for sponsor activation as official sourced from 10 million UK Twitter accounts, this day- shooting the emotions of those watching the com- McDonald’s > Websitepartners leverage their rights by reacting to events by-day reflection of the host nation’s Games enthusi- petition at official fan parks and in cities around theas close to ‘live’ as they are able. In London 2012 one asm will be spearheaded by an illuminating light show country. People will be invited to upload their ownaspect of this trend has seen a focus on live expres- on the EDF sponsored London Eye. videos and photographs onto Facebook and the bestsions of crowd mood. The campaign aims to amplify and express the content will be incorporated into TV advertising in- By monitoring national sentiment on real time highs and lows of the nation’s feelings about the cluding its closing ceremony ad and outdoor adver-digital platforms like Twitter, or via roving physical TV Olympic drama with a nightly 9pm light show and it tising including the Piccadilly Lights in London.crews, brands can track event enthusiasm and reac- will highlight EDF’s status both as official electricity There is also a question-and-answer drivention and then use this as the core of their ongoing, supplier and a sustainability partner of London 2012 ‘mood-o-meter’ on the company website as well asin-event activation. and as the sponsor of the London Eye itself. outdoor digital sites, reflecting the mood of the na- For the first time ever at an Olympics, Twitter is The campaign is a multi-channel push that in- tion in real-time and encouraging everyone to playlifting the veil on Olympic life: from positive tweets cludes PR and above-the-line work, but heavily fo- their own part in ‘making’ the Games.about the range and quality of food in the athletes’ cused on digital platforms. This activity occurs in the second stage (the dur-canteen and negative complaints from athletes lost In addition to the work at the London Eye itself, ing the Games phase) of the three stage London traffic, to insider insights into the life of the the campaign includes a supporting hub website, as The wider 10-week initiative, developed by Leosporting stars such as pictures of Team GB swimmer well as an Energy2012 mobile app and an Energy of Burnett (with media planning and buying by OMD),Rebecca Adlington’s messy room. the Nation Facebook app. also includes traditional outdoor, press and TV work), During the Beijing Games Twitter was in its ear- The interactive Energy Map offers consumer the focuses on personal stories from those around the fanly adopter infancy stage and there were only a few chance to explore how the country is feeling about parks and throughout the city centre, documentary-hundred thousand tweets per day. For London 2012 London 2012 in detail. It enables consumers to zoom style material, user-generated content, social media,the platform is maturing fast and there are more than in one feelings and areas and to interact with tweets as well as major outdoor sites such as its Piccadilly400 million tweets per day. from around the country and explore the Olympic Lights London flagship space and the interior of its This kind of Twitter-led campaign reflects a wider buzz. flagship Olympic Park restaurant.trend both for athletes and fans and offers the chance The aim of the campaign is to capture people’sto create campaigns that are the first of their kind. McDonald’s ‘We All Make The Games’ > One key ele- emotions, humour and experiences in real time, and Two Olympic examples to follow are campaigns ment of McDonald’s everyman-focused London 2012 for the work to become a barometer for the mood offrom IOC partner McDonald’s and LOCOG tier one ‘We All Make The Games’ campaign, sees digital ac- the nation during the Games. <sponsor EDF. tivity from Razorfish that uses Facebook as a focal
  15. 15. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 15 > Click text below for links Show Your City > YouTube Man City FC > Website Umbro > Website Warrior Webfi lm > YouTube Liverpool Shirt Launch > YouTube Liverpool FC > WebsiteShirt Launch Innovation City, last season’s Premier League winners, and alive in the new away kit. The best dressed defending Umbro launched the new kit with Gallagher joining champions of all time? No doubt.’ The increasingly innovative marketing strategies team captain Vincent Kompany for the launch. This is the last Umbro kit for City, after the Man-and tactics of the major sports clothing brands and But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the chester-based sports brand was dumped in favour ofequipment manufacturers are now being applied to launch sees Umbro and City invite fans to come up a new six-year kit deal with Umbro’s parent Nike inthe formerly old school club shirt launch campaign. with ideas to launch the kits. Between the PR launch a deal thought to be worth as much as £12m a year.What was once largely a PR junket that featured a few and when the shirts go on sale (the away kit goes on The two new shirts take quite different designstar players, a press release describing how the new sale from 14 July, while the home kit on 26 July) a se- paths. The home kit keeps City’s familiar sky bluekit connects with and builds upon the club’s heritage, ries of ‘Show Your City’ fan launches will be released. colour and incorporates black detailing and trima photographer and several football hacks desperate This initiative encourages fans to upload their which takes influence from the 1969 FA Cup and 1970for some soccer news to report during the off season, own creative ideas from the campaign microsite. League Cup winning uniforms. But the new sway stripis increasingly becoming a major engagement oppor- These start with pictures captured by music pho- goes back to the maroon colour worn by the FA Cuptunity for club, manufacturer and sponsor. tographer and City fan Kevin Cummins. Cummins winning teams of 