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Answering the question - Stars


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Answering the question - Stars

  1. 1. Question ‘Neither producers nor audiences need stars anymore’ How far do you agree with this statement?IN your exam you will be given a resource packcontaining information relating to your questionREMEMBER:The resource pack is a guide – thecontent of the resource pack will containinformation on the areas the questionsexpects to you to cover
  2. 2. QuestionWorking in pairs come up with a list of phrases /elements that could be used to complete thesesentences:Films stars are still relevant toproducers & audiences because....Films stars are no longer relevantto producers & audiences relevantbecause....
  3. 3. StarsObviously, there are many elements that contribute to afilm’s success and we have not covered them all at thistimeHowever we can attempt to answer this question usingthe information we have, and return to it later duringrevision Read through the resource pack and highlight the key points. Highlight the information you would either use in your answer, or information that you think are important
  4. 4. StarsThe resource pack should act as a guide only!The purpose of the resource pack is to guide your response andhighlight the areas the examiners are looking for In your opinion, what do you think this question is asking you to write about?Any questions that asks “Do you agree?” are asking you topresent both sides of an argument and come to a conclusionbased on the evidence presentedIn your exam answer you must present an argument for, andan argument against – using case studies to support yourpoints
  5. 5. StarsThe resource provides UK box officeinformation for 2009As you can see only one of the films contained anyestablished ‘Stars’ What does this tell us about stars and their relevance?This information tells us that film stars are nolonger the main draw of many modern films.Films that offer new faces, familiar characters,updates of old genres, franchise opportunities and Why do you think‘New Cinematic Experiences’ seem to appeal more this is?to audiences
  6. 6. Over familiar? What reasons can do you think contribute to the fall in star power?One reason for a stars loss of pulling powers is theloss of their mystiquePre internet, film stars could still maintain a level ofprivacy that is not available in modern societyBefore the advent of the internet most information wereceived about stars came from the press – which isheavily mediatedStudios could maintain some control over the image oftheir stars by only releasing positive news to the press
  7. 7. Digital loveWhat reasons can do you think contribute to the fall in star power?More entertainment options We are now bombarded with media options in our own home. New technologies do not replace stars, they merely give stars more competition for out time
  8. 8. FranchisesWhat reasons can do you think contribute to the fall in star power?Franchise movie making In 1999 a series of films were released that developed in to successful series or ‘Franchises’. The resource pack shows that ‘Franchise’ films are still very popular What are the appeals of franchise movies for audiences and producers?
  9. 9. UnknownsWhatKatie Jarvis & Gabby Sidibe reasons can do you think contribute to the fall in star power?The UnknownWe live in a culture obsessed with thecreation of celebrityTV Reality Shows create stars and thrust them in tothe limelight - This trend seems to have caught onand is now a factor audiences find appealingNew faces also creates more realistic characters asthe actors do not bring audiences expectations or‘types’ to the screen
  10. 10. ‘Cinematic Experience’What reasons can do you think contribute to the fall in star power?New Cinematic Experiences Avatar is the most successful film of all time grossing $2,783,918,982 world wide. The film offered new and unique experiences that could only be enjoyed in a cinema. Audiences flocked to see Pandora’s 3d world, digital characters and incredible special effects, not the actors in the film
  11. 11. Star Power Read ‘The Independent’s’ article on the decline of star powerHighlight all points you think will be relevant for your exam answerWhat does the article say in favour of stars?Using the information gathered in your casestudies create a list of elements that supportthe argument that film stars are still relevantto both audiences and producers
  12. 12. Star PowerWorking in groups create a mind map containing all of the informationyou will use when answering the question: ‘Neither producers nor audiences need stars anymore’ How far do you agree with this statement?It is up to you how you format your work but you might want toconsider splitting your page in to four areas under the followingheadings: • Pro Star (audience) • Anti Star (audience) • Pro Star (Producers) • Anti Star (Producers)
  13. 13. You now have 30 minutes to write an exam style answer to thefollowing question: ‘Neither producers nor audiences need stars anymore’ How far do you agree with this statement?Post your work on the blog using the following labels:Sample answer, stars, your name