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Lh 5 jews in france and vinz


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Lh 5 jews in france and vinz

  1. 1. Learning Objectives• Case Study 1 – Jews in France – The history of the Jewish people in France• Case study 2 – Panic on the streets of Paris – A look at the Paris riots and the reasons why they are such a common feature in the History of the city• Case Study 3 – Labelling Vinz – What labels can we apply to Vinz? – Analysis of the character of Vinz• Complete essay examining the importance of social context when viewing films from foreign nations
  2. 2. Jews in France• France has a long association with the Jewish community• For over 2000 years Jewish communities have been found in France• As of 2010 there are believed to be between 483,000 & 500,000 Jews living in France• This number makes up only 1% of the entire French population• Ever since Jew’s first settled in France they have been persecuted and faced Anti-Semitism – often state sponsored – especially during the 20th Century
  3. 3. Jews in France• At the beginning of the 20th Century Anti-Semitism was actively encouraged by Anti-Republican political groups, the Catholic Church, the Army, Civil Service and the Judiciary of France• People believed the Jew’s could never be properly integrated in to a French Christian society and therefore were seen as potential traitors Marechal Philippe• After Germany’s occupation of France in 1939 the Petain country was split in two Ruler of the Nazi backed, – German Controlled Vichy-French – Vichy controlled Government• Over 150,000 Jews sought refuge in Vichy but were subjected to fierce discrimination similar to that practiced by the Nazi’s
  4. 4. Jews in France• Jewish citizens were rounded up and held in train stations and stadia before being transported to Auschwitz• During World War II the Vichy government exported 75,721 Jews to Nazi death camps• Of these, only 2000 survived• It was not until the retirement of French president Francois Mitterrand (whom had been decorated by Petain himself) in 1994 that the country was able Work sets you free to face up to its role in the massacre of the Jews.• Mitterrand claimed that it would cause to much ‘Civil Unrest’ if the issue was given a public forum
  5. 5. Jews in France• Over the years feelings of resentment, anger and denial built up, before exploding in the 1980’s and 1990’s in the form of violent riots• Between the years of there have been several major riots in the city of Paris• What does this suggest to you about French Society and culture?• This continual cycle of violence indicates that there is a deep lying problem in French society – especially among the immigrant / working classes
  6. 6. Panic on the streets of ParisJust because La Haine was made in1995 does not mean that the riots of Paris has a long history of riots.1994 were in anyway ‘special’ During May 1968 students began occupational protests, inspiring trade unions and entire industries to strike. Riots broke out and police brutality was high. It was the largest strike in history.As riots are on-going we are able tosafely say that the riots taking placeare not related to one specificincident but rather reflect anunderlying tension, fear and problemwith French society. What are the reasons for this?
  7. 7. Segregation of Past atrocities inc: immigrant •Setif Massacre communities: • Vichy Governments •Shanty towns treatment of Jews •Les Banlieues during WWII Ethnic minorities Resistance to Whymake up only a small assimilation percentage of the Riot? total population Governments lack of Rise of skin-head religious affil – gangs during the banning of the burka Police Brutality: 1970’s, 80’s & 90’s Deaths of over 300 immigrants at the An un-sympathetic hands of the police government with since 1980 history of genocide
  8. 8. Jews in France• Vinzs’ religion / ethnic background is one of many ways in which we can identify or ‘label’ him• It is also one of several factors that contribute to his isolation and position in society• This is very important as it enables us to view his character and his actions from ‘a certain point of view’• E.g – If we see Vinz as a criminal, we are less likely to sympathise – If we see Vinz as a victim, we are more likely to empathise with him situation
  9. 9. Task• Watch the following extracts and make notes on the following:• In what different ways can we ‘label’ vinz?• How does your understanding of French history inform your opinion about: – Vinz refusing to attend temple – Vinz’s desire for revenge – his desire to kill a policeman – His apparent lack of motivation to get a better life – His need to be respected and his fear of murdering a police officer
  10. 10. Unemployed Criminal BrotherSkin-head White Jew Son Victim Thug
  11. 11. Homework• Using your new knowledge of French history answer the following question: “How has the study of French history and culture deepened your understanding of the film ‘La Haine’?”
  12. 12. Immigrants in France• Because of the difficulty integrating into French society, many young males of African and Arab descent work for the lowest wages and often live in ghettos where crime is rampant.• "Western Europe society has not managed to integrate second- or third-generation immigrants," said Scott Atran, Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and professor of psychology at the University of Michigan.
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