1934 and 1956. This trend has really heated up this season as is most famous for his photos of iconic Manchester Umbro is almost 90 years old and is the longnew kit brands try and make a splash as they enter bands such as Joy Division, The Smiths and The Stone term kit supplier to the England football team withthe highly competitive European football market- Roses and took the shots of Gallagher and Kompany which it has a contract to for the first time. Under Armour’s added a hint in Belgium for the initial stage of the campaign.of clubbing style mystery to its ‘secret gig-style’ hid- Belgian Kompany surprised music fans at the Liverpool’s Social Warrior > Liverpool’s new 2012/13den warehouse launch event to unveil its first kit for Rock Werchter music festival in his home country by shirt launch was its first venture following a £25-mil-Tottenham Hotspur. Arsenal went down the route of introducing Gallagher on stage prior to the musician’s lion-per-year kit deal with new partner Warrior. A sumthe cheeky mini online film for its new kit launch, while performance. The 80,000-strong crowd cheered as which was a record amount when the deal was firstNike chose a Hollywood-style event for its first range the Belgian centreback embraced the musician on announced last year. The partnership marked War-of NFL uniforms after taking over the centralised NFL the main stage before his set. rior’s first foray into the football world. Its previouscontract from Reebok with a launch that looked like a Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany said powerbase has been in lacrosse and ice carpet movie premiere. of the launch event: ‘I always look forward to return- Liverpool FC is the world’s fourth best sell- ing to Belgium but this really was a special occasion ing strip globally. The club reportedly shifts aroundMan City’s ‘Show Your City’ > You can’t escape mu- and a moment to savour. Noel is obviously a huge star 900,000 shirts annually. This is an impressive num-sic-led campaigns in the sports space at the moment. so I was happy to introduce him in front of 80,000 ber beaten only by a handful of clubs including Man- Led by Olympic sponsor activation such as Coca- fans in my home country.’ chester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona.Cola’s ‘Move To the Beat’, Adidas’ Wretch 32-led ‘#Ta- While Gallagher himself commented: ‘The new Boston-based Warrior, which was founded bykeTheStage’ and Omega’s ‘ Start Me Up’, now comes home kit is pure class. It might be the best one a former Lacrosse player, was acquired in 2004 byManchester City using Noel Gallagher to launch its we’ve had in a decade. As modern and radical as it is sports giant New Balance. It takes over the club’snew 2012/2013 kit. though, it’s nice to see Umbro keeping our heritage shirt partnership from previous incumbent and Euro-
  16. 16. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 16pean soccer powerhouse adidas. Adidas had held the ers, Liverpool’s head of content. east of the country, has linked with the Brazilian > Click text below for linkscontract since 2006. ‘We were keen to maximise the reach of all of Health Ministry and the local Salvador medical com- Vitoria FC Shirt Launch > YouTube With the new-to-football brand keen to impress, our social media channels including our new YouTube munity on a blood donation campaign that revolves Shirt Launch Campaign > Websitetheir first kit launch was more than just the usual blend channel as well as Pinterest and Tumblr.’ around the team’s iconic red and black hooped shirt. Vitoria FC > Websiteof press release, media event and player pictures. The As for the shirt itself, an eternal flame and the The campaign, ‘My Blood is Red and Black’, re-new kit sponsor released its own pre-launch online number 96 is embossed at the base of the neck on volves around the club’s classic shirt. The side hasteaser film showcasing its ‘expect us’ – as it solidifies the back of the jersey by way of tribute to the 96 fans temporarily removed the red to focus fan attentionits link with Liverpool. The creative is based on real who died in the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. on the importance of blood donation and ‘doinglife footage in the city and around the stadium and The club and new partner Warrior will hope the something amazing’. The red has been swapped forfeature’s guerrilla style messaging, graffiti and player new kit will help the club recapture its dominance of white stripes and the club will change back one redprojections, the brand and the tagline onto neigh- the English and European game in the 70s and 80s. hoop according to the campaign’s success. Once suf-bourhood walls and the side of the stadium. Especially after a disappointing season. ficient numbers of supporters have donated blood, The video ntegrates with the umbrella Liverpool the shirt will be restored to its classic colours.activation through the #LFCkit hashtag – aiming to Vitoria FC’s Brazilian Blood Donation > Teams The campaign began with the shirt change anddrive social media conversation about the brand, club and sponsors are also tying shirt launches into their was launched at a recent match which saw the teamand the new kit. To date there have been tens of thou- CSR programmes. Footballers and football clubs are carry a flag out on to the pitch proclaiming ‘Vitoriasands of tweets using the hashtag which was trend- often criticised for their behaviour and finances, but has always given its blood for you. It’s time for you toing worldwide on the day after the kit launch. such campaigns can help combat the clichés and give yours. Join the campaign for blood donation that The pre-launch Warrior film has 80,000 views, negativity that can surround the game. will bring the colours of the uniform Victoria back.’while within 10 days of the launch the actual kit launch The last few years has seen several stand out Fans are encouraged to