Creative Sound and Music 2010


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Creative Sound and Music 2010

  1. 1. Creative Music at Newport
  2. 2. At Creative Music in Newport, we place an emphasis on your ideas and your work From day one we see you as creative musical practitioners - we want to hear and see what you’ve made and help you to make it better We encourage critical and holistic thinking - we get you looking at the social, political and economic contexts of music practice to find different approaches to making and distributing music Sound and music are just part of a contemporary media network that includes games, video, the web, mobile, interactive and new media, animation, film, graphics, photography, etc CM develops your understanding of music in relation to these networks and encourages you to find ways of turning this diversity to your advantage - we want you to understand your market and help you to start making money from your music
  3. 3. In the networked world, establishing a career in music has never been so challenging, but it’s also never been so exciting As Creative Music student you’ll learn to use the latest creative tools, you’ll develop cutting edge ideas and produce innovative and outstanding work and we make sure that you can present yourselves confidently and successfully in one of the most competitive media industries
  4. 4. How does it work?
  5. 5. Final Major Project Part 2 Final Major Project Part 1 Dissertation 3 Negotiated Projects 2 Media & Business 1 Sound and Music, Instrument Building & Performance Year Music Media 1 Music Media 2 Musicology 3 Music Practice 1 Music Practice 2 Musicology 1 Semester 1 Music Business 1 Music Business 2 Dissertation Preparation Music Practice 3 Music Practice 4 Musicology 2 Semester 2
  6. 6. Year One Semester 1 Creative Music Practice Instrument Design Electronics Interface Design Improvisation Experimental Composition Sonic Art Live Sound Recording Live Sound Logic Pro Tools MAX / MSP Experimental Musicology
  7. 7. Year One Semester 2 Creative Music Practice Composition Studio Practice: Recording Editing Mixing Mastering Performance Sound and Image AudioVisual Software Sonic Culture Political Economy
  8. 8. Year Two Semester 1 Creative Music Media Online Mobile Video Game Audio Web Design Graphic Design Photography Camera Lights Video Editing/Post-Production Final Cut Apple Motion Flash Photoshop AudioVisual and Political Culture
  9. 9. Year Two Semester 2 Creative Music Business Intellectual Property Distribution Marketing & PR Live Events Touring Online Strategies Enterprise Entrepreneurship Professional Placement Live Brief Dissertation Preparation Research Methodologies
  10. 10. Year Three Semester 1 Final Major Project Part One Production Music AudioVisual Software Interactive Installation Online Dissertation
  11. 11. Year Three Semester 2 Final Major Project Part Two Performance and Distribution Public performance Exhibition Screening Interactive demo / workshop Webcast Portfolio Development Media Distribution
  12. 12. Facilities 4 Sound recording studios Pre-prodcution suites Media lab Mobile recording Film Studios Dubbing Suites Photographic Studios and Dark Rooms Software Pro Tools Logic Pro Max/MSP Ableton Live Flash Final Cut Apple Motion After Effects Dreamweaver Photoshop
  13. 13. Where next? Music Performance Music Composition Sonic / New Media Arts Music Production Music Video Production Music/Composition for Film Interactive Media and Games Sound Engineering Radio and Online Music Distribution Music Marketing and Management Independent Music Business (Labels, Publishing and Agency) Community Music Music Education Consultancy for Digital Music Futures (Property and Rights) Postgraduate study (Creative Music Practice MA/MFA course at the University of Wales, Newport)
  14. 14. Links