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Narrative - Scene 4 - tv crew


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Narrative - Scene 4 - tv crew

  1. 1. A2 FILM STUDIES – FM4 – URBAN STORIES – POWER, POVERTY & CONFLICTOur three characters sit in an abandoned childs play area building a joint. Sayid is telling the tale of his latest female conquest but both Hubert & Vinz make fun of him and call him a liar. Later a camera crew drives past before reversing and attempting to interview the boys. All three characters see this as an invasion of their environment and know that they will be represented in a very negative way. How can Todorov’s theory of narrative be applied to this scene? What purpose does this scene serve? What does it tell us about the underclass / immigrants relationship with the media in France? Consider: The assumption on behalf of TV crew that they boys are criminals / rioters The violent and aggressive reaction from Vinz & Sayid
  2. 2. Notes