Enabling Restrictions on a Student iPad


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Instructions for how to enable restrictions on a student iPad.

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Enabling Restrictions on a Student iPad

  1. 1. Enabling Restrictions on an iPad 1. From the home screen, select Settings. 2. Select General.
  2. 2. Enabling Restrictions on an iPad 3. Select Restrictions. 4. Select Enable Restrictions.
  3. 3. Enabling Restrictions on an iPad 5. Enter a restrictions passcode. 6. Re-enter the restrictions passcode.
  4. 4. Enabling Restrictions on an iPad 7. Drag the switches left or right to enable / disable restrictions Restriction is enabled if set to On. 1. Safari 2. Youtube 3. Camera 4. FaceTime 5. iTunes 6. Ping 7. Installing Apps 8. Deleting Apps 9. Dictation 10. Explicit Language 11. Location (Allow Changes) 12. Accounts (Allow Changes) 13. Content RestrictionsAny restriction set to ON will hide the corresponding icon (App Store, iTunes, Safari,etc.) on the home screen.Certain restrictions are being managed by SGCS. If you need to configure these, pleasecontact Matt Lipstein mlipstein@sgs-austin.org .[Source: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=41047]