visit the team’s Facebookvideo has racked up more than 500,000 YouTube initiatives, including Barcelona’s five-year initiative page at This main launch film was seeded across the which saw it pay UNICEF to wear the organisation’s for the details on how to participate and donate.web and social media. It follows the usual pattern of logo on its shirt (which was replaced by last year’s To further boost the campaign message the clubblending some behind the scenes shots of the new £125m commercial deal with the education-focused has created a supporting web film hosted on thestrip photo shoot, with a set of interviews and quotes Qatar Foundation), Aston Villa’s former shirt deal with team’s site and seeded across the internet. The videofrom players as well as new kit imagery. local children’s hospice Acorns and Vasco Da Gama’s includes a link to a Facebook page . ‘When we sat down to work out our content plan anti-racist shirt initiative with kit brand Penalty. ‘We wanted to do more than just ask fans to givearound the ‘reveal’ of the new LFC kit, social media The most recent eye catching CSR launch came blood,’ says club president Alexi Portela. ‘With thiswas at the forefront of our thinking. We know from from Brazilian club Vitoria FC. The beautiful game, it initiative, fans can participate more actively in thepast experience that kit reveals generate enormous seems, is in the blood of most Brazilians, but Vitoria’s campaign and will see the importance of a gestureexcitement amongst fans and we wanted to reach latest campaign aims to see if its fans are willing to like this that can help save countless lives.’out to and engage with as many supporters as pos- give their red stuff away. The initiative follows a nationwide drive to en-sible when the clock struck midnight,’ said Paul Rog- The Serie B team, founded in 1899 in the north courage people in Brazil to donate blood for trans-
  17. 17. > CONTENTS Activation Trends > 17 > Click text below for links Emirates Air Line Webfi lm > YouTube Emirates Air Line > Website Virgin Media Tube Wi-Fi > Websitefusions. Blood donations fall as much as 25% dur- official games partner) and Virgin Media (BT is the tisers from splash page banners to augmented realitying school holidays, so like football, donations tend official telecoms partner) – by tying up deals with and QR code campaigns. Debut advertisers includeto stop in July. This programme aims to reverse that Transport For London (TFL) Renault and eBay and Virgin Media has also estab-trend. lished tie-ups with Spotify, Time Out and MyMovies. Other clubs are also joining the initiative. In June Emirates Air Line Cable Car > Airline Emirates spon- net to host branded content on the networkSao Paulo, one of Brazil’s biggest clubs, put the slo- sors TFL’s new state-of-the-art cable car across the According to Virgin, more than one milliongan ‘Give Blood’ on its shirts for a game in another Thames. This smart move saw the Dubai-based air- tweets, Facebook posts, emails and web pages wereattempt to help raise awareness of the importance of line invest £36m in return for the 10-year naming being sent via the service by mid July. <blood donations. rights to a new river crossing transport link connect- Furthermore, the percentage of blood donors in ing Greenwich with the Royal Docks.Brazil is currently only at 2%. The World Health Or- The Emirates Cable Car crosses the every 30-sec-ganisation recommends the number should be 3%. onds and can carry 2,500 passengers per hour and Many football fans across the world claim to its East London location and impressive skyline archi-bleed the club’s colours, the supporters of this one tecture means that it is likely to get a great deal ofclub now have the chance to prove it. Games media coverage and airtime. Vitoria is one of the favourites to achieve promo- The naming rights also get the brand on to thetion this season and perhaps the blood campaign will iconic London Underground mapboost its chances. In their first red-less shirt matchthey beat Avai 2-0. < Virgin Wi-Fi’s London Underground > Virgin Media signed a five-year deal with The Greater London Au-Host City Transport Ambush thority to be the first wi-fi provider for the London Underground network and has switched on the sys- The London Olympics has seen the rise of a semi- tem in June and July in the lead up to the Games. Upofficial alternative to the more familiar ambush ap- to 120 stations will be connected to free wi-fi by theproaches of the tongue-in-cheek-association and the time the initial phase of the project is completedpublicity stunt – the host city transport sponsorship. This enabled the company to run an integratedBy becoming an official partner of a fixed transport campaign across the city promoting the arrival of theproperty, brands can be seen to support genuine new service – giving it a strong visual presence acrossutilities for fans and market their associations without the underground network in and amongst other ma-falling foul of host city anti-ambush legislation. jor tube activation by official Olympic sponsors (no- In London this has seen some shrewd sponsors tably EDF).ambush arch rivals who are official London 2012 part- It also functions as a brand new central Londonners – most notably Emirates (British Airways is an media channel for Virgin to sell space to other adver-
  18. 18. Olympic Revolution: IOC Overhauls TOP Still not entirely convinced that sponsorship is undergoing a revolution? Well, the IOC is! The world’s most famous and valuable property owner recognises that a radical shift is taking place. Changeis necessary – even for the mighty Olympic Games. As London 2012 begins, Activative Platform talks with IOC Director Of Marketing and Television Timo Lumme about the organisation’s sponsorship strategy and the review of its TOP partnership framework as the Olympic movement adapts to the new realities of today’s sponsorship landscape.
