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Narrative - Scene 1 - vinz driving around paris


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Narrative - Scene 1 - vinz driving around paris

  1. 1. A2 FILM STUDIES – FM4 – URBAN STORIES – POWER, POVERTY & CONFLICTVinz leaves the boxing match in the company of his acquaintances. The trio joy ride around Paris whilst listeningto rap music.The trio attempt to enter a bar but are denied access by a black bouncer. Vinz’s friend (who is Black) raciallyabuses the bouncer then shoots him in the face.A deep focus shot tells us that Vinz is shocked and terrified by the events. The scene ends with Vinz leaving to findHubert & Sayid How can Todorov’s theory of narrative be applied to this scene? What can we learn about the character of Vinz through this sequence? You must include analysis of themes, micro elements and include some culturual / historical context.
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