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Spec & Resp - Lesson 11 - Historical Perspective


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Spec & Resp - Lesson 11 - Historical Perspective

  1. 1. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Analyse the significance of ‘Historical Context’ in relation to shock and emotional response Analyse ‘Freaks’, ‘Psycho’, & Rear Window and their shocking elements Identify how pleasure can be gained from Voyuerism Research the historical context of A Clockwork Orange and answer a short exam style question
  2. 2. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE When viewing films we must place the idea of emotional responses (shocking / horrific etc) in to some sort of historical context We must be aware of a films place in history and how the development of a cult status can influence our response to film We must acknowledge that shock can lessen in impact over time It is equally important to acknowledge that shock can also continue to remain shocking over time
  3. 3. FREAKS & PSYCHOS Watch the following extracts from Freaks & Psycho and make notes on the following: Why do you think the films were considered shocking at the time of release? How do the FORM & CONTENT engender a shocking response from the audience? Which scene is the most shocking to you, as a modern spectator? Why do you think one scene remains shocking and the other not?
  4. 4. FREAKS & PSYCHOS Filmmaker have always attempted to gain some sort of emotional response from spectators, and spectators have always attended cinemas in order to have their emotions aroused Effective storytelling encourages us to feel human emotions by allowing us to sympathise, empathise or even identify with characters and the narrative experience As spectators we must find this experience pleasurable, or we would not return to the cinema. Write a short paragraph explaining your own response to both Psycho & Freaks
  5. 5. FREAKS & PSYCHO The change of what we see as shocking changes over time as a result of changing social values This leads to a change in what we deem to be acceptable in film For instance, Hitchcock was pleased to get a pan-shot of a toilet passed censors The lunch-time meeting between Marion and her partner was also seen to be pushing the boundaries of acceptability at the time By modern standards it may be surprising that this was ever considered to be shocking cinema
  6. 6. FREAKS & PSYCHOS The initial reaction of the 1930’s public was one of disgust, apprehension, and distress towards the explicit subject matter For the first time issues of sexual deformity were being used to illicit strange and uncomfortable emotional responses from audiences The representations of disability is Freaks still has the power to shock The film was banned in the United Kingdom from its release in 1932 until 1963 Freaks (Todd Browning) Many people still respond in a negative way Banned in the UK as they see the film as mocking of the for 30 years – 1932 ‘freaks’ - 1962
  7. 7. REAR WINDOW Watch the following sequences from Peeping Tom & Rear Window How do they encourages the idea of film as voyeuristically pleasurable? What is the connection between voyeurism and pleasure?
  8. 8. VOYEURISM What sort of emotional response does voyeurism The voyeur is presented as a bring about? ‘diseased’, often paranoid, violent individual who violates Depending on what you are the norms of everyday life. Films validate these depictions viewing your responses may be of the voyeur by having persons different for different films in power (family members, editors, supervisors, the police) We maybe able to experience articulate how and why the people watching without the guilt voyeur is a sick or deviant or negative feeling and this person and why his or her gaze is inappropriate brings pleasure (Denzin 1995: 3) Alternatively it allows us to engage in otherwise Taboo activities and can provide a thrill / new experience unavailable in the real world
  9. 9. VOYEURISM Read the analysis of Rear Window and underline any important or relative points
  10. 10. CONTEXT Log on to the internet and research the history of A Clockwork Orange Consider  The Book  The Development of the film  Critical & Commercial response  Removal from Cinemas by Kubrick  Legacy Considering the significance in the films historical context, how has this knowledge impacted upon your own personal response to the film?