  19. 19. > CONTENTS Rights Holder > IOC > Olympic Revolution: IOC Overhauls TOP 19 As the starting pistol fires for the London scape.Olympics, the International Olympic Committee But what is driving this change and how is the ‘Nowadays partners are regularly(IOC) will also begin a major review of The Olym-pic Partner (TOP) programme. Olympic sponsorship programme adapting to the new reality and making the most of new oppor- pushing the envelope in terms of The global Olympic partner programme, the tunities? defining and redefining what a sponsorworld’s most valuable sponsorship scheme, willundergo a significant overhaul as the IOC under- New Landscape: Added Value Relationships > actually is. There is a big picture shiftgoes a period of restructuring. When TOP was launched in its original guise in Despite TOP’s status as the world’s richest 1985 it was groundbreaking for the sports spon- from “awareness” to “engagement”. Thispartnership property - in 1988 it was reportedto be worth just $96m, but by London 2012 its sorship industry and a major step forward for the IOC. There is little doubt that it has proven very matches the ever-growing importance ofvalue has swelled to a staggering $1bn – the IOC successful over the years – as demonstrated by adding value through activation, so ouris starting a modernisation review. the fact that several of the original partners are ‘We will do a very deep dive in terms of a still on board. partners are continually reinventing thegrassroots review of the programme,’ says IOC Di- But the IOC admits that the business land-rector Of Marketing and Television Timo Lumme. scape and sports marketing has changed dra- very definition of being a sponsor.’ From pricing and product categories, to matically since then and it is important to adaptrights, timelines, media platforms, geography to the changing marketplace both for itself andand stakeholder structure, most of the pillars that for its partners. Timo Lummehave underpinned the programme for the last 25 Future facing technologies, new communi-years will be reassessed. cations channels and the rise of social media are Director Of Marketing And Television The IOC confirms it will look at every part of combining with a global economic shift, the risethe programme but it is open minded about the of the BRIC markets and the continued increase IOCoutcome. It says that it may be that very little is in the sponsorship sums being raised by domesticaltered, just a few tweaks and category adjust- deals and host nation organising committees.ments, or it may result in major changes. According to Lumme, the very nature of The IOC says that the process will start in sponsorship itself is undergoing a redefinition.earnest after London and describes the process ‘Nowadays partners are regularly pushingas extremely thorough, but not one with a rigid the envelope in terms of defining and redefin-framework or deadline. ing what a sponsor actually is,’ explains Lumme. The IOC has no existing TOP contracts last- ‘There is a big picture shift from “awareness” toing beyond 2020 (although it has seven partners “engagement”. This matches the ever growing im-signed up until that date) and will not sign deals portance of ‘adding value through activation’, sobeyond then until the process has been com- our partners are continually reinventing the verypleted. No new IOC deals beyond 2020 will be definition of being a sponsor.’sought or signed until the programme has been This is perhaps more relevant to consumerreshaped: an exercise that Lumme aims to com- facing companies where there is a clear evolvingplete before the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics. trend from ‘awareness’ through ‘appeal’, to ‘how Current partners will be included in the re- you approach a consumer’ and ‘how you buildview. The IOC will sit down with them and discuss your consumer relationships’.their thoughts, ideas and needs. ‘Adding value to people’s lives is key and in The review, which will also examine how the order to do this brands must develop both directorganisation can provide new metrics and greater and indirect conversations with them,’ arguesmeasurement scrutiny, aims to ensure that the Lumme.IOC continues to deliver an unmatched level of While this trend may be more pressing for thevalue for its partners in light of a combination of IOC’s consumer brands, Lumme believes that it isfactors that is reshaping the sponsorship land- also relevant to the more traditional industrial and