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Narrative - Scene 7 - grunwalksi


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Narrative - Scene 7 - grunwalksi

  1. 1. A2 FILM STUDIES – FM4 – URBAN STORIES – POWER, POVERTY & CONFLICTVinz and Hubert are arguing over what is the right course of action to take when they are interrupted by anelderly French citizen.The man tells the trio an allegorical story about ‘Grunwalski’ – an old friend who died due to his inability to let goof his pride (letting his pants fall so he can grab the departing train)The moral of this story is “you must let go of your pride or it could bring about your death Can Todorov’s theory of narrative be applied to this scene? Explain your answer What is the purpose of this sequence? You must include analysis of themes, micro elements and include some cultural / historical context.
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